Are all NFL records made to be broken?

Records are made to be broken except some in the NFL Sports has always had players and teams set records and as years go by and other great players and teams come along they break those records. Baseball has change their rules and equipment and situations so much that most of the records of what was once America's pastime all time records are now in the modern day era being broken.

Steroids, a lively baseball and rule changes are some of the resaons.

With the DH in one league and more games in a baseball schedule many players can try to break hitting records and homerun records. But with the starting pitchers no longer going deep into the games, the number of wins like the famous "300" win standard is almost impossible to achieve anymore. The lively balls, the steroid issues have changed the game and even if players like Bobby Bonds are found to have taken these drugs the homerun record will still be his in the record book. Baseball after years of ingoring these issues now is correcting the problem but great records have already fallen.

The rules and situations like steroids help players break the records but in the NFL the rule changes have hurt players and teams from breaking many records. with improved and stronger defensive players, with situational players and great film study by coaches great records of the past will never be broken some most likely could not have be broken anyway.

The NFL with all the better defensive players and schemes has made it harder to set offensive records that had been acheived in years gone by. Take Hutson's receiving record of eight straight years leading the NFL in touchdowns scored. He led the league many years ago and no one has ever come close to his record and most likely will never come close to this record. Jerry Rice, Jim Brown, Emmitt Smith and Thomas rb of San diego all great touchdown scorers in their day never have lead the league for 4 straight years and no one will ever break Mr Huson's record.

Some coaching achievements are also unbreakable by anybody in the NFL. Tom Landry , head coach of the Dallas Cowboys was head coach for 29 years. In today's era of win the Super Bowl and make the playoffs each year, no coach unless he owns the team like George Halas did with the Bears has a chance to even be head coach that long or come close to Mr Landry's record. And when you mention Halas you think of his 325 wins over decades of coaching and you have to be amzed at Don Shula's 347 wins that broke that record that many thought could never be accomplished. Just think if you average 10 wins a season over 10 years as no coach ever has done in modern times that is 100 wins.If you average 10 wins over 30 years you still are 47 wins short of Shula's record.

There are other NFL records that are unlikely to be broken but are within reach, maybe. Kanasa City's linebacker Derrick Thomas who set a one game sack record of seven. Brett Favre's games started at quarterback are maybe within reach but Farvre record I would say is safe. But Tampa Bay's losing streak and John Unitas's 47 straight passing for touchdowns in games are probably safe, too. of all the great qbs that throw and throw 40 passes most games and score lots of passing tds and throw for over 4,000 yards a season have not come close to Mr Unitas's accomplisment.

Manning,Brady,Marino,Elway,Montana,and many others haven't even got past the high thirties in straight games with a TD pass. And talking of QBs, no one will touch Otto Graham's record of starting in 10 championship games that are now called Super Bowls.

Because of rule changes and so many specialist on offense and defense many records can not be reached.Most of the best defensive backs in today's NFL can not get 10 or more interceptions in a season because teams just throw to the other side of the field most teams have so many more skilled receivers that great defensive backs don't get a chance to intercept passes. These great defensive players will have a hard time getting enough votes to get into the Hall of Fame. The Positions on defense have only 29% of total Hall of Fame members with not many linebackers or defensive backs. The only way that changes will occur in these numbers is if the Hall of Fame voters watch a lot of film and vote on, not statical records achieved but other factors. You are going to see a different way to judge future Hall of Famers.

So yes records were made to be broken but not certain ones in the NFL!

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