A Message From Earnest Byner

Hi, this is Earnest Byner and thanks to the hard work of many people, I am now an ‘Insider' on this site.

My position as player development director for the Baltimore Ravens gives me a different perspective on the players than most in the press or other media. I will be able to share with you the issues that they deal with on and off the field and maybe fill you in on some interests that they have.


Initially, I will be writing a couple of articles per week.  One will be a general article pertinent to NFL happenings and one will be a collection of answers to questions posed in the ‘Ask The Insiders' forums. I implore you to send in your questions for me to answer. There will be a possibility that through me, you can have a question answered by a player or players that you have an interest in.


This site is run by a group of Ravens fanatics who have tirelessly given their time over the years to provide a forum where Ravens fans can interact, speak their mind, and have fun getting more information about the Baltimore Ravens.

The fan writers who contribute editorial content to the Ravens Insiders part of the site are volunteers.  In fact, they all have day jobs.  Somehow, though, they find time during their hectic days to research the Ravens and post some very compelling and timely commentary that cannot be found anywhere else, in print or on the Internet.  


In addition to their articles and my insights, Aaron Wilson will continue to contribute here and there will be possibly some other interesting characters with deep insights on the Ravens.  If you want inside stories on the Ravens, want to know what went right or wrong during the last game, who is really playing well or news that nobody else is talking about, then this will be the place to be.


The Ravens are an exciting team with an exciting future. I am also excited about the potential for this site and the impact that we together can create. Let's rock and roll and LET'S GET READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL!!


Earnest A. Byner

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