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WESTMINSTER -- Questions and answers about the Baltimore Ravens in our latest deluxe edition of our VIP Q&A column

QUESTION: Is there any update on whether Terrell Suggs will eventually attend camp, or if he has even been in touch with the team?

ANSWER: Terrell Suggs has been in constant contact with the Ravens, but I don't think he will attend training camp. I expect him to show up before the third or fourth preseason game and sign his $8.472 million franchise tender.

ANSWER: Honestly, other than helping to pick the starting quarterback, I expect John Harbaugh's impact on the offense to be minimal. He plans to delegate heavily to offensive coordinator Cam Cameron.

Question: How do you see the secondary shaping up - is Samari Rolle able to start and play the majority of the snaps, who will be the dime, has Fabian Washington looked like a viable starting CB?

Answer: Rex Ryan told me he expects Samari Rolle to remain the starter. He considers him to be one of the top cornerbacks in the league, a grand proclamation obviously. Eventually, this wil be Fabian Washington's job. Washington has been very impressive in camp, but is suspended for the season opener due to a violation of the NFL's personal-conduct policy stemming from a domestic-violence arrest.

Question: Do you think all these reps Ray Rice has taken in training camp will cause him to hit the rookie wall a little earlier than usual?

Answer: I tend to think that this kid has great endurance and will weather the rookie wall better than most. Is he indestructible? Of course not. No one is, but this is one tough kid and I expect him to hold up well. If anything, these extra reps are helping him get into a comfort zone on the field. Check out the feature I did with comments from running backs coach Wilbert Montgomery on this topic.

Question: Are there anymore offensive tackles the Ravens are looking at in Free Agency and possibly trades? With Terry and Gaither hurt with ankle injuries they are still thin in that position and the QB's need all the protection they can get.

Answer: They have some interest still in Jacksonville Jaguars offensive tackle Khalif Barnes, but the deal may not happen since they need to work out compensation. Also, Barnes is entering the final year of his contract and he may be needed in Jacksonville since he could wind up starting ahead of Richard Collier.

Question: How many wideouts are we planning on carrying and how many are going to dress? Clayton Mason D.Willams Figurs seemed to be if healthy locks than who? The two rookies. any darkhorses making any noise..

Answer: They don't have a predetermined number, but remember Yamon Figurs is more of a specialist. I expect them to keep Derrick Mason, Mark Clayton, Demetrius Williams, Marcus Smith and Justin Harper with Ernie Wheelwright being on the practice squad. I think they will have to cut Matt Willis and Darnerien McCants and Wheelwright and try to re-sign Wheelwright to the practice squad.

Question: We haven't been hearing much about the play of the offensive line in the past few days in pass protection Has there been some improvment in the play there especially at the tackles including Mike Kracalik?

Answer: The pass protection was slightly better today, erring at times in blitz pickup drills. Kracalik has improved markedly over the past year or so. I think he's becoming an average to solid tackle with some limitations in quickness.

Question: How many snaps do you expect Flacco to get on Thursday night? afe to say that with this recent break in the intensity of the camp, that the worst is over for these guys? Minus the major issue at T, how have the rest of the guys adjusted to Cam's offense? Answer: I expect Flacco to play a quarter, maybe two. I'm not sure how many snaps that will equate to. Camp has definitely tapered off in terms of intensity and contact. I think the receivers and backs are learning the offense quickly with the notable exception of Willis McGahee. His knee injury and skipping the offseason almost completely has set him back.

Question: How is the offense handling the hurry up offense? Could you explain how each of the QB's are dealing with it and if any of them seem like a natural leader under that type of offense. Answer: Troy Smith and Joe Flacco are much more natural at running the no-huddle offense than Kyle Boller, who struggles to maintain his command with the increased pace.

Question: Aaron, Looks like we have a lot of minor injuries. Are there any of the walking wounded that you are concerned about not being ready for 9/7?

Answer: Honestly, I think most of those guys will be ready with the only potential exceptions being Jared Gaither and Adam Terry if they try to come back too soon and reinjure their ankles. The sprained knees, etc. are really not that problematic.

Question: What's your opinion on the Ed Reed situation? While we've been told it's a shoulder injury, do you think there's more to the situation than meets the eye? Given Reed's lack of attendance at OTAs, what's Harbaugh's overall impression of Reed in your opinion?

Answer: I think Ed Reed is milking this shoulder injury for as much as he can. I doubt he's actually all that hurt. I think he's one of those veterans that John Harbaugh hopes to win over and get on his side. He has had a lot of success with Ray Lewis in that vein, and he's hoping to get Reed to buy into the new regime, too.

Aaron Wilson covers the Baltimore Ravens for the Carroll County Times and the Annapolis Capital.

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