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Question Aaron, can't the ravens come up with anybody better than freddie mitchell?

Aaronwilson It was just a tryout, but you make a good point. Isn't Eric Moulds still unemployed? Just to follow up on Mitchell, supposedly Cameron likes him. We'll see if they sign him. At this point, it's just a tryout. Mitchell can be very annoying, too, with his interviews, although he is kind of entertaining.

Question: Is the move of Jones to TE temporary?

Aaronwilson Jones will have to work at both positions, not a permanent move at this point.

Question Who do you see at RT and Center this year? Is chester worse then Flynn was?

Aaronwilson I think the right tackle will be either Marshal Yanda or Oniel Cousins depending on the alignment of the guards. At center, either Jason Brown or Chris Chester. I don't think they are going to stick with Yanda in the middle, which they've experimented with in the minicamps.

Question: are they disappointed with chester?

Aaronwilson I think they aren't too high on Chris Chester at this point.

Question: Do you project any of the draft picks not making the team?

Aaronwilson I could see Allen Patrick not making the team. I think the rest of them are fairly safe.

Question: this is his 3rd year...time for chester and terry to step up

Aaronwilson Yes, Gaither has been around a lot more lately.

Question: If they aren't high on Chester, are you thinking Cousins is the early favorite for RT

Aaronwilson Well, I think Cousins has a good chance, but it will depend on how he handles live drills. It's really impossible to make big judgments on offensive linemen in this type of atmopshere, but he seems like he would be able to handle it.

Question how is our QB coach? what kind of personality does he have?

Aaronwilson Hue Jackson is a nice guy, a bit quiet, seems like a good coach. The people in Cincinnati and Atlanta raved about him.

Question: Who do they like better out of Marcus Smith and Justin Harper? I noticed they went with Harper when D-Will went down

Aaronwilson I think they like Harper more at this point. Smith's hands have been shaky so far. He is still adjusting from the running back spot.

Question: Do you think we will see anything out of PJ Daniels or is he a bust at this point?

Aaronwilson I don't forsee a big role for P.J. Daniels honestly. I could see P.J. Daniels getting cut, too. It will be close.

Aaronwilson Wheelwright is pretty good, so is Joe Reitz. And Kraus, the guard from Michigan.

Question He's the basketball player, correct?

Aaronwilson Yes, he played at Western Michigan. Xavier Lee is a good athlete, could develop down the road at his new position.

Question: does fabian washington continue to impress?

Aaronwilson Fabian Washington is very athletic, changes direction well. Kind of small, won't be a big factor in run support, but he can cover.

Question: Aaron, what is your thought on Caplan's view of our division - looks to optimistic to me (overall division) record as AFCN looks soft with tough schedules

Aaronwilson I could see it shaking out with worse records, yes.

Question Which of last years young DBs do you see not making the cut this year?

Aaronwilson Potentially, David Pittman and Ronnie Prude. They could be on the bubble definitely.

Question: do you think the coaching staff will let Rolle and Washington battle it out for the 2nd corner position or is it Rolle's

Aaronwilson I think they will be open-minded toward having them compete.

Question: Is Nick Greisen a lock considering his contract?

Aaronwilson Greisen looks safe. It's Dan Cody, Gary Stills and Mike Smith who should be worried. They gave Pittman nearly a half-million bonus. I could see him being an IR guy possibly if they feel good about their depth and he has any kind of ailment during roster cutdown time.

Question: Aaron, when is the next time you are allowed to watch practice?

Aaronwilson Next Wednesday is open to the media. It's a passing camp.

Question: will flacco be there?

Aaronwilson Joe Flacco can attend, yes, and will be there. So, he'll have two passing camps and a rookie minicamp to follow.

Question: I've gotten messages from Jets fans laughing at our team because we signed Adrian Clarke. They said he was the worst Oline they had ever seen

Aaronwilson He was a major liability at guard. He doesn't get a ton of reps, so it's hard to say. He's big and moves around decently. He's a journeyman. I wouldn't expect much. He might not even make the team.

Question: What about the other tackle they got in the draft, Hale

Aaronwilson Not bad, but will need time to develop. Big, tough kid, hard worker. A little bit raw. Kind of reminds me of Tony Pashos but not overweight.

Question Any word on Jameel McClain? I was very excited when we signed him UDFA

Aaronwilson I thought he moved around well and carries his pads well. Tough kid, will show up better in contact drills.

Question: When is Terry's contract up? Do you think he is part of the future or possibly just a fill in if Gaither doesnt have his act together?

Aaronwilson Signed a five-year contract in 2005. I could see him starting if Gaither can't handle it.

Question: A lot of pressure is on those two guys when JO officially retires

Aaronwilson Well, they are pretty much treating it as if JO is already retired anyway.

Question: If Smith beats out Boller, do you think he will be cut?

Aaronwilson I don't think they will necessarily cut Kyle since they don't have a third guy identified and they've already paid him his bonus money. What if Smith and Flacco can't handle it?

Question: Do you think last year was just an off year for Clayton or was that closer to what we should expect?

Aaronwilson I think he dealt with a lot personally and physically, so I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. I think his production the previous year is more like what expectations should be for him going forward.

Question: Has any player looked anything less than average in camp?

Aaronwilson I haven't been terribly impressed with Adrien Clarke, Marcus Smith and Kelly Talavou, but it's early.

Question: How many years does washington have left on his rookie contract? Does he have potential or is he a stop gap?

Aaronwilson This year and next year remaining on Fabian Washington's deal. I think Washington has potential, yes.

Question Any progressions on contracts with jason brown, Suggs, or Ray?

Aaronwilson Jason Brown hasn't really had any real negotiations, just a mutual expression that both parties want to get something done. As far as Ray Lewis, very far apart on money. Nothing new on Suggs, no deal appears imminent, but that is the next deal that will happen. They've done the most work on that one. He's their highest priority in contract negotiations outside of Joe Flacco.

Question: If Suggs deal does get done before next year, would they designate Ray lewis as a franchise player?

Aaronwilson I doubt they would use that mechanism on an older player like Ray Lewis. It might just antagonize him and his agent. I could see a short-term deal like a two or three-year contract.

Question: Speaking of age, whats with Matt Stover? How much more does he have left in him?

Aaronwilson I think Matt Stover has at least two more good seasons left in him.

Question: With the money being thrown around to Jared Allen, Freeney, and some of these rookies, along with a potentially uncapped year there any reason for suggs not to settle for the 12 mil a year range. What leverage other then the tag do the ravens have in negotiating with him?

Aaronwilson Your argument sounds a lot like Gary Wichard's, Suggs' agent. He's pushing for big money definitely. He always swings for the fences. One of the points of leverage Baltimore has with Suggs is that he wants to be here, loves this scheme and Rex Ryan and his teammates. This is his preferred employer, and I don't see him getting away. I don't think he'll make as much as Allen or Freeney, just a hunch.

Question: A lot of hype is going around on Troy Smith looking good in camp. Does it realistically seem possible that he's going to start opening day?

Aaronwilson Yes, I think he has a legitimate shot to start the first game, but he'll need to separate himself during the preseason games. This is just practice. Keep in mind that Flacco is likely to be impressive, too. I think the starter will be either one of those guys, barring some kind of resurgence from Kyle during training camp.

Question: Ray is always looking for big money, but I am guessing they didnt low ball him...How much do you think they offered him?

Aaronwilson I'm not sure what they offered him. I would bet it was somewhere north of $4 million per year. Probably in that neighborhood.

Question: If in fact Flacco is the better player out of Troy and Kyle, it seems like that's more of a Win Now approach if they start Flacco

Aaronwilson In many ways, I could see them playing Flacco. As far as win-now, starting a rookie is more of a build for the future move. I don't know if they're inclined to buck that trend, but if the coaching staff doesn't like their alternatives, I could see it happening again.

Question: How has barnes been doing?

Aaronwilson Barnes has looked great, moving around crisply and rushing the passer adeptly.

Question: Could he challenge JJ for a starting job?

Aaronwilson Has put on some good weight and maintained his speed, about 15 pounds heavier. Potentially, but he's better suited to play Suggs' spot. I don't think Barnes will see first-team reps. I could see him as the main situational rusher on third downs and playing in the goal-line defense and in nickel packages.

Question: Wouldn't you think they would let the line play a couple of games together to get a sense of what they can do, before starting Flacco (even if he looks a lot better)?

Aaronwilson Like I've said before, I think the readiness of the offensive line will weigh heavily on whether they play Flacco immediately or even during the first month of the season.

Question: How is Pryce?

Aaronwilson He wasn't at this minicamp, but he looked like he was in good shape at the mandatory minicamp. Pryce is fully recovered from his injuries, should be fine.

Question: Isn't Dwan edwards in the last year of his contract?

Aaronwilson Under contract for this year and 2009 is the last year of a five-year contract. Question: I noticed we have quite a few FA's after this offseason

Aaronwilson Yes, a lot of change could commence after this season.

Question: RFAs include landry, D-Will, Pittman, martin, Sypniewski, Koch

Aaronwilson They will keep all their restricted free agents. Low tenders for those guys except for Landry and Williams.

Question: How has Mike Flynn been doing these days? Any one give him a call or did he retire?

Aaronwilson Mike Flynn plans to retire. He's doing good, living in Boca Raton, Fla. No calls from what I've heard.

Question: I also noticed Stover ia a FA too after this season

Aaronwilson Stover's last deal is up, yes. Question: will he retire?

Aaronwilson I don't know what Matt's plans are, but will be sure to ask him. The last time I talked to him about it, he said he thought I had two or three years left at least.

Question: How is haloti doing?

aaronwilson Haloti is solid as a rock. Should be ready for the Pro Bowl soon.

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