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Question: Aaron, any thoughts on a trade with the Jets for Chris Baker? Latest reports (rumors)are that he is unhappy and asking to be traded.

Answer: I know he's unhappy and wants out/a new contract, but I doubt they will accomodate him. I actually think he would be a good fit for the Ravens. However, they are optimistic that Daniel Wilcox will get healthy and hold down the backup tight end spot. Also, Baker is really starting material, not just a backup. So, I don't think this is probably going to be a link.

Question: What do you think are reasonable expectations if Troy Smith starts the season in terms of production?

Answer: Extrapolating last year over a full regular-season schedule is one way to project Troy Smith's statistics. With two touchdowns and no interceptions last season in two starts and three total games, you could I guess hope for 32 touchdowns and no interceptions. Obviously, that's unrealistic. Reasonably, I would think he would be a 20 touchdown, 10 interception type on 50 to 55 percent accuracy. It's impossible to tell, though, how he'll fare once NFL defenses adjust to his game and watch more film of Smith.

Question: How's Mr. Modell feeling these days? Whats his take on the current happening at the Bellagio?

Answer: The last time I saw Art he was in good spirits and attending practice. He has had more than his share of serious health problems, but has held up fairly well. The stroke he suffered affected his mobility a lot, though, so he often gets around in a wheelchair or a golf cart. He has given John Harbaugh his seal of approval and seems to be excited about the latest developments with the organization he ran for so many years. I know he's a big Steve Bisciotti fan.

Question: Who will the back-up TE be if Wilcox can't go? Edgar Jones?

Answer: At this point, it would probably be Lee Vickers once he recovers from a hand injury. He's the most experienced tight end of the long list of players the Ravens have brought in to add depth over the past year or so. He's a pretty good athlete, a former defensive end who was on the Philadelphia Eagles' practice squad.

Question: How do the ravens feel about their defensive line Depth?

Answer: They feel very good about their starters, but would like to get more playmaking and pass rush from their backups like Dwan Edwards. At this point, other than Dan Cody and Antwan Barnes, there's really no backup front seven presence with potential to get to the quarterback.

Question: How has Fabian Washington looked? Do you see him as a guy with alot of talent who just needed a change of scenery & does he have the potential to start opposite of McAlister? Or is that a little too optimistic? Answer: We got to see him running with the first-team at last week's passing camp and his speed and cover skills are impressive. I tend to think the Raiders got frustrated with his inability or unwillingness to be physical in run support. He can definitely cover, but lacks ideal height so he could be vulnerable against big receivers. Very good athlete and I think he'll play better in Baltimore now that he has been reunited with his former Oakland secondary coach Chuck Pagano, an outstanding addition to the coaching staff. I think he has the potential to start opposite Chris McAlister, but I know Samari Rolle isn't giving up his job without a serious fight. Ultimately, I see Washington starting for the Ravens whether it's this year or next season.

Aaron Wilson covers the Baltimore Ravens for the Carroll County Times and the Annapolis Capital.

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