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OWINGS MILLS -- Questions and answers with Adam Caplan and Aaron Wilson

aaronwilson What do you make of the owners early termination of the collective bargaining agreement? Any chance of uncapped years and decertification doomsday scenarios or is that completely unlikely? I wonder if the players have enough resolve to walk out.

aaronwilson What's your opinion on Baltimore signing Lenny Walls? Good move, or just a tall journeyman who's a liability in man coverage?

adamcaplan AA: Totally expected and they did it now instead of waiting until November to get it started even earlier.

adamcaplan I really don't see an uncapped year because of the chaos it would cause.

aaronwilson Do you think the CBA crisis will affect rookie negotiations, including Ravens first-round pick Joe Flacco? What's the latest in contract talks after launching preliminary discussions a week ago?

adamcaplan Nobody wants that.

adamcaplan As for Walls, tallest CB in the league who has been out of the NFL for a while. adamcaplan Was once highly thought of by Denver but that was a while back.

adamcaplan Could be a dome CB.

adamcaplan AA: Nothing new on Flacco really but the Ryan contract getting done much earlier than expected could push things faster.

aaronwilson What's the reputation around the NFL of John Matsko and Chuck Pagano, the Ravens' new offensive line coach and secondary coach, respectively?

adamcaplan AA: Pretty good for the most part especially Pagano

adamcaplan That's why Washington was acquired

aaronwilson Do you think Ed Reed will bounce back? Seemed to be off on his timing a lot last year?

adamcaplan Pagano did a great job with the Raider secondary when he was there.

adamcaplan Reed was dealing with some nagging injuries which hurt him plus the loss of the two starting CBs hurt him as well

aaronwilson He played for Pagano at UM, too.

aaronwilson What do you make of the 2012 Super Bowl going to Indianapolis? Good choice, or just an automatic incentive for cities to build new stadiums?

adamcaplan AA: Cold weather area but a new stadium so I can understand why they gave it to them

aaronwilson How many years will the rookie contracts be for players picked in the first round, second round and thereafter?

adamcaplan Up to six for the first half of the round 5 for the second half

wayupnorth So is Flacco looking as good as it sounds?

aaronwilson He's off to a very good start, displaying arm strength, intelligence and accuracy. Needs to get the ball out of his hand a little quicker and work on blitz recognition, but overall very impressive as a rookie.

6,0I know you said that you thought that Smith would be starting QB, do you think that will change?

aaronwilson I think Troy Smith has been much more impressive than Kyle Boller so far, but it's early. I know the coaching staff is taking him very seriously. Could be hard to move him out if the team is winning and he's playing well. Very fluid situation.

6,0not too hard to be more impressive than Boller, even though he does good moments

6,0Who do you think will be where in the OL ? seems like a lot of moving around

aaronwilson Kyle has made some good throws, too, but has thrown the most interceptions. Joe Flacco hasn't thrown any, and Troy, I believe, has a couple. Kyle is up to four or five or so.

aaronwilson The best-case scenario for the offensive line appears to be from left to right, Jared Gaither, Ben Grubbs, Jason Brown, Marshal Yanda and Oniel Cousins. But it could just as easily be Jared Gaither, Jason Brown, Chris Chester, Ben Grubbs and Marshal Yanda depending on Cousins' development. Gaither is going to face competition from Adam Terry once he recovers fully from ankle surgery.

So Lenny Walls for Winborne, huh?

I thought Walls was still on the Broncos

aaronwilson Lenny Walls is bigger, but is a liability in man coverage. Could be good on special teams and there are so many small corners on this roster.

aaronwilson Walls was with St. Louis last year, then was cut in October.

I can see him making the team aaronwilson He signed a one-year, $1.75 million contract with KC a few years ago, but it didn't work out. This one is believed to be veteran minimum salary arrangement with Baltimore.

Not too bad

6,0Why didn't it work out?

Anything we should be worried about?

What does this move say about Fabian and all the other CBs?

aaronwilson He has a legitimate chance to make the team, but must cover better than he has for the past couple years. It didn't work out because he didn't cover very well and he had injuries.

Is speed his weakness because he is 6 foot 4?

aaronwilson He takes long strides, has trouble adjusting to quick cuts It's a reflection of the team needing depth. Remember, David Pittman has struggled and has been in a boot recently with arch problems.

I'm thankful they got Winborne cut***

aaronwilson He was good at special teams, 21 special-teams tackles last year for his career-high, but not very good in coverage and he's short.

Wasn't he originally brought in to play CB along with Zach Norton a LONG time ago? 6,0What are you hearing about the overall injury reports? Anything new?

aaronwilson Yes, he has hung around for a while. Nice guy, solid player.

Did you see the Matt Ryan signing today?

aaronwilson Nothing big other than most of the injuries weren't serious other than Scott Kuhn (broken thumb) and Yamon Figurs, who has a hand injury. I think it's broken, but that's unconfirmed.

aaronwilson Yes, I did. Lot of money. They had better be right.

aaronwilson Should have drafted Glenn Dorsey.


Will Flacco's contract be half that? aaronwilson Likely to be in that Brady Quinn neighborhood. More flexible agent, though. And drafted few spots higher.

Think he's our starter day 1?

Aaronwilson Not a lock, but I think they will play him if he's ready and the offensive line is ready. Remember, they would like to see if they can contend with the older guys, too. It's easier to go from Smith or Boller to Flacco than to switch back if Flacco fails Delicate situation. I think he will clearly outplay the other two guys, though, and make this a tough decision.

You would think that even if he did out play Troy and Kyle that they would bench him anyway after the Boller days

aaronwilson Well, they're not going to allow the Boller debacle to affect how they approach Flacco. Two different guys, two different quarterbacks.

If Flacco does happen to start, would we cut Boller to create some roster space?

6,0 OSunds to me like Flacco is starting in a better place than Boller did further along in skills

He's also probably behind a better line too

The thing that carried Kyle Boller that year was literally Jamal's big season

aaronwilson I don't think they should necessarily cut Kyle. He could be good insurance. He's already been paid his bonus anyway. He'll obviously be gone after this year, though.

we're definitely in for an interesting season, thats for sure

aaronwilson Should definitely be intriguing with it being the first year of a new regime and having a quarterback competition. At least training camp won't be dull. It will be long, though. Starts July 21, breaks Aug. 16.

Nice! I can put in my dates to work now

6,0Bet some of the Vets will think it's long too

I'm looking at Lenny's stats and game history, he is very injury prone and has only 1 INT

aaronwilson Yes, the Walls transaction really isn't a big deal. It's been years since he played very well. But he is a big guy at least. Very imposing at 6-foot-4. Nearly 200 pounds.

Hopefully the ravens defense can bring a little extra out of him

any word on Ogden yet?

aaronwilson I think he's been trying hard, just struggling with his injuries and play.

aaronwilson Nothing new on Ogden. Still expected to retire. I know he has told friends, "I'm done." I don't think he has even been working out as far as preparing to play football.

I want him to tell us that

I expect something to come out in June.

aaronwilson I understand that, but J.O. isn't big on public relations. He just does his thing. He's kind of shy actually. Very low-key guy. Doesn't have a big ego. Likes to keep to himself.

Still any hopes for Gaither starting this season?

aaronwilson I think he has a very good chance to be the starter, especially if Terry's ankle doesn't cooperate. Maturity issues, notwithstanding.

any progession with that?

aaronwilson I haven't heard anything bad lately, which likely means he's been more responsible lately.

How many LBs are we figured to carry?

We're stocked with them

aaronwilson About eight or so.

Any word on Suggs and a new contract?

aaronwilson No deal imminent, but the compromise helps keep things friendly.

Do you think Cody could contribute this year, if so what would his role be on defense? Aaronwilson Also shows they are determined to get the deal done.

aaronwilson I think Dan Cody could be a nice situational pass rusher if he's healthy, big emphasis on if he's healthy. Dan is working hard and trying his best, but obviously they can't count on him. Harbs called him a wild-card.

How about giving Ray an extension?

aaronwilson Not even close to a deal. Far apart on dollar figures.

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