Pat White concentrating on QB, for now

MORGANTOWN, W.Va -- Here's Ravens Insider guest columnist Will Spencer's exclusive report on the West Virginia Pro Day workout. Subscribers, please keep reading for further details.

WVU Pro day info.... this pro-day was a bit more formal and structured than Maryland's. a good many people were there and seemingly more media. i observed the following teams there:

Jets, Eagles, Giants, Panthers, Ravens, Texans, Colts, Titans, Falcons, Vikings, Steelers, bills, Raiders, Packers, Bucs, Patriots, 49ers, Bears, Dolphins, Cards, and Chiefs.

also, Pittsburgh head coach Mike Tomlin came out for the show

after the timed events, pat white started things off by throwing the ball. no scouts ran the event, it was basically run by pat white. he was picking the routes along with a WVU coach. he showed decent footwork, a strong arm, quick delivery and average mechanics. he seemed especially good at throwing while on the move. white had a few throws that were off the mark, but looked decent overall. the highlight of the event came when White threw a 50 yard bomb on a 9 route that landed perfectly in stride.

the indoor arena was abuzz......

next came LBs and DBs.

Ellis Lankster showed good footwork, and was able to flip his hips and run without a problem. the problem he had today was catching the ball. i think he dropped 2 easy ones during the drills.

during his drills, i saw a KC scout say to a patriots scout "he could be a steal." lankster then spent some time with a texans scout after the drills were complete.

mortty ivy had a decent day too. looks to be a 4-3 OLB, but moved around pretty well. i didn't get an exact time, but word was he really improved his 40 time from the combine.

the ravens and the colts conducted the offensive lineman drills. i was actually more impressed with ryan stanchek when it came to footwork and movement in the pulling drills. greg isdaner looked to have more strength and used his body better. scouts from the bucs, vikings, and texans were all watching very closely.

during the o-line drills, something weird happened. most people started leaving. i'm thinking.......pat white is supposed to run drills as a WR too. that's why i made this trip. that's why a lot of people made this trip. why are they leaving?

after the lineman were done, the WVU staff announced that the pro-day was over. then the puzzled looks on folks faces turned to anger.

pat white decided NOT to participate in WR drills.

i spoke to people from ESPN, NFL Network, and 2 different scouts. all were very surprised, and very upset they weren't going to see it. in fact, the comment I heard from several people was "i wouldn't have come out here if i would have known he wasn't going to catch the ball."

pat told the media later, in his snide way, that he "didn't get any requests to do WR drills." pat also got a little rude with some of the media there. this was my 2nd time being around pat, and he's been the same way both times. i think he's really hurting himself.

NFLN did a live update with pat from the pro-day, but i haven't seen the video of it.

but that's pretty much it. it was a much smaller crew and it went much faster than MD's pro-day.

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