Hi, this is Earnest Byner (again).

The 2002 season can be likened to a roller coaster ride. We jumped on knowing that it would be boring at times, like the climb to the top of the first hill. We used the beginning as a way to build some expectations for the remainder of the year and there were incredible twists, turns, and ups and downs during the course of the season. The ride was exhilarating at times and at points we would feel that we had reached the bottom.

 As with any year there were a bunch of lessons that were learned, and a lot of information that was obtained about some of the components of the team that will be vital in the upcoming years. The players, coaches and the personnel people all learned lessons this year.


As always, our fans were right there with the team. You should all know that you play an invaluable roll in the success of the team. I for one would like to thank you for sharing the seat on the ride that will last a lifetime if we apply what we have learned.


The final two games of the season were heart-wrenching losses. The players, coaches and the entire staff were sick about those losses, especially the loss to Cleveland. I know for sure that as a fan you all suffered as well and from me to you I want you to know that I feel your pain. Thanks for being there with us.

Now we move on to the next phase of building. The off-season brings some additional challenges that we must face. We must apply the lessons of former off-season situations and continue to build a team that our fans will endorse and be proud of.


So here we go. The build up to the ride begins again and I for one am looking forward to this Roller Coaster, and the thrills that the next season will bring.


I wanted to answer a couple of questions that I have seen in the forums.  These were posed to Aaron but I will answer them also. As we progress and I get comfortable with how this fantastic site works I will answer more and more questions on a more regular basis.  Bear with me.


So ‘ladyraven127' asks "What is the noise regarding the biggest need in this year's draft? Are there any particular offensive linemen the gurus are interested in? How about defensive ends ala Michael McCrary and/or are the Ravens looking at Marque Douglass to step into that role? So much time, so much money . . . .

I'm hoping free agent receiver somewhere. Am I hoping too much? I'm a LITTLE leery of drafting a receiver. "


The need will be dictated to a degree by what happens in free agency. There is a need at receiver, cornerbacks, D&O-line positions. The names have not started to surface yet because we have just started to take a look at the free agents class for this year. That is the coaches have just started to take a look. James Harris, our Director Of Pro Scouting have a good feel for who will be available in March and who might become available after June 1st.


Marques is doing well with his rehab. He is an intense guy that will give you his all. It will take him some time to get back to the level that he had established before the knee but he has the will to make it back and be an asset.


Let's keep our hands, feet and any other part of the body that you can cross crossed for the continued development of Travis Taylor and the young receivers while we take a good look at what is out there. 


‘HDDream' asks: A few questions about the offensive line: In today's Sun, it was suggested that the Ravens might keep Brooks as the starting RT. Is this a case of the Ravens propping up a player that they want back as a backup or do you think this is a legit possibility?


If they do bring Brooks back, do you think they'll try and upgrade the RG spot through free agency? Your article a couple of weeks ago on the OL had some good comments from Coletto that seemed to indicate to me that he would prefer another RG besides Anderson (and another RT besides Brooks), but then again he's the position coach, not the GM or head coach.


Lastly, at this point, on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being no chance and 10 being absolutely certain, what are the chances of Mulitalo being re-signed? If he leaves, does Flynn move out to his spot?


Ethan Did a credible job at the spot considering the fact that he had taken a year off. He came in late in training camp and than was thrust into the position. He has now the possibility of coming back after a good off-season of both mental and physical training. The most important part in my mind will be what he does mentally.


When we talk football or any other sport for that matter you talk about the what-if in each situation. We always want better. Players realize is that the day that you are brought in is the day that your replacement is being looked for. So yes we want better and are always actively looking for them.


We stand a good chance at signing Edwin for two reasons. One he would like to stay and two we have the resources. If you can keep continuity then that is a good thing. This is from the player's perspective as well as the organization. When you go through change you not only change the physical parts but the spirit of the team is changed.




Earnest A Byner


(Editor's Note: EB will be answering questions on a very regular basis - we have had a couple of technical issues that are now resolved so keep tuned to this space on the site)


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