Ravens Insider VIP Q&A column

OWINGS MILLS -- Our latest Ravens Insider VIP Q&A column poses several questions to scout.com NFL expert Adam Caplan.

1. Can the Ravens contain Colts defensive end Dwight Freeney

Freeney happens to have a hamstring injury but it would be a surprise if he didn't play. He'll get matched up with LT Jared Gaither so that's going to be a tough challenge for the first-year starter. I'd imagine that the coaches will get him some help with a tight end or a fullback that can chip Freeney. The problem that Freeney presents is that he's very quick off the snap and it's hard to hear inside that dome.

2. Can the Ravens exploit the Colts' soft run defense?

Their game plan will be similar to other teams. Look for Baltimore to run the ball at least 30 times in this game especially inside where the Colt run defense is most vulnerable.

3. Should the Ravens be worried about Frank Walker and Corey Ivy against Peyton Manning?

While something is still clearly wrong with his knee, those cornerbacks will get tested if they have to play more snaps. I'd imagine that the Colts will go with a lot of three receiver sets in this game to offset Baltimore's blitz packages.

It was clear watching Manning last week that he's not himself. He's having a problem driving his back foot and getting torque into his throws consistently.

4. Do you think Matt Stover will get back on track?

The fact that he's already missed three out of seven kicks isn't a good sign but he's a veteran who has always been solid so I wouldn't get overly concerned yet.

5. Who do you think will win this game and why?

I'll go with the experience on offense for the Colts in this game against the Ravens secondary which has injury problems at cornerback. 20-10.

6. Is the Ravens' kick coverage suffering because of personnel or the schemes of new special teams coach Jerry Rosburg?

I think when you change coaches it takes a while for the players to adjust to the move so it may take more time for the players to get up to speed. Rosburg did a solid job with the Atlanta Falcons and especially with the Cleveland Browns previously.

7. Do you think referees target the Ravens for penalties or is that a knee-jerk conspiracy theory?

I don't see them being targeted at all. Watching their last few games, there have been some bad mistakes on both sides of the ball.

8. Can rookie quarterback Joe Flacco rebound and avoid the key turnovers that have plagued him in two consecutive losses?

I think he played better than his numbers suggested from last week's game. Flacco, though, must make better decisions with the ball. He can't continue to throw across his body like he did last week. When you do that, you lose power on throws. That may have worked at the Division I-AA level, but it's not going to work on the NFL level.

9. Does the Colts' running game have a chance to do much against the Ravens' top-ranked defense?

Because Addai lacks top-end speed, I don't envision him having much success against the Raven run defense. If the Colts are going to have success on offense, it will have to be in the air, not on the ground.

10. Is this the time for Cam Cameron to open the offense up or should he stay conservative?

The blueprint is clearly running the ball against the Colts. They generally don't give up a lot of big plays but with Bob Sanders and Kelvin Hayden out, they could find some success against the injured Colts secondary.

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