Penn State's Ohrnberger making his NFL bid

Penn State All-Big Ten Conference offensive guard Rich Ohrnberger is making his bid for the NFL draft, preparing diligently as he makes his visits to NFL teams and conducts private workouts. A third-team All-American selection, Ohrnberger is a 6-foot-2, 301-pounder with 5.15 speed in the 40-yard dash. He has bench pressed 225 pounds 32 times during pro testing.

He started 34 consecutive games at guard. He was a third-team All-American selection last season for the Nittany Lions.

Here's a transcript of Ohrnberger's exclusive interview with Ravens Insider:

Ravens Insider: How did your Pro Day go?

Ohrnberger: "It went very well. I did a good job. I was just excited to get it over with. I was so relieved when I got it done. I've been training since January 10 at TEST in New Jersey and at Penn State."

Ravens Insider: What kind of feedback are you receiving from NFL teams?

Ohrnberger: "The one big issue is something I really can't work on obviously is my size. Being a 300-pound offensive guard in this day and age makes the road a little more difficult. I've heard good things from teams, including the Chicago Bears, the New York Giants, the New York Jets, the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots. I've met with Bears general manager Jerry Angelo and I've made great contacts at the all-star game and Pro Day. The feedback I've gotten is great."

Ravens Insider: What visits are you planning?

Ohrnberger: "I haven't visited any teams just yet, but I have a workout with the Philadelphia Eagles on March 31. On April 1, I fly out to visit the Chicago Bears and then I'll meet with the New York Giants on April 9. Being from New York originally, the Giants and the Eagles would be a nice situation to be closer to home. That would be cool for my family, but I don't care where I play. I'll go anywhere."

Ravens Insider: What kind of impression did you make at your Pro Day?

Ohrnberger: "Obviously, you want to show them how hard you've been working. That's proved by your numbers. Obviously if you're not doing anything between the end of the season and the bowl game and now and it's going to appear on your numbers when you test out.

I wanted to have the best day I possibly could in all the physical testing. I wanted to show them that they're going to get a football player who has a great motor that pays attention to detail. Pat Flaherty put us through all the drills at Holuba Hall and I showed I was a 100-percent guy."

Ravens Insider: How important has Joe Paterno's guidance been for you?

Ohrnberger: "I stopped by to say hi to him when I was back in town. The soundest advice I got was to do what you've been doing here. You're an athlete. You wouldn't have started at a program like this if you didn't have the right stuff. When we were leaving the bowl game, Joe addressed the seniors and said stuff like, 'When you leave town for the NFL, you're always a part of this family.' Joe and I parted as great friends. I consider him one of my many mentors that I've met along the way."

Ravens Insider: Do you play any other positions besides guard?

Ohrnberger: "I was the backup center for two years. I've taken thousands of snaps at practice and am well-versed at center. I've primarily played guard. I've taken snaps and gotten good feedback throughout my training and at the Pro Day workout."

Ravens Insider: What's your best-case scenario for the draft?

Ohrnberger: "I hear a lot of guys speculating where they're going to go. It's exciting to dream, but if I get drafted then I'm happy. I could be the last pick of the draft and I would be happy."

Ravens Insider: How did you go about choosing an agent?

Ohrnberger: "That's an extremely important part of the process and I'm glad I chose Joe Linta because he has knowledge of what exactly I do when he's talking to coaches and player personnel directors and GMs. If you have an agent that can't describe accurately what kind of player you are then it seems like you have just a suit representing you.

"I felt like Joe was a very knowledgeable guy. He understands offensive line play. We've broken down film together and talked about things I could improve. He's an intelligent guy. He's definitely a football guy. Having him represent me was a no-brainer."

Ravens Insider: How much has your attitude boosted your NFL prospects?

Ohrnberger: "I absolutely think that my attitude will help. It's been an asset ever since I started playing the sport. I wasn't invited to the scouting combine, but I took that as an invitation to even work harder to go out and prove myself.

I'm one of those people who when they're faced with adversity I would rather beat it than lay dormant. I would love to be drafted. I consider myself lucky to be in this position. I'm blessed to have the opportunity to play football. I have my goals and I'm going to do whatever I have to do to make the team."

Aaron Wilson covers the Baltimore Ravens for the Carroll County Times and the Annapolis Capital.

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