1/8/2003 Chat Transcript

A fantasic chat this evening. Aaron Wilson was multitasking in Comcast Arena, watching the Terps and answering our questions live. Here is the transcript minus the boring bits, the naughty bits and the irrelevent bits - basically everything I said. Anyway, we do this every Wednesday. Please drop by next time.

aaronwilson  Good evening everyone from Comcast Center. Sorry for the delay. Traffic and busy AOL. Hit me with all your Ravens questions. I'm ready.
Crowdog89  Arron, what went on at the press conference.?
Art-in-Florida  Leaping Jesus, the chat thing actually works!
adminsteve  Billick said 'paradigm'.
adminsteve  And 'dynamic'
Crowdog89  LOL
aaronwilson  They made very few substantive announcements, other than indicating a possible preference for franchising Chris McAlister, for not having made a quarterback decision yet, for receiver and offensive tackle being areas of need, for acknowledging that James Harris has interviewed for Jaguars GM spot, a fact confirmed with Jaguars this afternoon, too, and a few other details beyond patting each other on the back at every opportunity. It wasn't much of a news conference, more of a quote fest. 
jhuLAX4ever  why are they looking at picking up SAFTEY Donovan Darius, instead of a corner like possibly Dre Bly, since corner is a much bigger need IMO
aaronwilson  They believe in Tom Knight apparently. They haven't decided yet if they should move Gary Baxter to safety because they were encouraged by the way he performed against the Steelers' Plaxico Burress, the chief measuring stick in the AFC North for a cover corner, in the regular season finale. This might not get straightened out until minicamps.
jhuLAX4ever  agreed really, Baxter did a better job the other week than I've ever seen Cmac do against Burress
aaronwilson  For what it's worth, Tom Knight was a first-round pick several years ago. If he's healthy, it's worth evaluating.
APerfect10  Aaron, what are the chances the Ravens FO pursues a possible trade with NO for Kyle Turley? He would give us the stability at RT that we need. Maybe a 2nd round draft pick + ? for Turley?
APerfect10  I understand this is fairly new news, NO possibly wanting to trade Turley, but what are your thoughts, not necessarily what you've heard.
Md_Bud87  what are the chances of the Ravens getting a New QB other then Blake or Redman... ive heard Rumor of Kordell Stewart comeing to Baltimore to start next season since the steelers are letting him go..ive also heard rumor about kurt warner but the rams are letting him have a seccond shot to see how he is ive heard... but then what about jake plummer?
aaronwilson  Nil. They don't like Kyle Turley, his attitude, his outspoken nature, his long hair, tattoos, they weren't huge fans of Steve Everitt ( remember him), a much more docile character. Think Flozell Adams, Solomon Page, Wayne Gandy, or Orlando Pace, or a draft pick like Jordan Gross or Kwame Harris. Brett Williams of FSU would be a good second-round pick, too. He knows how to pass block and he's gigantic.
jhuLAX4ever  Aaron, have you heard any rumblings about who the Ravens are seriously considering drafting?... since Ozzie said they pretty much already have their plan laid out.
aaronwilson  The Kordell Stewart rumors have litle substance to them. Neither do the ones surrounding Jake Plummer. Brian Billick doesn't have a high opinion, nor does Matt Cavanaugh of either player.
Md_Bud87  so thats out..good
ravensfan4003  Any middle round QB prospects they like?
Md_Bud87  ravens shouldnt pull a qb from draft..keep blake
aaronwilson  Yes, Ozzie Newsome said that, but he also acknowledged the fact that several juniors' entry will influence his decisions. Still undetermined if Andre Johnson, Kwame Harris, Roy Williams, etc.. will declare for early entry.
APerfect10  Andre Johnson is our man :)
aaronwilson  And it's not my opinion, it's just their preference for clean cut players.
aaronwilson  Brad Banks and Kliff Klingsbury are attractive second-day quarterbacks worth consideration. Ken Dorsey wouldn't be bad, either.
HDDream  Aaron, any names at WR pop up that the Ravens might go after? it's not a very deep class after Price and Boston
ravensfan4003  Do we need a FS to replace Will Demps or will he be the starter next year?
jhuLAX4ever  pirce is probably sticking around in Buffalo hdd
Art-in-Florida  I have one: If there is a great WR and an equal dL man available in the first round, which way will they go?
aaronwilson  Isaac Bruce is one, a potential salary cap release of the St. Louis Rams, who are looking to purge their roster.
aaronwilson  Secondary coach Donnie Henderson likes Will Demps a lot, but even admits that receivers aren't scared to cross the middle with Ed Reed and Will Demps in the deep patrol. They can cover and tackle, but they're not intimidators.
jhuLAX4ever  is that why they are seriously considering moving GBax back to saftey Aaron?
aaronwilson  Defensive line would be their top consideration. They indicated today a potential shift back to the 4-3 could be in the offing depending on personnel.
APerfect10  Why would we shift back to the 4-3, since the 3-4 was so successful this year and we are so talented and deep at LB?
Art-in-Florida  Interesting. Thank you.
HDDream  that doesn't make much sense given that Hartwell probably can't play too well outside in a 4-3, and Weaver's best spot is probably as a 3-4 DE
aaronwilson  Yes, Gary Baxter is 6-foot-2, 206 pounds and loves contact. I'm divided on whether he should be moved, because I think he could mature into a solid cornerback if given the time to develop.
jhuLAX4ever  mdbud, it's probably more of a question of whether blake leaves US
jhuLAX4ever  all blake wants is a paycheck
jhuLAX4ever  he doesn't care where he plays
Md_Bud87  he is lible to say 'you want me gone ill leave
aaronwilson  The 4-3 is the defense Ray Lewis would thrive in the most, and the lack of a nose guard, make that a bulky Casey Hampton type of nose guard, is why the 3-4 isn't reaching its full potential right now.
Crowdog89  Who is QB Kyle Boller from California? I've seen his name in a couple of Mocks with the Ravens taking him in the 2nd round.
jhuLAX4ever  please say no to Boller, he's too much of a project IMO
ravensfan4003  i like boller he has a rocket arm
ravensfan4003  and he runs
Md_Bud87  he has a good arm...good acuracey.. your not gonna get much better.
ravensfan4003  he could be good
HDDream  big arm, didn't do much until Sr. year, but had great Sr. year, still a bit of a project, has major upside
ravensfan4003  if he learns to make better decisions
jhuLAX4ever  isn't he a little small? or am I getting senile in my 20's?
aaronwilson  He's a former Super Prep All-American from the Bay Area who never achieved his potential at Berkeley. He's talented and tall, a dropback passer in the Chris Redman mold, only taller with better arm strength. I've seen that mock draft, and its projections aren't based too heavily in reality. Rex Grossman will be drafted before Kyle Boller, for instance.
ravensfan4003  you are definately senile
jhuLAX4ever  figures :)
aaronwilson  Like Boller's potential, wouldn't spend a second-round pick on it, though.
jhuLAX4ever  what about Chris Simms?
HDDream  6'4 205 is Drafbook's listing of Boller
ravensfan4003  hot DAMN
jhuLAX4ever  i still want us to take Ragone if he is around in the 2nd round (which he might
ravensfan4003  ok someone ask a question quick
Md_Bud87  iam telling you..if we get rid of blake its gonna be the same thing we said with grabic ""damn we shoulda kept dilfer"" be prepared for that statement only with blakes name
ravensfan4003  blake didnt win a superbowl
aaronwilson  That's more like it. I would even think of expending the first-round pick on him, if Jeff Blake's agent gives the Ravens any trouble in terms of guaranteed money. He should only expect incentives and a below market-value bonus if re-signed. If the Ravens can address tackle and receiver in free agency, a big if, Simms has the tools to deserve consideration at No. 10 or No. 11 in the NFL Draft.
HDDream  Aaron, if you had to guess, guess one free agent that we end up signing
ravensfan4003  Is Brian Billick honestly considering keeping Ethan Brooks as the starter at ROT next year?
Art-in-Florida  Even I could answer that. Sam Adams, no?
aaronwilson  Sam Adams, possibly, along with Isaac Bruce.
aaronwilson  There was talk about Sam Adams today at the training complex.
Crowdog89  what type of talk about Adams ?
aaronwilson  About Adams being a target in free agency after Al Davis cuts his payroll.
Md_Bud87  With Ray lewis comeing back and Ed Hartwell we should have one of the best inside linebacker units correct?
HDDream  what's the score?
jhuLAX4ever  12-2 hdd
jhuLAX4ever  terps
jhuLAX4ever  its on WNUV
aaronwilson  Right tackle continues to be a Bermuda Triangle for the Ravens. Brooks isn't all that good, and line coach Jim Colletto has said that before. For now, he's the starter, but he shouldn't purchase a home.
jhuLAX4ever  i'd keep Brooks around as a backup, he's got skill and would definately be worth the roster spot
Md_Bud87  15-2 md woohoo
ravensfan4003  definately not a starter
aaronwilson  Linebacker is a top position for Baltimore, particularly in the interior. Imagine Hartwell next season after all the experience he gained this year, working in tandem with a replenished Ray Lewis. Ouch for running backs across the league.
aaronwilson  15-2 Terps.
RavenMad  Ravens seem to be playing everything close to the vest from what I heard on the news conf. today, is that the way you see it Aaron?
Art-in-Florida  But he does have good speed, and a lot of heart. (Brooks)
Md_Bud87  i thought so aaron!
Md_Bud87  woohoo
HDDream  I'd like to see him back as a backup
HDDream  Brooks that is
jhuLAX4ever  can brooks pull double/triple duty on the OL (multiple positions)?
aaronwilson  They just don't want to tip their hand about their intentions. They will reveal things in small chunks. Ozzie Newsome is a much better interview in his office away from the cameras than he is in front of large crowds. They sound bite the media in thos settings traditionally.
aaronwilson  Brooks is a good guy who deserves a lot of credit for overcoming his wife's death from lymphoma and returning to the gridiron. He's a good person and a smart guy, Williams graduate had 1,350 SATs.
Art-in-Florida  Ray Lewis and Edge Hartwell are going to be a Siegfried line next year.
HDDream  Aaron, if Keyshawn Johnson got released by Tampa Bay, would he be someone the Ravens look at?
aaronwilson  Brooks is strictly a tackle.
aaronwilson  No.
aaronwilson  Keyshawn is a limited possession receiver. They will not want him, or his baggage. Too much demanding of the football for this smash-mouth, three yards and a cloud of dust offense.
RavenMad  Did anyone comment on Ron Johnson or Randy Hymes today?
aaronwilson  Expect the Ravens to wear Jamal Lewis out at every opportunity.
aaronwilson  Sorry, no comments positive or negative about those two. Positive comments were rendered about Riddick Parker, Alan Ricard, several others, too.
aaronwilson  They are very excited about Alan Ricard's progression at fullback.
Art-in-Florida  Bad strategy - with Chester waiting in the wings.
aaronwilson  They also went out of their way to praise Chester Taylor. Brian Billick said he's a complete back and a top surprise.
HDDream  Ricard played very well
jhuLAX4ever  ricard was excellent this season
jhuLAX4ever  with ricard coming into his own, is it safe to say that Gash will be wearing another jersey next season beside ours?
HDDream  I'd like to see Taylor get some more carries, especially early in the season next year
RavenMad  How about a 7th round flyer on Magahee, ala Anthony Poindexer a few years ago? When do underclassmen have to declare by?
aaronwilson  They also mentioned Anthony Weaver, Ed Reed and second-day picks like Chester Taylor and Chad Williams as major bright spots. They anointed no one for future Hall of Fame status.
HDDream  Jan 15th, RMad
aaronwilson  McGahee is coming back to school. He's insured heavily to the tune of $2.5 million before taxes by a Gainesville insurance agency. Doctor said he would recover completely.
jhuLAX4ever  i hope so, i feel really bad for the guy.
aaronwilson  They also have a new 72-hour window to withdraw their name from early entry in case they change their mind and it's a bad idea to declare early.
HDDream  that was one of the worst injuries I ever saw
jhuLAX4ever  it was a case where it looked alot worse than it was
aaronwilson  McGahee is a class act and it's unfortunate. Could have happened at any time, though. At least he was prudent enough to get insurance. Ed Reed did that last year.
aaronwilson  Next question, please.
jhuLAX4ever  after i saw it, i figured he would be done for his career
adminsteve  Yeah, his Mom took out a loan for $20K
aaronwilson  By the way, I was curious, what do you all think about Earnest Byner's involvement with the site?
aaronwilson  We're both East Carolina alums.
aaronwilson  alongwith Jeff Blake, by the way.
Art-in-Florida  Thank God no one brought up ""the fumble"" in the welcome thread. :)
aaronwilson  22-4, Terps 13:23 left in first half.
jhuLAX4ever  on another note, i was in best buy the other day, and they were showing Superbowl XXXV highlights on their bigscreen plasma tv ($11,000 mind you)
jhuLAX4ever  it was beautiful
adminsteve  Aaron are you courtside?
Crowdog89  I think it's great. Should be able to get more first hand info right from the horses mouth so to speak. Makes a great site even better.
aaronwilson  Yes, I am.
jhuLAX4ever  i'm gonna try and spot you
aaronwilson  I'm a few rows behind the basket closest to the locker room. I'm wearing a blue overcoat.
adminsteve  Look for the guy pounding his laptop.
jhuLAX4ever  eh, the camera'll never get up that far
aaronwilson  24-6, 12:21, Terps are crushing 'em.
adminsteve  Then throwing it.
Md_Bud87  if all goes according to plan and everything works fairly decent how well can we expect the ravens to finsih next year?
Crowdog89  Aaron, who do you think is going to the SB this year? What are your picks for this weekend?
HDDream  Aaron, DT or WR in the first round?
aaronwilson  It's hard to say. The division will improve in Cleveland and, possibly, in Pittsburgh in Tommy Maddox's first full season. I don't expect improvement in Cincinnati ever. Ravens might go 10-6 or 11-5 is my estimate and earn a wild card.
Md_Bud87  we need to beat pittsburgh
aaronwilson  I would go WR, but I think they will be reluctant to admit their need at WR even though it's fairly obvious. I think they will be stubborn and go against conventional thinking.
jhuLAX4ever  i think the steelers have nowhere to go but down
aaronwilson  I like the Eagles in the NFC, and Oakland in the AFC.
aaronwilson  Next question, please.
HDDream  I agree with those picks
adminsteve  Me too. And so does my pool.
aaronwilson  26-8, 11:38, Terps. Ryan Randle has 7 points.
Crowdog89  Falcons and Jets...If it happens I want kudos
aaronwilson  Sorry, 26-6.
HDDream  Aaron, your article mentioned about who would replace Harris, forget the name, but who would replace Savage if he left?
HDDream  now it's 26-8
jhuLAX4ever  HDD, hopefully a Raelien clone of Savage :P
jhuLAX4ever  we cannot afford to lose savage
aaronwilson  Vince Newsome would receive consideration, their West Coast supervisor, along with Eric DeCosta and T.J. McCreight. Smart guys, all of them. Ron Marciniak is extremely knowledgeable, but he's up in years.
jhuLAX4ever  whatever anyone else offers, double it
HDDream  I'm surprised we haven't lost him already
aaronwilson  No indication at all of Phil Savage wanting to leave. He likes the arrangement he has with the Ravens. He's on the road all the time and he gets to live in his home state of Alabama almost yearround, traveling to Ravens games after he scouts college games, mostly in the Southeast.
HDDream  that's good to here
HDDream  hear
HDDream  Hampton's making a comeback
aaronwilson  George Kokinis is prepared if James Harris gets the Jacksonville job. I don't think Shack will get the nod. Not with Dennis Green pushing for Dwight Clark and Randy Mueller out of work still. Tom Modrak reportedly didn't have a good interview. No word yet on Shack's performance, but he apparently doesn't project that well in interviews. He's a smart guy and easy to deal with. Teams like him. He's 55, though.
Md_Bud87  has the 2003 schedule been released?
aaronwilson  Just the home and away opponents, not the dates. It's up on the site.
aaronwilson  28-16, Hampton on a run.
Crowdog89  I don't see a need to bring Jeff Ogden back since the Ravens hardly used him. Do you?
Md_Bud87  whats terps reccord?
aaronwilson  Ravens travel a lot next year, good for frequent flier miles.
aaronwilson  Jeff Ogden won't be back and he knows it. He said goodbye to everyone and cleaned out his locker. He's in the Bahamas right now on a vacation.
HDDream  3 or 4 games out west
aaronwilson  Terps are 7-3 overall.
aaronwilson  1-0 in ACC play.
Md_Bud87  kool
Md_Bud87  ravens gotta go to Sand deigo and Oakland next year..and San Fransisco comes to town
Md_Bud87  wow
Md_Bud87  Seattle
adminsteve  Arizona
adminsteve  St Louis
Md_Bud87  kool
adminsteve  Miami'
jhuLAX4ever  and KC is coming to town... so we get to see ol' Priest again miami. not kool lmao
HDDream  Aaron, will Anderson be the starting RG next year?
Md_Bud87  preist will get beat up lol
HDDream  cool, glad to hear that
adminsteve  Cool
aaronwilson  Jim Colletto said Bennie Anderson needs some work. He said he would like to see the Ravens draft a guard actually.
jhuLAX4ever  when is Redman slated to have his surgery/
Crowdog89  Why do we always have Miami and Denver on our schedule? You'd think we were in there division or something.
jhuLAX4ever  *?
aaronwilson  Next week is what Brian Billick said.
SteveK  which qb in the draft is most ready to start and how soon?
jhuLAX4ever  i'd have to say Leftwich is the most pro-ready, but thats just me
aaronwilson  Dave Ragone, because of his durability and size, or Byron Leftwich for same reasons plus experience in pro-style offense. Carson Palmer is a repetition guy. He needs a little more time, but has great tools.
aaronwilson  35-20, 7:00, Terps lead.
jhuLAX4ever  hartwell's ""injury"" really come out of nowhere as I remember it, how did he do it?
SteveK  do you see Ragone lasting until our second round pick?
aaronwilson  Not sure, I think it's more of a wear and tear thing, not a serious problem.
HDDream  Aaron, what would you personally do at QB for next season?
aaronwilson  Ragone could last that long depending on opinions of scouts on Rex Grossman, Chris Simms, and Kyle Boller. Ragone could slide, just like Redman, because of a slow time in the 40-yard dash. He's a lumbering runner. Think Dan Marino with muscle.
aaronwilson  I foresee Jeff Blake re-signing an incentive-laden deal with Chris Redman backing him up, if surgery goes well, along with Ravens possibly dumping Anthony Wright for an older, experienced third-stringer if they can find one.
aaronwilson  No, I wouldn't. I wouldn't spend a draft pick on quarterback beyond the top tier of talent in the first round, other than to take a flier on a sleeper during the second day or late in the first day. This team could win with Jeff Blake, if he's more careful and asked to do less. A better receiving corps and a better right tackle would help him exponentially. Not saying Blake's play or attitude are ideal, just saying the Ravens have gotten by with much worse in the past.
rvnman02  Aaron, what to think of Mike Boulware, as a good OLB and SS draft pick in da lata rounds
jhuLAX4ever  or possibly JO's little brother
aaronwilson  I believe Michael Boulware is an underclassmen. I like him much more at strong safety because he's terribly undersized. I've heard JO's brother is somewhat lackadaisical and unpopular with his teammates.
jhuLAX4ever  sounds like my little brother
rvnman02  Mike is considering coming out and he was recruited as a WR, so hes god blazing speed
HDDream  Do you see them more likely to sign a RT like Adams or Gandy, or draft one like Williams in the 2nd round?
jhuLAX4ever  does anyone else on the team have brothers in college (excluding Ray Lewis)? :)
aaronwilson  I think they will be more inclined to draft one than sign one. There are drawbacks with ability with Solomon Page, attitude with Flozell Adams, price with Orlando Pace and age and injury with Wayne Gandy. Might as well start from scratch with good raw material.
Crowdog89  Maybe with Big Brother on the team, the lttle brother would be more competitive(ogden)?
aaronwilson  Not sure about any other players.
HDDream  I think Williams would be a great 2nd round pick, if he's available, could step right in and start effectively from scratch much like Jansen did down the road
aaronwilson  Perhaps, Ogden could motivate little JO, but I think the Ravens would try to avoid that sort of brother distraction. Similar deal with Ragone, who was in Redman's wedding party.
jhuLAX4ever  why?
HDDream  I was wondering how close Ragone and Redman were, figuring they were pretty close
jhuLAX4ever  i would think both would probably love having family on the team
Crowdog89  Keeping it all in the family, huh?
aaronwilson  Covered Brett Williams at FSU when I was in Florida. He's a tough kid, smart, too. Parade Magazine All-American from Kissimmee, Fla. near Disney World. Highest opinion of his attitude and upbringing. Good family values.
aaronwilson  You wouldn't have to worry about him getting in trouble ever, that's for sure.
HDDream  Do you think he'll still be around when they pick in the second round? Williams that is
aaronwilson  Yes, I think he will.
SteveK  what are the chances that Edwin Maulitalo stays here? I'd hate to lose him on the O-line.
aaronwilson  So long as Kwame Harris declares and Jordan Gross and Harris are off the board early enough in the first round.
Crowdog89  Do you think the NFL will ever go to full time refs. especially after the debacle in SF last week adding fuel to that fire?
aaronwilson  Edwin Mulitalo is likely to be back. His agent has a meeting with Pat Moriarty in Mobile, Ala. the week of the Senior Bowl.
rvnman02  I havent been here so pardon if this has been asked, what do u do with travis, keep him as 2 or 3 reviever, or...?
adminsteve  They should make Interference reviewable.
jhuLAX4ever  wasn't asked rvnman
HDDream  I think Harris, if he comes out, and Gross will probably go in the 12-18 range, maybe a little higher for one of them
aaronwilson  Unlikely, because of expense on referees going full-time.
jhuLAX4ever  they should allow the coach to challenge ANYTHING on the play
jhuLAX4ever  penalties should be challengable
HDDream  A billion dollar league and they worry about paying a couple hundread officials fulltime
aaronwilson  As for Travis Taylor, he'll definitely be back. They want a better No. 1, though, to complement him.
rvnman02  who would fit best?
jhuLAX4ever  here's one, did YOU think it was pass interference?
jhuLAX4ever  ;)
HDDream  Aaron, do you think McAlister will be re-signed by March, or will they have to frachise him? My guess is they'll have to use the tag and get a deal done later
aaronwilson  I think a veteran like Isaac Bruce would fit best. David Boston will be expensive, and a potential chemistry problem. Peerless Price is unlikely to want to play here. He got spoiled by Drew Bledsoe this year. If I was him, I would stay in Buffalo.
aaronwilson  Franchise first, long-term later.
aaronwilson  Protect your investment is the thinking.
HDDream  Any other veteran WR's besides Bruce that could be good fits?
HDDream  In case they can't sign him
jhuLAX4ever  ugh, mccall just missed a layup
aaronwilson  Limited market.
aaronwilson  45-27, 2:25.
jhuLAX4ever  here's one, did YOU think it was pass interference?
aaronwilson  Yes, it was. They missed the call.
jhuLAX4ever  agreed
rvnman02  how do u like , doss from OSU
aaronwilson  However, Giants shouldn't have blown that big a lead.
aaronwilson  I like Doss a lot. Tough kid, good speed, good instincts, below-average size, but good build for safety. Reminds me of a young Robert Griffith.
jhuLAX4ever  thats good, how did you feel about the PI call in the National Championship game?
HDDream  Could Fassel be in trouble after blowing a lead like that?
aaronwilson  They got jobbed. No, Fassel's in no danger. Wellington Mara has too much class to jettison him for that. They will get their special teams ship righted, though.
SteveK  why do the ravens have guy cheerleaders?
Crowdog89  They do? Funny, I never noticed.
SteveK  lol
HDDream  I think that's a Modell thing, Mrs. Modell that is
rvnman02  Phillip Rivers....a good late round pick?
jhuLAX4ever  I just heard that Drew Henson is declaring for the NFL draft this year, if he is around in the 3rd, which is expected, would you take him?
jhuLAX4ever  Rivers has the worst mechanics of any Qb i've ever seen
HDDream  where did you hear that JHU?
aaronwilson  It's a collegiate tradition. It's a statement for teams trying to get beyond the T&A aspect embraced by the Dallas Cowboys. Maybe it's to appeal to the female fans. Not sure why they do it.
aaronwilson  No, I wouldn't take Drew Henson. Covered him at the Citrus Bowl against Arkansas. Didn't think he was that great.
jhuLAX4ever  kffl, i think
aaronwilson  Phillip Rivers is a better fit later on in the draft. He does have good height for the pocket.
rvnman02  how bout Avon Cobourne, a pure athlete he can return kicks, and add the dimensions to the backfield the Jermaine did, those trick plays n shit??
aaronwilson  I think they're satisfied with the offensive backfield other than quarterback.
aaronwilson  Last couple of questions, guys.
Crowdog89  Speaking of returning kicks, what do the Ravens think of Brightful and Chesters performances this past season?
jhuLAX4ever  a few notes... Anquan Boldin is going PRO, Boulware is STAYING, Darnall Dockett is STAYING, and Musa Smith is going PRO
HDDream  Will they get another outside pass rusher, be it a DE if they go back to the 4-3, or another OLB if they stick in the 3-4?
aaronwilson  They were highly encouraged by rookie returners.
jhuLAX4ever  Anquan Boldin is definately an interesting choice for WR, if he is around in the middle of the draft, would you take him Aaron?
aaronwilson  Outside rusher.
aaronwilson  I like Boldin. He's an interesting prospect. 
HDDream  Darnell Dockett is being charge with felony grand theft too, he might be staying somewhere else
jhuLAX4ever  lol
aaronwilson  Yes, Burtonsville native and Paint Branch graduate is in big trouble. Gotta run, guys. We'll do it again soon.
adminsteve  Thanks Aaron.
jhuLAX4ever  thanks aaron
HDDream  bye Aaron, thanks for your time
Crowdog89  Thanks aaron
jhuLAX4ever  another note, Colorado RB Marcus Houston is transferring somewhere else
SteveK  thanks aaron!
adminsteve  Thanks fellas. I'll get this typed up .
HDDream  he should transfer to Houston, now starting for Houston.....Houston!
HDDream  bye
Crowdog89  bye guys

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