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Ravens Insider takes you inside the NFL draft with our exclusive VIP chat transcript with Sirius NFL Radio host Adam Caplan, a Scout.com NFL expert, and Ravens Insider publisher Aaron Wilson.

i'll start with a question. do you think the ravens would pass on pettigrew in round 1 if available, and target a guy like ingram in later rounds?

adamcaplan On Boldin, BAL is the only team that has shown strong interest, but as I told Aaron late last week, it probably won't happen.

adamcaplan ARI doesn't want to lower their compensation demands.

adamcaplan BE: They haven't shown yet that they are willing to lower what they want. One team told me they weren't willing to budge (ARI) so they backed off.

Will Edwards be traded by Clev

aaronwilson Just to add on Ingram, there are some lingering concerns about Ingram's knee condition.

adamcaplan CC: CC: I have them taking Pettigrew, he can do it all.

He has run very fast, though.

adamcaplan PD: I think Edwards is the one player to get traded.

Loadholt from Oklahoma will he last to pick 60

adamcaplan BLK: Vikings like him I'm told.

adamcaplan They think he can start at RT this season for them.

adamcaplan CC: Might doesn't mean will.

adamcaplan Until they actually do it, Boldin will remain there.

I bet that won't set well with Boldin

adamcaplan MAG: That's the call they have to make, either or. WR is a look for them too at #22. He has no control over the situation.

adamcaplan BLK: He's basically a high-riser because of the upside, but he has a lot to prove.

adamcaplan On Boldin, BAL is the only team that has shown strong interest, but as I told Aaron late last week, it probably won't happen.

ARI doesn't want to lower their compensation demands.

adamcaplan MAG: Ingram will go in 2-3

adamcaplan big upside, blocking is the issue

How is Nicks looking?

adamcaplan PD: Late first probably

adam do u really think the ravens would pick harvin at 26? do u follow the ravens

adamcaplan BE: They haven't shown yet that they are willing to lower what they want. One team told me they weren't willing to budge (ARI) so they backed off.

adamcaplan BLK: Vikings like him I'm told.

adamcaplan They think he can start at RT this season for them.

adamcaplan BIG: He has no control over the situation.

adamcaplan BLK: He's basically a high-riser because of the upside, but he has a lot to prove.

adamcaplan CC: They have had talks with teams for several weeks, it's really nothing new.

then theyre obviously looking to deal him...ravens will have the best offer

aaronwilson Just to add on the Boldin situation today, I was told by an Arizona beat guy that's plugged in that the Cardinals were adamant even after today's press conference that they really aren't on the verge of doing anything and it has been pretty slow in talks.

adamcaplan CC: Problem is Boldin isn't a down field WR which they need because of Flacco's arm.

CC, i think you should take adam and aaron's word for it. it doesn't look good.

adamcaplan They don't want to just give him away. Similar to Lito Sheppard last year with the Eagles.

and not be a good WR

Jared Cook where does project and has he been in to Baltimore

< Adam, who is falling to the Ravens possibly

adamcaplan NE: Pettigrew, Nicks

adamcaplan BIG: His agent drives a hard bargain and the Ravens have next to no cap space. Less than $2 mill.

aaronwilson Cook didn't visit. Had a formal combine interview with the Ravens, though.

adamcaplan BLK: Can't block, but can run and really can catch.

where does Britt fall in. Do they see him as a pick at the 26th?

adamcaplan RAV: Add him, too. He's another WR that will go in the 20's.

adamcaplan SYK: I can't see a LB unless Pettigrew and the WRs are gone.

Is there a team looking at Barwin asa tightend

adamcaplan BIG: They have no choice, it's less likely they get a long-term deal done with hi,.

adamcaplan BLK: DE/OLB for Barwin.

adamcaplan Mangini is calling the shots.

adamcaplan CC: I could see Maualuga or the WRs

adamcaplan or Pettigrew

adamcaplan KAV: He actually is explosive and can beat coverage quite a bit, and will go over the middle more than you think based on his build.

Any chance of us drafting Lebron.. That guy is a beast

as long as its not Tony Kornheiser, ill be ok with it

adamcaplan CC: Heyward-Bey needs to be in a different system, where they take advantage of his talent. Don't get carried away with collegiate numbers for WRs.

adamcaplan It comes down to how they use him.

adamcaplan CC: Crabtree, Maclin, Harvin, DHB, BRitt

Sykes: I dont think any team would draft a TE round 1 if he cant do anything catching it

adamcaplan DYK: He can do both, was great at the senior bowl

prycelessD who do you(or Ravens) have rated as the best FB in the draft, alot of us like Quinn Johnson, but Tony FIametta put up twice the amount of presses and has the talent as well.

adamcaplan I was there, he really did it all. He's so much better than Todd Cheap.

Why is nicks not in ur top 5? he can run routes and has great hands....is it the weight gain?

adamcaplan FOR: Nah, I compare him to Dan Graham or Zach Miller.

CC: He doesn't run that well. Harvin is the most unique offensive player in the draft.

run that well meaning what? 40 speed?

adamcaplan He just has to do his job.

will the drug test stuff hurt harvin?

CC: On tape I don't see him beating people like the others.

You can make a case, though, for him to be over Britt.

80 catches isnt enough in a pro style o?

adamcaplan MAG: Not just that, he's very immature.

adamcaplan CC: Depends on what system he's in.

CCHS who are your top 5 recievers?

think harvin will fall to round 2?

crab mac nicks harvin britt

adamcaplan MAG: It could be close.

nicks can play, dhb cant...and im a MD fan

its a draft chat/debate...watch mel/mcshay its the same thing

If you don't like his info and opinion just go

Sidbury from Richmond will he get drafted in round 2 IYO

cc: you're not mel or shay. so stop please

aaronwilson It's not a debate.

i want to know if 80 catches isnt enough in a pro style o by nicks?

adamcaplan BLK: 2-3 area for LS.

1,0how about chase coffman from missouri?? pros/cons, if pettigrew isnt around in round 1 could he be an optiong in round 2 or 1,0maybe 3??

adamcaplan CC: I could care less about numbers from college, they are meaningless. IF numbers meant something, Danny Wuerffel would be still in the league.

adamcaplan CB: Rarely blocked since he was flanked out wide most of the time.

aaronwilson I heard a little bit about Flacco today. He is excited about Boldin possibility, but they haven't been telling him anything about whether it's going to happen.

adamcaplan Coffman is a solid pass catcher, when asked to block, he was fine.

aaronwilson Adam, what pass rushers do you think make sense for Baltimore at 26? Are you high on Larry English?

adamcaplan Solid secoxnd rounder.

Have you heard any more about the Chiefs switching to a 3-4 defense and maybe looking to trade Glen Dorsey?

adamcaplan FOR: English was very good at the Senior bowl, he really helped himself.

adamcaplan CB: Problem is they have Smith and Cheap, so it would be more of a TEBC, Smith wouldn't be back and Cheap may be gone in 2010.

adamcaplan MAG: They are going to the 3-4. IT remains to be seen whether they think he can play in that.

adamcaplan CC: HE can't move.;

Adam...your draft dark horse

adamcaplan He looked like he had a piano on his back last season.

Kevin Barnes is he a third rounder or is he moving up

adamcaplan NE: Brian Hoyer-QB

adamcaplan Mike Reilly is my top sleeper of the draft.

aaronwilson As for Mason question, they aren't worried about him.

aaronwilson They like Massaquoi, too.

aaronwilson Sense around the league is Robiskie will never get any better.

aaronwilson They like him okay, but not real high on Britton.

aaronwilson They do like Barwin a lot.

what are some of the later picks for CB? Any talk of Barnes? How about the kid from the small VA college?

aaronwilson Unlikely JJ is going to lose his job.

aaronwilson They are high on Barnes not just because he went to Maryland. Love Toler's potential, so do the Redskins. He's going to get picked in the third or fourth round.

aaronwilson Barnes can play corner or safety.

aaronwilson Kicker they're high on is Trout from Graceland College.

aaronwilson Lang is someone they're high on.

Aaronwilson Gooden is most likely.

what about vonte davis or malcom jenkins at 26?

aaronwilson Webb is someone they're high on. But they get worried about his history of failed drug tests.

aaronwilson Worried about Davis' attitude. They prefer faster corners than Jenkins, but can find ways to use him. Intrigued also by Davis' talent.

Lee Robinson from Alcorn State anybody talking him up

aaronwilson Haven't heard Robinson's name.

aaronwilson Landry, same thing as before, tingling sensations faded, don't know if he can take a hit yet. Jenkins won't be there.

Do they like Everette Brown

aaronwilson Not that high on Brown, but they respect him. Wish he was taller more fluid.

If Landry is damaged goods now letting Jimmy go wasnt a good thing

aaronwilson Mattison loves speed, aggressive defense.

aaronwilson They won't know about Landry until he takes a hit.

aaronwilson>Honestly, I would pass on the Boldin deal.

aaronwilson If he lasted that long, Jarron Gilbert would be a great pick at No. 57.

He is making more money on Frnachise Tags then he would in a contract smart guy ther

aaronwilson You're not letting Suggs go.

Has Joe been working on "bulking up" like we heard the staff wants him to this offseason?

are they going to cave and give him Freeney money?

aaronwilson Joe is stronger, leaner, not bigger really.

aaronwilson Not going to pay him Freeney money.

they wanted him to strengthen up his lower body right?

aaronwilson Might get more than Harrison ultimately in terms of average per year.

How much is Joe hanging around the castle? Trying to learn alot?

aaronwilson Joe is there at least five days a week. Studies plenty of film.

wouldn't a boldin deal have to lead to a suggs deal to make it work under the cap?

aaronwilson Not necessarily. Would have to look at some restructures, possibly cut Frank Walker.

Any talk of resigning Fabian or go thinking about drafting a replacement this year for next?

aaronwilson Not a lock they would be able to get it done in any way.

aaronwilson Undecided right now on Fabian, his agent is hopeful of a new deal. Haven't been approached yet.

Any news on the later rounds, Aaron???

aaronwilson Later rounds, they like Lardarius Webb, Jovan Belcher


he should reture h8e has had a great career

Demetrius Byrd is he OK from his accident

aaronwilson Nope, just getting out of a coma.

In stable condition.

Responding to voices now.

Aaronwilson Can blink on command. Squeeze hands.

aaronwilson Nice kid from what I've heard. I interviewed his high school coach and college position coach.

aaronwilson He was going to go in fourth round or third maybe. Now, it's sixth or seventh or undrafted.

Sorry if I'm rehashing something that has already been discussed, but has the Ravens offer reported by John Clayton been confirmed?

aaronwilson Unconfirmed.

I didn't even know I had to take it for truck driving school they know in advance 4 yrs aaronwilson And he wasn't exactly firm on how he reported it. More of a leave himself some wiggle room report.

Any buzz on Louis Murphy

aaronwilson Pretty good opinion on Murphy.

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