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Aaron- What percentage of the playbook are the Ravens running this preseason?

Answer: You've seen barely 35 percent of the plays that they've installed. They obviously hold back in the preseason games since scouts are there and everyone sees these tapes.

Aaron, Any chance Demetrius Williams could be ready to go for the Bengals game? If not, do you think he will remain on the PUP until week6-8? Thanks,

Answer: Demetrius says he's on target for the Bengals game. As you know by now, he passed his physical and was activated from the physically unable to perform list after missing training camp with a left Achilles' tendon story. May play on a limited basis tonight.

Aaron Is Ozzie Newsome getting any heat for the condition of this roster? No quality depth anywhere other than linebacker and holes on both sides of the ball could he be getting the get it fixed or clean out your office speech? Answer: Heat? Other than that steamy indoor facility or the sauna, zero. Do people around the league or do business with the team wonder about the moves? Sure, but Steve Bisciotti and the Ravens retain confidence in him.

In Miami now that they have Pennington and Henne as the future QB will the Dolphins release John Beck and do see Cam asking Ozzie to sign him and cut Boller or Smith? I ask this because Cam was the Head Coach when the Dolphins made Beck the draft pick and assume he had some say in that decision and he has been asking for better offense players ( Not saying Beck is) or is Neal the only bone he will get this year from Ozzie.

Answer: Cam Cameron has been pushing for John Beck, but not to cut any of the other guys. Beck isn't actually very good. Also, it took Cameron months to convince Ozzie Newsome to sign fullback Lorenzo Neal, so I wonder how much clout he actually has.

+ Moderation History8/25/2008 11:30 AM: ravensflip ( Posted Aaron, Should they just bite the bullet on Reed and put him on IR?

Answer: No, they should send him to a specialist and let this play out.

Aaron, have you heard any more recent rumblings about a possible extension for Jason Brown? Are they even talking?

Answer: Both sides have expressed interest in securing Brown to a long-term extension, but they haven't been negotiating. I saw his agent in St. Louis and he told me that Jason wants to re-sign with Baltimore.

Aaron - You've mentioned that Cam wants better players on offense. What positions are on the top of his wish list?

Cam is looking for a dominant left tackle, a big, fast wide receiver and another tight end to go with Todd Heap.

Aaron - Have you heard anything about Flacco getting the start in the last preseason game?

Answer: Flacco is slated to start tonight and play the entire first half.

Aaron - Assuming Gaither plays Thursday evening, do you think he will be in shape enough to play the entire game against Cinci? Also, any other starters besides Reed that you think will be either limited or potentially won't be ready for the opener?

Answer: I think Jared Gaither should be on track to play the opener and start if there are no setbacks. Ed Reed, Chris McAlister, Kelly Gregg and Willis McGahee as well as Demetrius Williams coult be either out or limited in the opener.

Does the overall state of health of the Baltimore Ravens team scare you as much as it does me? I know this is the first time some of our players have had a real training camp, but does it seem like they just didn't know for what they were in store?

Answer: I did get the sense that they weren't ready for the John Harbaugh Experience.

Aaron: Who do you think will be the starter at quarterback week 1?

Answer: It seems like it will be Joe Flacco.

Aaron - if fit are Jared Gaither and Adam Terry adequate to better offensive tackles.

Answer: Solid is more like it. Nothing great, really.
< BR> Aaron: Does it appear that there will be any "surprise" cuts? If so, can you speculate whom? For me, Clayton comes to mind.

Answer: I don't know if it's a surprise but Gary Stills could be out. Mark Clayton is a starter, he's not going anywhere. Not sure why you thought he would be out.

Aaron - What is the status of Kelly Gregg?

Answer: Kelly Gregg is still recovering from arthroscopic left knee surgery and is trying to make it back for the opener. It's going to be a race to the finish line health-wise. It's getting better fast, though

If Billick were here, and still running 'camp creampuff' who JO have still retired?

Answer: No, he was going to retire regardless. And he didn't even like Brian Billick and went behind his back to recommend firing him to owner Steve Bisciotti.

It's seems to me like Heap and Reed won't be enjoying careers the length of JO and Ray, how much longer do you think they guys will be in the league?

Answer: I could see Heap and Reed lasting three to five more seasons tops.

Aaron: Once Demetrius Williams gets healthy, what do you project will be his role on the team? His height and willingness to go up and get a ball should help him in Cam's eyes, I would think.

Answer: I think he'll be the third wide receiver and will push Mark Clayton for playing time. He's the only dangerous deep threat on the team outside of Yamon "Stone Hands" Figurs".

Aaron Wilson covers the Baltimore Ravens for the Carroll County Times and the Annapolis Capital.

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