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OWINGS MILLS -- Our latest deluxe edition of our VIP set of questions and answers as the Baltimore Ravens get set to launch their annual training camp at McDaniel College

Question: Will Harbaugh be using the game clocks in Westminster like he did in the OTA's?

Answer: I would tend to think so since he'll want to continue to simulate game conditions. That said, they are fairly big pieces of equipment to transport. That said, if he wants them there, they'll be at McDaniel College for camp operations.

Question:Since watching camp for years under Billick and getting used to his routine, what changes can we expect this year?

Answer: Expect a heavier dose of contact drills, more tackling, more two-a-days where the second practice isn't just special teams, earlier practices, longer practices and a faster tempo.

Question: With less than a week to go, whats Harbaugh's though's, hopes, worries, about his first camp as an NFL head coach...

Answer: Channeling John Harbaugh's likely thoughts would bring me to a quick list of concerns: 1. Quarterback, 2. Offensive tackle, 3. Veterans' health, 4. The pass rush/secondary, 5. Installing the new offensive system. I'm sure he's excited and cautiously optimistic about the Ravens' prospects and aware that it's not going to always run smoothly, but he's confident in the direction he's turning the team and pleased with the offseason he oversaw.

Question: The post on Cam Cameron was inspired, Aaron. The fast forward on the offense has even got the D reacting. I want to know what the veterans think and have they bought in? At times, Jonathan Ogden seemed so frustrated by our lack of firepower that it was palpable. Is this pace, which has to be tough on those guys used to a slower pace, going to get guys psyched? I sure hope so!

Answer: The veterans, on both sides of the football, are excited about the changes. They want to play faster. I know the offensvie players are hoping to catch defenses off guard with the new system and presnap motion.

Question: Training camp - will Harbaugh have the Ravens playing full contact in the afternoon, unlike Billick?

Answer: Yes, there will be occasional contact in the afternoon. For the most part, though, the Ravens will follow the NFL trend of hitting in the morning.

Question: Aaron, Out of our three young linebackers,Burgess, Jones and Gooden who has the most upside? Do all three make the team?

Answer: I think Tavares Gooden has the most upside definitely and is a future starter. At this point, I project all three as making the final roster cut and I would say Gooden and Burgess are locks and Jones is a nearly surefire bet to make the team again.

Question: Does Barnes look like a future starter? Could he possibly replace Suggs next year if things dont work out? If not, which position is he most suited for? How is Prescott Burgess looking this year?

Answer: I could foresee Antwan Barnes emerging as a future starter, yes. I think he's not ready to replace Suggs, though. He could also play strongside linebacker, where Jarret Johnson is lining up now. I think he's best suited for Suggs' spot, but I don't think they are looking to move on from Suggs at all at this point. Prescott Burgess had a really good offseason and is fully over last year's hip and quadriceps problems. He's bigger and faster and seems more fluid in pass coverage and in his reactions to outside runs.

Question: Given the knowledge and ability of both Rex Ryan and Cam Cameron, how much of a role will Harbaugh play with both the offense and defense?

Answer: Harbaugh will delegate to his coordinators, but will certainly have plenty of input and involvement. But he'll let his coordinators coordinate and won't meddle in their expertise. If he has a differing thought or notion, he won't be shy about expressing himself.

Question: Have you heard any inkling of a chance that we could give Chris Henry a tryout? With this latest charges being dropped and possible reinstatement, why not take a low risk/high reward chance? He costs only pennies and we could easily cut him if he proves to be a knucklehead? Answer: I haven't heard anything about them being interested in Chris Henry. It would be out of character for the Ravens to pursue him. I think it's a pass for Baltimore on this troubled, talented wideout.

Aaron Wilson covers the Baltimore Ravens for the Carroll County Times and the Annapolis Capital.

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