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aaronwilson Chris, what's your take on the Ravens' draft overall?

csteuber I thought overall the Ravens did well. I thought drafting Flacco with the 18th pick was a bit of a reach, but I really like the selections of Ray Rice, Tom Zbikowski and Tavares Gooden.Haruki Nakamura will be a very good special teams player for the Ravens. I'd give their draft a B.

aaronwilson Do you think Gooden was their best pick as far as where he was rated? He seems very talented and fast.

aaronwilson There are some concerns about Zbikowski as far as being stiff and overly aggressive

Where did you rate cousins?

csteuber Prior to his senior season, Gooden was a bit of a bust. He battled some injuries and didn't show a lot of explosion. He finally put it all together last season and emerged. I think he has a lot of value and will be a very good player in the Ravens D. My favorite pick was Zbikowski. Ravens fans will love him.

will cousins be a guard or tackle and do you see him being a starter in this league?

csteuber I think Zbikowski will be fine. He's a high effort guy. He tends to play a little over aggressive, but that's his nature. He can improve his discipline and I'm sure the coaches will tell him to do so.

aaronwilson What do you think of Flacco in terms of his readiness to play? Considering his competition, it will be tempting for the Ravens to play him quickly.

csteuber I thought Cousins went where I thought he would go. He was a solid third round pick.

aaronwilson And what's your read on the Ray Rice pick in terms of how he could be utilized, upside?

What is your thoughts on the Ravens not drafting a DE at all. Many people thought DE was a fairly pressing need for the team

csteuber Flacco isn't ready to play just yet. I think he has a major learning curve ahead of him. Playing at Delaware is one thing, but playing in the NFL is a major jump. The speed of the game will be the biggest thing for Flacco to get adjusted too. He can't take his time in the pocket, because he won't have that much time.

csteuber I think Rice is the long-term solution at RB. I think McGahee is a good runner, but very overrated. I think he thinks he's one of the best in the league, but he's the only one who thinks that. I think Rice will be a situational RB and get some carries, but in a year or two he will take over fulltime.


I thought McGahee finally came into his own last year and proved his worth. Interesting take

csteuber The Ravens could have gotten a DE, but the value of Rice, Gooden and Zbikowski was probably too much to pass up.

chris, i agree on rice. i think a lot of these picks are harbaugh picks to mold his team

aaronwilson What's your read on the two Day II wide receivers: Marcus Smith and Justin Harper.

harbaugh doesn't care for all of these primadonnas on this team csteuber I've always thought that McGahee was overrated. Not a big fan of his game. He's a lot of flash with little dash.

chris...I believe the Ravens draft shows that the front office thinks this team can win now. Do you agree with that and do you think they can win this year. Meaning a playoff birth

csteuber Smith and Harper are two interesting picks. They both have good size and speed and have a lot of upside. I think they were good value and have a chance to make the team.

chris, it sounds like you like a lot of the Raven's picks...which ones don't you like?

Would you even consider playing Flacco this year or would you give him the clip board his first year, and look to next year for him

csteuber I think some of the selections are for now, but obviously the Flacco pick is for the future... but the rest of the draft was very solid.

csteuber I like what the Ravens did. The only selection I didn't like was the selection of Flacco at No. 18. I thought that was a major reach. But the rest of the draft was solid. They got some nice players. you think the Ravens got played by Houston with the Flacco deal? I certainly do. Seems like the Ravens made it way too obvious how desperate they were for a QB

csteuber I wouldn't allow Flacco to touch the field this year, unless the Ravens get off to a 3 - 7 start and are going nowhere. Hopefully that doesn't happen for you guys; I don't think rushing Flacco is the best idea.

chris, did you like the Fabian Washington trade?

How do you think Flacco will be 2 to 3 years down the road if they don'r rush him

csteuber The Ravens wanted Flacco from the moment the Falcons selected Matt Ryan. Once Ryan was off the board, the Ravens made up their mind that Flacco was their man. I think they got nervous and made a bold move to draft him.

chris, Do you have any opinion on Jared Gaither?

Absolutely. He would've dropped to 26. I'd bet my house on it.

csteuber Washington has been a disappointment thus far, but he has a lot of talent and the Ravens need depth in the secondary.

Maybe they took him at 18 to say he was the highest QB they ever took in a draft

csteuber It's hard to say how Flacco will develop over the next few years, because I think the organization will feel the pressure to start him before he's ready.

aaronwilson Chris, how about those undrafted guys I listed as well as Xavier Lee?

csteuber I think Gaither has a lot of talent; he just has to be more consistent. He has a lot of ability and he has a chance to be a major contributor this year.

csteuber I didn't even see the list of undrafted free agents for the Ravens....

aaronwilson Here are a few: Jameel McClain, Adam Kraus, Scott Kuhn, Joe Reitz (basketball player), Xavier Lee is a tryout guy, Brandon Barnes, Piotr Czech...

csteuber Flacco has to improve his feet. He can't take his time in the pocket and load up; he has to get rid of the ball quicker. He has trouble eluding traffic and takes too many sacks. I think the speed at the next level will be a wake up call for him.

I think with the lack of QBs in next years draft, and the fact that several scouts and Cam had Flacco as the #1 QB this year the Ravens had to end up with Ryan or Flacco

aaronwilson How big was it that the Titans picked Craig Stevens one pick before Baltimore wanted to take him? They wound up with Zbikowski, but really need a blocking tight end still.

Are we sure Cam had flacco #1?

csteuber Jameel McClain is an interesting player. He has experience at DE and LB; he's a tweener who will fit in well with the Ravens. I also like Brandon Barnes. Xavier Lee is a project; practice squad player.

aaronwilson Does Lee have an attitude problem? I know he had academic issues and was a disappointment considering he was Mr. Football coming out of high school in Daytona Beach?

Brandon Barnes? Antwan did u mean?

csteuber Craig Stevens is a tremendous blocker and he would have fit well with the Ravens. But I really like Zbikowski. no, B. Barnes is UDFA

aaronwilson Barnes is a free agent guard from Grand Valley.

csteuber I think Lee thinks he's better than he is as well.

I heard an interview with DeCosta and he said some of the Ravens Scouts and Cam rated Flacco #1

aaronwilson Seems like it.

chris, do you think Marshall Yanda can become a solid starter at RT or should he really be moved inside to guard??

csteuber Barnes was one of the guys I listed on my All-Sleeper Offensive Team

O, well I'm sure the Ravens FO are gonna say that

aaronwilson They also brought in Isaiah Wiggins from Illinois State, a center who they're going to try at tackle.

aaronwilson What do you think of David Hale, the big kid from Weber State? Seems like a tough guy, but a limited athlete.

Very mean i have heard

aaronwilson DeCosta compared him to Marshal Yanda and Tony Pashos.

csteuber Hale was another guy on my All-Sleeper Offensive Team. I really like the kid and he has a lot of talent. I think he will surprise a lot of fans. He's a nasty guy who can maul the opposition. He has good technique; solid pick.

What do you think of Marcus Smith? Seems to me that guys that have trouble catching the ball can take a long time to develop

i can see that comparison. Although I think Yanda has adjusted to the Pro game much quicker. He was forced to and played well IMO

aaronwilson Are you familiar with Kerry Reed, former Michigan State receiver Baltimore signed today off waivers from the Dolphins? Any good?

Miller, where have you read that smith has trouble catching????

csteuber Smith has a lot of ability, a little inconsistent, but he's a strong receiver. He's not a burner, but he runs good routes. He has to catch the ball a little better and he can get better in that department.

I have heard he has great hands

Chris.... what was your take on the WRs dropping in this years draft. Add to that, Avery and I believe it was simpson going ahead of some of the bigger names

Chris, we have drafted a number of Special teams guys, which one of them is going to stand out on our special teams?

i'm more excited about the receiver from minnesota, wheelwright than smith or harper

csteuber I was shocked that the receivers dropped into the second round. I thought there was a lot of talent at the WR position. I couldn't believe that Donnie Avery was the first one off the board. It just shows you how unpredictable draft day really is.

csteuber Nakamura will be a special teams beast!


aaronwilson How about Kerry Reed, the new kid from Michigan State they signed off waivers from the Dolphins? Any good?

i've wheelwright play and he's the perfect red zone threat...big kid who can catch in traffic

chris, who's your top 5 picks for next year?

csteuber Reed is another former JUCO WR from Michigan State. He's OK, nothing special, just a camp body.

What do you think of wheelwright? Any chance he makesit?

csteuber Including underclassmen for next year?


any thoughts on Allen Patrick? practice squad?

csteuber Wheelwright has a chance, but it will be hard for him to make it.

Chris, who are a few 1st rounders that you see as potential busts? My group includes McFadden, Chris williams, Otah, and Sam Baker. Lots of tackles

csteuber 1. James Laurinaitis, LB, Ohio State... 2. Matthew Stafford, QB, Georgia... 3. Michael Oher, OT, Ole Miss... 4. Chris "Beanie" Wells, RB, Ohio State... 5. Malcolm Jenkins, CB, Ohio State

csteuber Patrick is a nice scat back with good strength. He has a chance to make it, but the Ravens have a bit of a logjam in the backfield.

aaronwilson The Year of the Buckeye.

csteuber McFadden is set up for disaster!

csteuber Ohio State has some nice players!

aaron, what time do they hit the field tomorrow?

aaronwilson It's been quiet, probably an uneventful workout.10:30 a.m.Wraps at 12:30 p.m. Then, we have interviews for about an hour.

Do you think they will sit Flacco this year I hope so so flacco won't be there?

aaronwilson If Washington is there, I think that will be a major story as well as the quarterbacks reacting to Flacco's selection. No, Flacco won't be there until May 9. aaronwilson I think it will be hard to keep Joe Flacco off the field for long.

i agree, and i don't like it

Do you think he will learn it quick

aaronwilson I think he's pretty sharp, so yes. Lot smarter than Kyle Boller.

when chris said that flacco takes too many sacks, i looked up his stats...he's right...he was sacked 25 times last year

His comp is not much

aaronwilson Bad left tackle, though

. Lot of sacks from that side.

Have you seen Cousins play alot Aaron

Does Gaithers have a chance to take the job from Terry

aaronwilson Just about 10 minutes of video on Cousins. Tough kid, very active. They were all highlights, though, cut up.

Gaither does have a chance. I think they want him to win the job.

just my ameteur opinion, but I don't think Gaither can block effectively on RUNNING plays at RT at this point, so I don't know who Cam is thinking is going to play RT

aaronwilson But Terry will get healthy soon and he's put on some nice weight. Don't rule him out, trust me.

aaron, are the ravens mandated by the NFL to have some open sessions during minicamps?

aaronwilson Cam is still familiarizing himself with the personnel.

Terry seems fine at LT

aaronwilson Yes, Baltimore has to keep a certain amount of these open. They are doing the bare minimum..

Not nasty enough for RT

it seemed like Billick's were all open

aaronwilson No, I don't think Ray, Reed, Suggs will be there.I think attendance will be way down. Except for offensive skill guys.

great team spirit

aaronwilson They had better show up.

ill Suggs stay out of TC

aaronwilson No need for those defensive guys to be there.

aaronwilson I doubt Suggs will miss camp, but it wouldn't shock me if his agent tries that.

is heap fully recovered?

aaronwilson Remember, he doesn't have to show up.

aaronwilson Heap is 100 percent, yes.

and what's the deal with wilcox?

His agent is a tough one

aaronwilson Wilcox still isn't fully recovered from toe surgery.

aaronwilson He was on crutches in February.

aaronwilson He's almost all the way back.

is ogden going to quit this charade anytime soon...this is beyond ridiculous

Any word if Quin is out for the year yet

after seeing Jared Allen traded....I was wondering whether they entertained the idea of trading Suggs? I cannot see the Ravens paying Suggs-----Freeney money......but maybe I am wrong on that?

aaronwilson Ogden isn't doing anything wrong. He already took a $5 million paycut and told them to proceed without him. Maybe he'll retire after June 1.

They have the same agent

aaronwilson Quinn is out for the year, torn ACL.

aaronwilsonNot going to trade Suggs.

I think JO wants to play if his toe will allow hance the delay in retiring

is stover in his last year of his deal?

will they pay Suggs----Freeney like dollars??

aaronwilson I think Stover's deal expires this year or next. Have to check my charts.

aaronwilsonThey do not want to pay Suggs Freeney money. Too high.

is figurs the #4 receive in minicamp before the rookies get there?

Freeneys contract is stupid

aaronwilson They would like to do an AD like contract, $20 million guaranteed plus a few more, $35 million to $40 million.

aaronwilson I guess you could say Figurs has that status, but he'll never play receiver in the NFL. Ever. Awful hands and he's tiny.

has BJ Sams signed anywhere?

aaronwilson Kansas City.

Suggs wont go for that after what J Allen got from Minny

aaronwilson I know, that's why it will be tough to get a deal done.

so basically, we're looking at a battle between smith, harper, wheelwright and the guy they signed from the dolphins for the #4 and 5 spots?

aaronwilson Remember, they can just franchise him again.

Allen is much better then Suggs

aaronwilson I would say Smith would be the frontrunner from that group. Because he's good at special teams.

Suggs will probally be in the 25 mil signing bonus

aaronwilson Agreed about Allen and Suggs.

But Gary Wichard, Suggs' agent, will still swing for the fences.

are the ravens down on pj daniels?

aaronwilson He doesn't have that many clients, so he likes the biggest possible commission he can get.

aaronwilson Three percent of those big deals adds up.

That's his job. And it's the Ravens' negotiator's job to hold down costs if at all possible. I here Barnes is looking good

Suggs plays the run muck better than Allen

aaronwilson Yes, he is. In very good shape, bigger and improved in pass coverage.

who do you think has really chiseled up this offseason?

do you get any sense how tight our cap situation is? any chance we could afford a modestly priced free agent?

aaronwilson Jason Brown lost about 25, 30 pounds.. Mostly in the middle.

wow, must be a free agent year, LOL

aaronwilson Jason is going to get a new deal from Baltimore eventually.

Brown and Grubbs are the best guard tandem we've had in a long time, in my opinion

like Suggs is going to get a deal eventually? and Ray, and Scott, etc...

aaronwilson I think so. They used to invest nothing in that position back in the old days other than Edwin Mulitalo.

Have the Ravens said what they plan on doing with McNairs remain cap hit, take it all this year or spread it out over the next couple of years

aaronwilson I think Suggs will eventually get a deal. I think there are scenarios where either Ray or Bart could be out.

I think Jason is a lock to be re-signed.

aaronwilsonAll this year in all likelihood.

pdraven> IS there a chance Ogden does not retire

aaronwilson About 10 percent chance he comes back if his toe feels great miraculously all of a sudden.The man has told close friends, including former teammates he played with for years, that he's done. I believe it.

Mc Nairs cap hit?

aaronwilson Another $900,000 on top of his $6.45 million current cap figure. Not a bad hit.

any idea why JO is waiting so long to announce?

aaronwilson Yes, this year.

aaronwilson JO has already told them what he's doing and he doesn't care about press conferences.

aaronwilson He already accomodated them from a cap standpoint, taking a 5 million pay cut.

ok, any reason the Ravens PR isnt saying anything?

aaronwilson He'll retire eventually.

seems a little claok and dagger

aaronwilson Because they will wait until JO is ready to cooperate with a press conference.

aaronwilson You guys worry too much. Not a big deal.

im not worried, it just doesnt make much sense

what could be the reason to wait?

aaronwilson Trust me, he doesn't do it for the attention. He just is completely apathetic about the formalities of an announcement. I've known him since high school and he's just a laidback guy. Plus, he was hoping the toe would come around.

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