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What are the chances that Brady Quinn gets a legit shot at the starting job in Cleveland?

Answer: None. Cleveland re-signed QB Derek Anderson to be the starter for at least this season. The only way he's not in that position is if he struggles mightily in training camp and into the regular season. Cleveland also would have to have a losing record for the coaches to consider making the switch.

How have teams received the new rule of the teams being held accountable for the off field actions of their players?

Answer: They certainly will look harder at signing free agents and who they select in the draft. The first real impact of the new rule will come to pass in next year's free agency period.

Does it look like Koch is going to be able to handle the kick off duties this year; since Stover's leg isnt as strong as it use to be?

Answer: They have to do something as Stover hasn't shown that he can consistently handle kickoffs by placing the ball inside the 10-yard line. Re-signing Aaron Elling is always an option. They may give Koch a shot during practices coming up.

Question: I haven't heard anything about Jarrett Johnson; how is he doing under the new regime?

Answer: His role shouldn't change much since they're going to keep the same defensive scheme. They'll use a variety of looks and fronts as they have in the past under Rex Ryan.

Question: Is there a chance someone like Antwann Barnes could take up some his playing time?

Answer: No question the coaches want to get Barnes on the field more as a situational pass rusher and he could take some time away from Johnson. That's certainly possible. Barnes has better speed than Johnson so he gives them more options against opposing offenses.

Question: How does Hue Jackson compare to Neuhisel in terms of being a quarterback coach? Are there any strengths and weaknesses of Jackson compared to Rick? Answer: Jackson did a terrific job of coaching the Bengal receivers for several years before coming to Atlanta to coach the quarterbacks last season. Jackson did a good job with the Falcon QBs--especially with Chris Redman who revived his career after being out of the NFL for the better part of three seasons. But Neuheisel has more experience coaching QBs. But keep in mind new OC Cam Cameron is one of the better teachers of the QB position so the loss of Neuheisel shouldn't be noticeable.

Question: How is Chad Johnson's attitude these days? Has he been practicing and being cooperative; or do you think he will continue to cause trouble until he is eventually traded?How are the receivers that the bengals drafted looking? Is there any one receiver that they drafted that could really challenge for playing time this year?

Answer: He said this week that he plans to report to their OTAs so we'll see how he does there. He's coming in since he knows the team won't trade him. As for their three rookie receivers, they believe Jerome Simpson, drafted in the second round, should handle the #3 role.

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