Player on the rise: Lindsey Witten

A player that has been rising up many draft boards recently is UConn's DE Lindsey Witten. Witten had 6 sacks over the first two weeks of the season and was consistently in the backfield of his opponents, Ohio and North Carolina.

Witten went up against Baylor this past weekend despite showing flu-like symptoms earlier in the week. He wasn't able to get a sack on the elusive Robert Griffin, but he still had a couple of pressures and three tackles.

Witten was overshadowed by players like second-round pick Cody Brown last year, but he has come on really strong so far and his stock is on the rise. He has decent size at 6-4 and 250 pounds, good speed around the edge, and superb pass-rushing moves, so scouts could look at him as a possible 3-4 rush linebacker.

We will be keeping a close eye on Witten as the season progresses. He started out the season as a possible late round selection, but if he continues to impress he has top 100 potential (first three rounds).

Rob Engle writes and scouts for Draft Breakdown, where you can get all the latest news, notes, scouting reports and insight into the NFL Draft.

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