Baltimore Ravens' quarterback watch

WESTMINSTER -- Ravens Insider's daily glance at the Baltimore Ravens' quarterback competiion between Kyle Boller, Troy Smith and Joe Flacco.

Troy Smith Positives: Adeptly sold a pump fake on a go route for wideout Mark Clayton, who hauled in a well-timed, long sideline pass. Hit tight end Adam Bergen in stride for a first down. Negatives: Botched an exchange with center Jason Brown. Mostly erratic with a series of incompletions, nearly intercepted twice. Sacked by Edgar Jones and Lorenzo Williams. Stock: Turned in third consecutive poor practice with the clock ticking down toward a pivotal start. Kyle Boller Positives: Had a far cleaner, crisper performance than his counterparts, releasing the ball quickly enough to avoid sacks. Connected with Adam Bergen for a nice gain over the middle. Negatives: Nearly picked off by Derrick Martin. Entering his sixth season, he's still staring down his primary read and giving away his intentions. Stock: Slightly up as he was generally free of mistakes. Joe Flacco Positives: Threw several accurate fastballs, mixing in some decent touch passes to go with the heat. Remained relatively composed despite chaotic line situation and wasn't sacked. Negatives: Awkward release sent the football sailing to safety Jim Leonhard, who deflected it to Derrick Martin for the interception. Stock: Neutral day as he continues to learn on the fly. Aaron Wilson covers the Baltimore Ravens for the Carroll County Times and the Annapolis Capital.

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