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Does Willie Anderson's tenure come to an end if Oher is quick to adapt?

Aside from Suggs, which players have expiring contracts in the next few years that are in the Ravens long term plans?

Yes, Willie could be on borrowed time. As far as other guys, Haloti Ngata, Jared Gaither, Sam Koch and Ed Reed are other guys on the re-sign list, among others.

I don't buy that they're satisfied with the WR position. Are they more likely to swing a trade or wait for the inevitable cuts that will come, perhaps from teams that drafted WR's in the 1st or 2nd rounds, Oakland, SF, NY Giants, Cleveland, Philly, or Tennessee?

Will Webb get a shot as a KO or P returner?

They're unlikely to pull a trade at this point, but aren't satisfied. As far as Webb, I could see him on punt returns if he catches smoothly. Hamstring strain is a minor setback. It's Chris Carr's job, but there's room for Webb to fill in.

Where do you see Jameel McClain fitting in this year. As a ILB or OLB and do you think he will be starting. He was the biggest surprise out of the rookie class last year and looks like he will be the next in the long line of Raven's LB's that no one noticed until they made the ProBowl

How do the Ravens feel about the ILB spot beside Ray. Are they confident in Tavares Gooden? Does Jason Phillips have a legit spot to crack the lineup at training camp?

Inside linebacker, probably the backup to both Ray and Tavares in all likelihood.

Pretty happy about Gooden at this point. Watch out for Phillips long-term after a special-teams apprenticeship. Unlikely to play a lot of defense at this year, barring injury.

How healthy is Demetrius Williams? Is he going to be full speed for mini-camps/training camp?

How are Willis McGahee's work habits looking this offseason?

Williams is on target to be full speed by training camp. McGahee looks like he's in shape to me, but his knee is a lingering concern. I'm always wondering where his head is at, too.

Will we see an improvement in Reed's tackling ability? I recognize that the injury won't go away, but anything other than his pass protection was dreadful last season, so I'm just wondering if he has any kind of improved rehab, or if pure time is expected to help the injury at all

Unless the injury gets better, I would expect him to remain in the style he employed last year: pure centerfielder. I tried to interview Ed at minicamp about it, but he indicated he wouldn't talk until training camp. He was polite about it, but firm. Seemed that lunch was a more important priority than chatting with me. lol.

1. Do the Ravens want to lock up Gaither ASAP (while he's still relatively inexpensive), and avoid a similar scenario as to what happened with Jason Brown??

2. Are the Ravens done pursuing a #1 WR this off-season? Or could something with Boldin still transpire before July 1st?

Yes, the feeling is mutual between Gaither and the Ravens.

Boldin is extremely unlikely whether it's June, July, August or September.

Are you hearing any interest in Plaxico Buress or any other vet WR that is available?

Heard zero interest on Plaxico except for Jets. If he beats his case and suspension isn't too bad, I could see Drew calling Baltimore up and seeing if they're interested. They had no interest in him when he was a younger free agent after leaving Steelers.

Reed's nerve impingement is better, but still an issue. Landry says he has a clean bill of health. Team doesn't seem to be sweating the Suggs' situation.

Have any of the rookies taken the initiative to get to the training complex and start working with the vets? Especially any of the rookie WR's getting with Joe to learn the routes and to get used to catching Joe's fast ball?

The rookies and the vets have been at team headquarters aton for workouts and extra time with Joe.

What's the word on Kelly Gregg? Is he a go for 2009??

Kelly looks great. Should be back to his old self.

As Troy told me, it's time to compete and he welcomes the competition.

Besides Oher, which of the rookies do you expect to make the biggest impact this season?

Any new word on contract talks for a possible long term deal for Sam Koch?

I could see Webb chipping in.

Nothing happening on contract talks for Koch, but they want to do a new deal.

Could the access number of LBs lead us to possibly trade Antwan Barnes and a high pick for Boldin?

No to both.

Which of the UDFA's are the most promising and are there any to watch in particular at training camp this year?

Dannell Ellerbe, Graham Gano, Willie VanDeSteeg are the most promising ones.

The Ravens are downplaying the WR issue. Is it your feeling that we are standing pat or are rumors floating around that we DO need another target for Flacco and that this is being played close to the vest? I have a feeling that when the run on WR's occurred in the later rounds just ahead of our pick, Ozzie must have been a bit "boggled".

Once the run on receivers started, they decided to stick with the BPA philosophy. No sense chasing players you don't think are that good.

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