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Question: Why are you on the computer and not on the Beach !

Answer: Sometimes, it´s difficult to get away from work since it´s what I do. Hard habit to break.

Question: Seeing in your mini camp notes that Terry's footwork is looking better, is there a real possiblity that he could be playing RT this year, or is it like you said, not full speed yet..

Answer: My take on Adam Terry is it remains inconclusive on how much better he´ll be at right tackle, but I like his chances to improve based on the following factors: new offensive line coach John Matsko, an old school taskmaster, increased upper body bulk, up to 338 pounds to anchor on the right side, a sense I have that he realizes this is his shot to prove himself and more experience as he heads into this season. We´ll see how it all translates when he´s fully recovered from ankle surgery.

Question: Aaron, have you heard anything else from Flacco's agent on how the negotiations are going? When was the last time his agent met with the Ravens?

Answer: The last time I talked to Joe Linta he was optimistic but realistic about how long it would take to complete a proposed five year contract. Probably early July. Has had three meetings with the Ravens at their headquarters, driving down from Connecticut. Said they agree on some things not on other components of the deal. Bottom line is they will eventually get something done. He met with Baltimore about 10 days ago and is supposed to talk to them again next week. Right now everything is going smoothly. Joe Flacco told me that it´s going well and he´s not worried about it, said he knows he´ll be at camp on time.{br} br} Question: How are negotiations coming with Jason Brown, Ray Lewis and Terrell Suggs? Thanks.

Answer: They haven´t been negotiating with Jason Brown. All that happened there is his agent and Ozzie Newsome have both told me that each side wants to do a long term deal and intends to negotiate in the future to make that happen. It´s what Jason wants and what the Ravens want. He is the leader of the offensive line now that JO has retired. It´s kind of at a now or perhaps never point with Ray Lewis. I´m told an offer was proferred to him, but he didn´t immediately accept. His agent, by the way, is off suspension from the NFL PA. His name is David Dunn. It´s quiet on the Suggs front. No real momentum apparent toward a long term deal, but both sides still want to get something done and have been working on it for over a year. Ultimately, I believe hell remain in a Ravens uniform.

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