Ravens Insider's VIP Q&A with Adam Caplan

OWINGS MILLS -- Questions and answers about the Baltimore Ravens with scout.com NFL expert Adam Caplan in our latest deluxe edition of Ravens Insider's Q&A

Question: We've heard about how tough Harbaugh has been so far in the OTA's, and heard to expect things to only get tougher in training camp. I'm really excited about this, and looking forward to a more conditioned team in the fall. We've got so much talent on this team that I think if we can get them all to focus and not make those mental errors the potential for success is limitless.
BR> That being said, I'm really concerned about a devastating injury in camp that will completely destroy any chances of this team being any sort of contender this year. Have you heard anything from the coaching staff to make you believe that they are concerned about this too, or are they planning on hammering on the players for the next few weeks and let the chips fall where they may?

Answer: Harbaugh's former boss Andy Reid was good with not overworking his players but he also did more hitting in training camp than most head coaches. I think Harbaugh will be smart enough since he's been in the league a while not to overwork the players, especially the veterans.

Question: Presumably, with the amount of knowledge Cam and Rex each have on their side of the ball, our training camp could look quite intriguing, but what will you be looking for when (if) you are scheduled to come to MD?

Answer: I'll be there next Sunday (7/27) and probably one more time a few days before camp ends. Offensively, I'll be keeping an eye on both tackle positions because of the importance both spots will take on in Cameron's scheme plus both players are unproven at their projected positions. And obviously the quarterbacks are going to get a big look.

Defensively, I want to see how Dan Cody does. They really need him and Antwan Barnes to provide some pass rushing help. And the secondary, especially at cornerback is something to look at.

Question: What teams have done the least to improve their chances of making the playoffs, and which offseason moves looked good initially, but could come back to haunt their respective teams this (or in following) seasons?

Answer: Cleveland would fit both of those profiles. They added major help to their front seven but really neglected their secondary, especially at cornerback. Two out of their top three players at that position are gone (Daven Holly to an ACL injury and Leigh Bodden was traded). So that's a potential huge problem as we get closer to the start of the regular season.

Question: From what little you have seen of Flacco, what current or past QB does he remind you of?

Answer: Actually of any reporter in the country, I've probably seen more of him than anyone. I'd say he's closest to Jay Cutler or Derek Anderson. Tall, athletic for his size, and willing to stare down the gun barrel and stay in the pocket under duress.

See my report from the Senior Bowl on him: http://profootballexperts.scout.com/2/723436.html

Question: Who do you consider a potential breakthrough player on the Ravens?

Answer: There is one player that comes to mind and that's Demetrius Williams. As you're aware, he was hurt almost all of last season but the team is counting on him in a big way to make an impact on their passing going forward. He's the one true deep threat they have at the receiver position.

Question: Do you think that Yamon Figurs will hold onto his job or do you consider him to be shaky as a return specialist?

Answer: He has major upside as a returner so expect Harbaugh to be patient with him.

Question: Do you think the Ravens will keep Gary Stills on the team after signing Brendon Ayanbadejo as a special-teams ace?

Answer: It could come right down to the wire with him since he didn't contribute as much last season due to knee problems.

Question: What's the reputation like for new special teams coach Jerry Rosburg?

Answer: Very solid, he did a good job with Cleveland and Atlanta. Very well respected.

Question: If Flacco doesn't win the starting job, do you think that he'll be the backup to either Kyle Boller or Troy Smith or the third quarterback.

Answer: Interesting issue here. I think he's either No. 1 or No.3 in the end. Meaning he'll either start or have this season as a true learning experience. He'll start in 2009 no matter what.

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