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OWINGS MILLS -- Here's a detailed transcript of the Baltimore Ravens' draft outlook heading into the home stretch before the draft. Scout.com draft expert Chris Steuber and Ravens Insider publisher Aaron Wilson answer your questions.

well I could ask the big question: WHO at #26?

aaronwilson Honestly, I think it's going to be one of a group of falling playrs. Here are some names to keep in mind Brandon Pettigrew, Alex Mack, Sean Smith, Larry English, Robert Ayers, Andre Smith, Kenny Britt, sleeper would be Jarron Gilbert.

Who at #26 Chris?

csteuber Nemo: I currently have Percy Harvin going to the Ravens at No. 26. I think a WR or a LB will be the pick.

What is the greatest depth in the draft?

do you really think percy harvin is the best for for the ravens? another tweener type WR?

aaronwilson Plus, there's the drug thing, which his agent has yet to deny unlike the others under scrutiny.

csteuber JohnnyUnites: There are a lot of positions that have nice depth: RB, WR, OL, DL, LB and DB. The worst depth is at QB!

csteuber Magnified: At No. 26, the rule should be to pick the best player available and I think it will be between Harvin, Hakeem Nicks and Kenny Britt.

is harvin good for the ravens due to his similar build to other receivers. Also isnt he kind of a project

Can Harvin be a #1?

understod with BPA, but there should be a slant towards need with that. I just don't see the Ravens having Harvin as high on their board as some

AT LB who do you see there that the Ravens could take

And Chris, how about a surprise player dropping?

csteuber MaBulldog: Harvin has a chance to be special. The thing I worry about is his injury history. He does so many things on the field that he gets dinged up a bit. But if he's healthy, I expected him to have a similar impact to the one DeSean Jackson had last season.

Who are some sleepers that the ravens should look out for?

Thanks Chris... Which fits a major hole for the Ravens

csteuber PDRaven: James Laurinaitis could be intriguing if he's available. Connor Barwin is a tweener type who's gaining some steam. Larry English and Clay Matthews are possibilities.

6,0any vibes thay we may trade up?

csteuber Nemo: A surprise player dropping, how about Michael Crabtree. It's possible that Jeremy Maclin or Darrius Heyward-Bey are selected before him.

JohnnyUnites: It depends what position you're looking at when you're talking about sleepers. A linebacker I like is Frantz Joseph out of Florida Atlantic. And a WR I like is Jarett Dillard from Rice.

aaronwilson What do you think of Chris Toler, St. Paul's corner who has 17 NFL visits and had a private workout and visit with Baltimore?

csteuber WayUpNorth: It's too early to tell if the Ravens will move up, but anything can happen on draft day. Look at what the Ravens did last year with their move to get Flacco.

csteuber AaronWilson: Interesting player. I know he has an interesting past and he performed really well at his Pro Day. He had his Pro Day at Richmond and scouts are impressed with his skills. He has great ability and nice size. I think he's a nice mid-round option for a team. But he's a developmental guy.

speaking of Richmond, what do you think of Lawrence Sidbury?

csteuber Pryceless: It's hard to predict a trade with a player on draft day. But I wouldn't be surprised if the Ravens drafted a tight end.

EricThaMan: Stover has been there forever, I think he's going to kick until he's 50! :)

aaronwilson And since we're talking pass rushers, what do you think of Larry English and Robert Ayers and Aaron Maybin? What are the chances one of those guys is there at No. 26? Would you draft English at that point?

How do you see Mark Parsons, CB from little Ohio.

The Ravens are looking at a kicker from Graceland College named Trout.

csteuber Magnified: I like Sidbury; he's one of the many hybrid defenders in the draft. He's a very good pass rusher who's quick off the snap. He will receive third round consideration.

Do you still see the Ravens going CB in the early rounds or picking up someone later in the draft?

csteuber AaronWilson: It's interesting that you mention Ayers. I had Ayers on my radio show tonight and he said he really enjoyed his visit with the Ravens. He loved their facilities and thought it was the best he's been to. I think Maybin will be selected prior to the 26th pick, but English will be available. I think English has value at 26, but to me he's more of a second round player.

csteuber JohnnyUnites: I never count out any defensive position for the Ravens. They always build on defense and if they view a CB as great value at a certain point in the early rounds, I wouldn't be shocked if they selected one.

What are you feeling on Sean Smith from Utah? Do you think he can play CB in the NFL or will he have to move to safety?

What about fullback? Is Mclain going back to a more traditional role, or do they pick one up?

do you see the ravnes going OL early on? do hale and cousins have time or might someone be drafted that bumps them off the squad?

csteuber Magnified: I think that's the great thing about Sean Smith. He's versatile and he has tremendous size. You're talking about a 6-3, 215-pound DB. They don't come around too often. He has great ball skills and awareness. He just lacks elite deep speed. He's quick, but wherever he plays he will be good. To answer your question, I think he can play CB at the next level.

aaronwilson What do you think of the merits of drafting Alex Mack at No. 26? Too high or is he talented enough to pick that early?

csteuber Nolaraven: There are a couple of good FBs in the draft; Tony Fiammetta and Quinn Johnson are the best.

How do you rate Connor Barwin? Some believe he moved up into the first because of his veratility(Vrabel like) and some tend to think he hurts his stock by not having a "true position

csteuber AaronWilson: I'm never a fan of drafting a center in the first round. Mack is good, but I think 26 is a little high for him.

csteuber Pryceless: I view Barwin as a tremendous athlete who can do a lot for a team. I think he has to find a natural position to be an impact player and that position will probably be at OLB in a 3-4. He's a little light to play DE, so OLB is his best option.

Off the top of your head, who is your ideal draft picks for the ravens in the first 3 Rounds?

Can you give me a brief scouting report on Wopamu Osaisai?

will gilbert be there in the 2nd when the Ravens draft

csteuber JohnnyUnites: I'd say Percy Harvin in the first round; Oregon CB Jairus Byrd in the second and South Florida LB Tyrone McKenzie in the third round.

csteuber RayRocks: Wopamo Osaisai is a versatile football player who has the ability to lineup at a variety of positions. He has good and transitions well in coverage. He has excellent awareness and ball skills. He's a physical corner who doesn^`2019t shy away from contact and doesn't back down from bigger receivers. He has experience as a return specialist.

PDRaven: I think Gilbert has a chance to be there for the Ravens, but a lot of 3-4 teams love him.

aaronwilson He has at least seven official visits and I think he'll go late first, early second round.

gilbert was working out for the saints yesterday

csteuber AaronWilson: That sounds about right.

has patriots, steelers, cowboys and redskins visits up next

aaronwilson Plus, he can jump out of a pool. lol

aaronwilson What do you think of Jovan Belcher, Maine OLB visiting the Ravens next week? And what do you hear about Kenny Britt's attitude and his suspension for violating team rules last season? Isolated incident or sign of future trouble?

csteuber AaronWilson: Belcher is a nice late round prospect and I"m sure the Ravens are just checking out a kid who has skills at the LB position. I don't think he will be drafted. Britt is an interesting WR. He has a lot of potential, but he has an attitude similar to Jerry Porter. He's a "me" guy. I wouldn't draft him in the first round, but he is talented.

Can you give examples of how Britt is a "me" guy? I've heard that from a few places but have never heard why?

csteuber Magnified: I don't want to bash the guy, but let's just say he's had some locker room issues with his teammates and coaching staff.

where do you see a guy like Nic Harris fitting in on a team?

csteuber Magnified: Harris is another tweener; he can play LB or S... probably a special teams guy in the NFL, borderline starter.

csteuber Pryceless: I think James Laurinaitis is underrated. He had a great career in college and I think people are down on him because of his lackluster workouts. He's a gamer, not a workout warrior.

csteuber Pryceless: An overrated guy to me is Matthew Stafford. Big arm, good intangibles, but poor decision-making and accuracy.

csteuber Magnified: I think Crabtree could fall. I don't think it's a big deal that he didn't workout, but I know there are teams that wish he was healthy.

aaronwilson What have you heard about the drug rumors for Raji, Matthews, Cushing, Davis and Harvin? Only one who hasn't denied it through their agent or personally is Harvin. UTEP guy hasn't bothered to say anything, either. csteuber AaronWilson: When things like drugs pop up at the Combine, it's a touchy subject. The players agent will deny, the player will deny, but there's always that lingering question about the exact results from the tests. I'll take it for what's worth. I wouldn't be surprised either way.

csteuber BMoreCasual: I truly believe if Pat White has an opportunity to learn an offense and waits a few years for his chance, he can be a nice QB in the NFL. With the Wildcat formation coming into play, he's very valuable. He could be drafted as high as the second round.

SteveoDaddiO Quit (Web Browser closed) What do you think about Josh Freeman ?

jarron gilbert vs lawrence Sidbury, who is the better prospect jarron gilbert vs lawrence Sidbury, who is the better prospect How do you feel about Nick Reed out of Oregon and his rocket production vs his injury and his possibility of not being drafted? csteuber Kaven: Freeman is rising right now. This is a weak QB class and he's benefitting from the lack of talent. He has some upside, but mechanically he needs a lot of work. But he has great arm strength and size. You can't teach that.

csteuber BMoreCasual: I'd say Gilbert, because of his versatility and the potential impact he could have in a 3-4 defense. Don't get me wrong, Sidbury will be a nice player, but Gilbert is very athletic for his size.

one last quicky, what do you think about nate davis?

aaronwilson Sidbury has a nasty spin move, but I agree about Gilbert. He's a potential Pro Bowl player if he refines his technique and stays hungry.

csteuber RayRocks: Davis needs a lot of work. His footwork and mobility are horrible. He doesn't handle the ball well and his release is worrisome. I think he made a bad decision to enter the draft. There are teams that don't even have him on their draft board.

what about learning an offense?

csteuber RayRocks: That's a question as well... he has issues with that.

frantz joseph what are your opinion on him

csteuber BMoreCasual: Love him; he's one of my major sleepers. I think he will be a late third, early fourth rounder. He has great upside.

How do you feel about Nick Reed out of Oregon and his rocket production vs his injury and his possibility of not being drafted?

csteuber Pryceless: Reed is an interesting player, because when healthy he's a great pass rusher. There are people who think he could play MLB at the next level. I'm not sure, but that's what I hear. I think he will be drafted, probably fifth - sixth round.

aaronwilson They aren't nearly as high on Darrius Heyward-Bey as they are pretending to be. Not high on Harvin or Laurinaitis. Big fans of Ayers, Sean Smith, Larry English, Clint Sintim, Alex Mack

have you heard even small discussions about chad johnson? with the rumor of him being traded to Oakland, it makes me curious if aaronwilson Nothing about Chad Johnson except he was trying to get Baltimore players to lobby Ozzie to work a trade.

anything about Britt?

aaronwilson And Ozzie wasn't interested and it went nowhere

I spoke with him yesterday. Sean said that there was one particular team who picks at the end of round one who specificially said they'd love to have him, but probably won't be able to get him because of where he'll be drafted. Sean said the team doesn't have a lot of draft picks to be able to move up in the 2nd round, but said if they did, they'd move up and grab him

aaronwilson They like Rutgers players in general and like Britt. They are a little worried that he's a boom or bust guy.

How long ago was that with Chad? aaronwilson These receivers, especially Nicks scare them.

aaronwilson Ochocinco thing was months ago. It's dead, not getting revived, never went anywhere.

Is there a chance we dont go WR in the early rounds?

aaronwilson Yes, there's a good chance that they might wait until round 2.

aaronwilson I heard they like Robiskie.

haha. he's not gonna say specifically, but given the circumstances he talked about, it sounds like that team could have been the ravens

aaronwilson But think he could wait until second round.

Robiskie would be a GREAT pickup do you see them trading down Robiskie WOULD be great

aaronwilson Ayers could contribute early as a pass rusher, been a few years since his off-field problems and seems to have matured.

What is your gut on Ayers?

Robiskie is an all around WR. there's not much to dislike about the kid. great background. high character. hard worker. great hands and runs solid routes. he has good size. maybe could be a little faster though

aaronwilson Tony Agnone was talking to me about him and he thinks Ayers learned his lesson. Agnone repped Michael Strahan and knows a lot about football for an agent.

I think Ayers is solid, but won't be there at No. 26.

Pass rushers go fast.

aaronwilson Larry English will be there, so will Jarron Gilbert and Clint Sintim probably.

aaronwilson Starting to get a hunch that they like Sintim, too, but are doing a good job of keeping it quiet.

aaronwilson Al Groh guys know how to practice and train hard all year, disciplined players.

aaronwilson Ozzie likes the cornerback class. If Chris Wells is on the board somehow at No. 26, I think they would think long and hard about picking him.

McGahee is here for one more year.

Even his agent said Willis is only on the team because of his contract.

That's what got him off the bench.

barnes is smart, physical, and high character. not to mention he's pretty big for CB.

aaronwilson Wells is no lock to even be there anyway, but they would have to think abou him if he's there when they're on the clock.

i wouldn't be surprised to see an all around RB taken in round 3 or later....someone like Andre Brown from NC State

aaronwilson I don't have the cap stuff in front of me, but there will be dead money, just not as much as this year.

Roger that, Magnified I hope ray rice has a good season I don't think Brown will be there round 3. He is getting alot of 2nd round attention

why is there no talk about rb ringer from michigan st.... he ran for 1600 this yr

aaronwilson Not sure why, but no buzz about him with Baltimore. He has a ton of interest from other teams.

Shonn Greene is underrated, too. Tough kid.

aaron, have you heard anything about Cushing and Clay Matthews? are they a red flag because of the steroid accusations, albeit likely inaccurate?

aaronwilson Ozzie didn't seem high on Matthews at the combine.

matthews is an overacheiver aaronwilson I think they know that Cushing is a workout warrior who may not be a real football player.

Ozzie said little Clay isn't in big Clay's league basically.

what about maualuga

aaronwilson They love his hiting ability and passion, but know he's a limited linebacker.
Maualuga is a destructive hitter, but he has had some issues and he misses some tackles going for the kill shot.

aaronwilson Worth saying this, too, A.J. Hawk is overrated, and Bobby Carpenter and Andy Katzenmoyer were busts. I would be concerned about Ohio State linebackers in general. A long list of failures and overhyped draft picks.

aaronwilson Eric likes Connor Barwin a lot. Might be a reach at No. 26, though. A trade back kind of guy for them, maybe.

dont tell pryceless aaronwilson Chris Toler, Jovan Belcher are a couple sleepers.

aaronwilson Almost missed the pass rush question: Everette Brown, Aaron Maybin, Robert Ayers, Larry English, Lawrence Sidbury are a few guys they like. Jovan Belcher is visiting April 13.

Aaron, with the Rolle signing, does that signify the team isn't in love with the CBs out there this year'? aaronwilson Well, Troy will be here another year and then it's time to get somebody else in here. aaronwilson Rolle is here for a year more. It means they want to win now and don't want to be vulnerable at corner. They are trying to have insurance policies everywhere.

have you heard anything about landry... hiow does he look

aaronwilson Of course, if Flacco got hurt, they're screwed, but that's the case with most NFL teams

aaronwilson Dawan is doing better, no more tingling problems in his neck. Can he take a hit and give one out? Nobody knows.

aaronwilson Adequate maybe, average probably. Good field presence and football savvy, not accurate, not nearly as mobile as people imagine him to be. Troy is your backup.

aaronwilson Backup plan for Dawan is Haruki or Zbikowski.

They better hope Gooden pans out IMO

aaronwilson Bart thinks Tavares is going to be a bust

Concussion problems.

Can't take on iso block in Bart's opinion. Too small not physical enough.

aaronwilson He had better man up.

I thought he was a reach last April aaronwilson They are pretending they are confident in him, when reality is Gooden is a question mark.

But Ray should be able to hide him.
like he hid Bart? aaronwilson With Baltimore, they could sub Maualuga effectively enough.

But they expect a lot out of an inside linebacker here. Much more than other cities.

What's the story with Mcune

aaronwilson McCune, muscular, but stiff. Not a candidate to play beyond special teams.

Brendon lacks bulk, but has speed and pass rush ability. Good open field tackler. Not big enough to take on blocks on a regular basis , at least not guards.

Aaron whats your take on the coaches? Do they think we are just a few players or spots away from deep in the playoffs again?

aaronwilson Big-time.

They think this team is built to win.

aaronwilson Little worried about lack of explosiveness at receiver

aaronwilson And lack of proven inside backer next to Ray.

if u had to predict today, what do you think the record would be? 10-6?


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