Q&A with Travis Taylor

Player Spotlight Name: Travis Taylor Position: Wide receiver College: University of Florida Measurables: 6-foot-1, 210 pounds Age: 24 Hometown: Jacksonville, Fla.

Acquired: Taylor was drafted by the Ravens with the 10th overall pick in the 2000 NFL Draft.

 Resume: Over the past few games, Taylor has been fulfilling the potential Ravens executives and coaches had hoped for when they drafted him. He has caught 18 passes for 260 yards and two touchdowns since the elevation of Jeff Blake to starting quarterback due to Chris Redman's back injury. For the season, Taylor has 35 receptions for 480 yards, an average of 13.7 per catch. Entering this year, Taylor had career totals of 70 receptions for 836 yards and six touchdowns. Now, he's growing into the featured wideout that Baltimore envisioned based on his production in former Florida coach Steve Spurrier's Fun ‘N' Gun attack.

Role against Miami: Taylor will be paired against two of the most aggressive, confident and talented cornerbacks in football. Sam Madison and Patrick Surtain. Between them, they have six interceptions and make it a habit of shutting down opposing receivers. Both play physical and are adept at bump and run coverage. With the absence of Brandon Stokley, Taylor will be called upon heavily on a variety of routes. He may also see some work in the slot, which would pair him, at times, against safeties Brock Marion and Arturo Freeman. In last year's AFC wild-card game, Taylor caught two passes for 49 yards and a score.

Ravens Insider: "Do you relish these types of matchups as a chance to prove yourself?"

Taylor: "Most definitely. Any time you go against players like these, this is probably the best secondary we've faced this whole year with a Pro Bowler in Sam Madison and a possible Pro Bowler in Patrick Surtain, this is the type of game where you can really make a name for yourself. Two great corners."

Ravens Insider: "Do you expect a lot of press coverage after what happened in last year's playoffs?"

Taylor: "I think they'll stick with their game plan. They are physical corners who get up in your face and try to challenge you man on man."

Ravens Insider: "Does it mean a lot to you to be playing back in Florida?"

Taylor: "Most definitely. Any time I get to go back home it's just a privilege. Even though it's not Jacksonville, at the same time I miss Florida because I have a lot of family members down there."

Ravens Insider: "Are you enjoying the crest of momentum from the last three weeks?"

Taylor: "Oh, yeah. I'm definitely enjoying it, making these catches and we're winning. That's the biggest thing."

Ravens Insider: "By gaining weight this offseason, particularly in the upper body, are you better at beating corners' jam attempts?

Taylor: "I think so. I put on about 10-11 pounds. I'm about 211, 212 right now. I feel stronger. Working out every day has helped. I feel a lot stronger." 

Ravens Insider: "Your wife's cooking didn't hurt, either, did it?"

Taylor: "It really doesn't, man. We just got a new kitchen put in and there's definitely some good cooking going on at home. She's putting some work in while I'm at the office."

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