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MIAMI -- Scout.com NFL expert Adam Caplan answers all your burning questions as the Baltimore Ravens (2-3) take on the Miami Dolphins (2-3) in an AFC North-AFC East clash.

1. Who do you think will win this game and why?

I'm picking Miami to win this matchup 13-10.

Chad Pennington doesn't turn the ball over much and they're able to move the ball to put enough puts up to win in a close game.

It Willis McGahee was at the top of his game, I'd feel a lot better about Baltimore's chances but as we know, he's not close to 100 percent.

2. Should the Ravens be worried about rookie Joe Flacco's turnovers or do you think he'll snap out of it?

I don't think he's seeing the field clearly and he continues to make rookie mistakes. Whether he's throwing across his body or throwing into double coverage, he's making the kind of mistakes that will result in turnovers.

But I think he'll be fine, he's a typical rookie that really just needs to play. Keep in mind this is really only his third full year as a starter and he wasn't supposed to start this season. All of the experience he's getting now will be invaluable in the long run.

It would also help him if they could get their running game back on track. That would make defenses have to respect the run more which would create more one-on-one matchups in coverage.

3. Any chances the Ravens could strike deep against the Dolphins?

Miami is vulnerable to the pass and the only receiver they have who can get deep is Demetrius Williams. They have to find a way to keep him healthy since he's really a key to the development to their passing game.

4. Do you think the Ravens will shut down the Wildcat and the Dolphins' running game or have their met their match?

Miami only ran that formation about nine times last week but it does create confusion for defenses. Players must be disciplined on defense or they will get beat.

Baltimore has one of the best run defenses so Miami will have to test the Ravens in the air which has been the way to beat them of late.

5. How big a loss is it that Marshal Yanda is out at right guard and Chris Chester has to play? It's a big loss since the strength of the Raven offensive line has been in the interior. Oniel Cousins probably isn't ready to play so Chester is probably the more ready of the two.

Chester is known as an athletic lineman who moves fairly well but he lacks solid strength which could be a problem since Baltimore is a power rushing team on offense.

6. Do you expect the Ravens to have trouble getting a pass rush on Chad Pennington?

I think they'll find their way to get to him, especially on the side of rookie LT Jake Long.

Rex Ryan is great at disguising his blitzes and that creates confusion for offensive lineman.

7. How much better has Pennington made the Dolphins?

He's not turning it over much which helps with their ball controlled offense. He also has been accurate for the most part. Despite limited options at receiver, he's done a decent job thus far.

8. Is Chris McAlister's right knee so bad that he should shut it down for the season after getting burnt twice by Marvin Harrison?

McAlister clearly isn't the same player but they have no choice right now but to play him. The other problem is that they have no other options behind him. If Samari Rolle was healthy, they could just slide Fabian Washington in his place. But with Rolle out for a while longer, Frank Walker and Corey Ivy just can't be trusted to play a lot of snaps.

9. Do you think this team will implode if they lose their fourth game in a row?

It will be interesting to see how the veterans handle the losing. The expectations were raised higher after the 2-0 start but reality has hit this team a bit. I was expecting a 7-9, 8-8 season so it's not too surprising that they're 2-3 at this point.

10. Do you put any stock in the theory that the Dolphins' players grudge against Cam Cameron might motivate them more and give them a psychological edge?

Not at all, it doesn't make a difference. He's not Baltimore's head coach so it doesn't really matter.

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