Baltimore Ravens' quarterback watch

WESTMINSTER -- Ravens Insider's daily glance at the quarterback competition between Joe Flacco, Troy Smith and Kyle Boller.

Troy Smith

Positives: Didn't bail out under a heavy pass rush, gamely remaining in the pocket to give his receivers a chance. Displayed a quick gun on a sideline throw to Derrick Mason.

Negatives: Sacked four times under extreme blitz pressure with shoddy protection. When he repeatedly struggled in third-and-long situation s, Corey Ivy exclaimed: "Defense, everybody lay down!"

Stock: Falling again as he heads into his first preseason start with two consecutive poor practices.

Kyle Boller Positives: Only sacked once. Connected with Marcus Smith on a sharp, deep sideline throw. It was easily the top pass of the day as the quarterbacks struggled collectively.

Negatives: Had several incompletions. Overthrowing his targets too often. Needs to make the most of his snaps as the coaches prepare Smith to start.

Stock: Holding steady as he's essentially in limbo until after the Vikings game.

Joe Flacco Positives: Found running back Allen Patrick out of the backfield for a nice gain. Demonstrated good timing. Making faster reads now.

Negatives: Sacked twice as he failed to get rid of the football quickly enough. Needs to escape the pocket more to avoid pressure or create a better throwing lane.

Stock: Stuck in neutral.

Aaron Wilson covers the Baltimore Ravens for the Carroll County Times and the Annapolis Capital.

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