Baltimore Ravens' quarterback watch

WESTMINSTER -- Our daily glance at the Baltimore Ravens' quarterback competition between Kyle Boller, Joe Flacco and Troy Smith.

Troy Smith

Positives: Rebounded from a rough stretch of workouts, tossing two bombs that would have been touchdowns if not for drops by wide receiver Mark Clayton.

Negatives: Intercepted by cornerback Ronnie Prude after a pump fake. Skidded a throw off the ground intended for a wide open Marcus Smith.

Stock: Finally moving upward again after four consecutive days of shaky outings.

Kyle Boller

Positives: Uncorked top pass of the day with a 40-yard rainbow touchdown pass to rookie wide receiver Justin Harper in the back of the end zone behind Ronnie Prude. Accurate and crisp on series of slants and outs.

Negatives: Still has a bad habit of patting the football before he releases it, something that he can't afford to do in games.

Stock: Holding steady overall.

Joe Flacco

Positives: Improving his timing and release. Still mechanically sound and streamlined in his throwing motion. Adjusting to speed of the game.

Negatives: Not getting as many snaps this week overall as the competition is essentially a two-man act between Troy Smith and Kyle Boller.

Stock: Not really moving up or down at this juncture.

Aaron Wilson covers the Baltimore Ravens for the Carroll County Times and the Annapolis Capital.

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