Earnest Byner Chat Transcript From 1/29/03

<p>Wow! A great chat, possibly the best one that we have had for a while. Earnest Byner and Aaron Wilson answered questions for 90 mins on all subjects from possible draft picks to cheerleader calendars! <p>The transcript is basically unedited so we could get it up quick. Stay tuned for the date and time of the next chat,

adminsteve Hi everyone.
EByner hello all...i hope all have had a happy new year
NotArtBietz It was great for me until we played the Steelers (Browns fan here)
EByner you to
EByner it was heart breaking but also motivating
adminsteve Ohio Raven go with your question.
OhioRaven I would like to know how EB feels about Jordan Gross the Tackle from Utah?
EByner need to get some info on him
EByner what do you know about him
EByner i can get some info when i get to work tomorrow
OhioRaven Well Do you feel that the organzation would put him as ""value"" with our first pick and as a possible right tackle
Dev21 I've got one.
EByner it depends on what our west coast scouts see in him
EByner we will be accessing and meeting in the near future...check with me a little later
OhioRaven Any news on Phil Savage getting a promotion???
EByner i heard today that he might be moving up hear full time....
EByner don't know what that exactly means but if that is the case there is something shaking
Dev21 EB, how much advice do you give to the running backs on the team on how to handle being a solid NFL back?
EByner as much as i can...i work with them during the week but only say things during the game if i feel it absolutely necessary
EByner i enjoy working with the guys...finding ways to get them to see the game in an expanded way
EByner Jamal is special but has a lot to learn
EByner steve i got a question
NotArtBietz Earnest, do you think that the Ravens will be able to hold onto Cornell Brown with the Jaguars and Bengals circling?
EByner for the person that asked about cornell..
NotArtBietz That was me.
EByner he is in our plans...but it is good to have options when you are in that position
NotArtBietz So, if the Jags give him a mint, the Ravens won't overspend... correct?
EByner he might get a little steep...but the other guys don't see him as an every down type of player....he is great in the locker room
OhioRaven Can you say Sam Adams..........He sure would look good back in purple
NotArtBietz Gotcha. Thanks!
EByner what's up aw
adminsteve Hey Aaron.
Dev21 That's good to hear. CB is not a bit starter at best.
aaronwilson Hello, everybody. I'm ready to help my buddy, Earnest, out with any questions, although he's doing great all by himself.
EByner he has qualities that you like but you would like to see him on special teams as well
Baltimore_Greg First off, I would like to note my handle should be NotBGreg, second, Earnest, any plans to get Jamal's hands fitted with working fingers?
aaronwilson What's up, Earnest. How's it going?
EByner ....fuuuuuny
Baltimore_Greg Seriously, are there plans for him to work on his fumbling issue
EByner he will be ok...we just have to get him to be more conscious of the ramifications
EByner we have addressed it and will continue
OhioRaven He has that ""Leroy Hoard"" problem of not protecting the ball when in crucial situations
EByner trust me...it will be dealt with
aaronwilson If I might weigh in, Jamal Lewis takes fumbling extremely seriously. He did take some major hits on some of those fumbles and probably just needs to wrap it up with both hands when contact is ensuing. As EB will tell you, those defenders are trained to wrest the ball out of your fingers no matter how tough and strong you are. It's a matter of technique, not desire.
EByner name out of the past...leroy had smaller hands
EByner technique and concentration
OhioRaven I Go Way Back...........:)
EByner you take much heat from other ohioians
aaronwilson They have long memories, don't they?
Crowdog89 Whats the situation on Mules contract?
EByner crow baby what's up
OhioRaven No...I stuck with you all the way.....Move and all.
EByner Mules?
Crowdog89 Mulitalo
EByner good enough
OhioRaven Though I am pretty lonely here in Ohio...DirectTV Helps
EByner i am sure that they are getting started on it...he wants to stay and we want him
EByner he is one of the top guys
aaronwilson Ed Cunnningham, the representative for Edwin Mulitalo, told me he planned to begin preliminary discussions with capologist Pat Moriarty soon and is confident of getting a deal done. Edwin is extremely confident he'll be back in a Ravens uniform. Yes, he's an unrestricted free agent, but he's extremely valuable and large and a good citizen. As EB will attest to, Edwin is well-liked and valuable in the community as well.
Baltimore_Greg Where do we stand with McAlister as well, and why do we always wait to get these things done (I know Aaron never tires of me asking)?
Baltimore_Greg Edwin is TERRIFIC in the community.
EByner i was just speaking to chris yesterday and he is ready to get things going/done
aaronwilson Excellent news about Chris McAlister. As you fans know, Ozzie Newsome and the front office retain the right to designate Chris McAlister with the franchise tag to ensure compensation if another team signed him to an offer sheet. Also, this would buy more time for Pat Moriarty and Ozzie Newsome to negotiate a long-term extension with Mitch Frankel, Chris' agent from Bcoa Raton, Fla.
EByner negotiations become tedious,,,even crazy at times
Dev21 Did you catch Sam Adams' performance in the Super Bowl? Do you sense that Adams' signing with the team is very much a possiblity, or that his price tag is still an issue to be dealt with?
EByner you know that the tag is something that steams the players but it is an insurance for the team...communication...good communication is the key
adminsteve Who was next. My browser quit on me.
aaronwilson Definitely, EB, it's a necessary evil at times to make sure you're not left without a starting cornerback or at least a few draft choices to soften the potential blow of losing a player of Chris McAlister's talents and athleticism. He has a rare blend of size and speed.
Dev21 I just asked a question about Adams.
EByner it will be interesting to see what sam thinks he is worth at this time...a calculated risk might be worth it but he was not the same sam i remembered with us...the market wasn't friendly to him last year and I don't know if he improved his stock with his performances
Dev21 Definitly, I actually think his stock came down. However, his agents, Barnes and Parker, are very demanding as you full well EB.
EByner he is growing as a man off the field as well and this will help him to become a better/stronger player
aaronwilson Definitely, Sam Adams has supreme talent, but he has gained some pounds throughout the midsection and lower body. If he's signed to a market-value contract, he's got to get into optimum condition and be dedicated enough that he's a factor throughout all four quarters, especially on third downs. Also, he needs to be able to play in both a 3-4 or a 4-3 scheme. His versatility is dependent to a large degree on his not being so overweight.
EByner yea but they have a realistic side as well...we will see...sam like rex ryan and rex likes him so that might play well for us
aaronwilson Perhaps Roosevelt Barnes and Eugene Parker will give you Ravens executives a purple and black discount after all of the commission checks they made last year off of Ray Lewis and Peter Boulware's lucrative contracts. Just kidding.
bmodaddy Would someone like RAY make a difference in this situation? I mean his prep and desire? Would that carry over to someone even a vet like Sam?
EByner sam is his own man...ray tried to speak to him last year..he had his mind made uo
EByner up that is
EByner what do you guys think about our qb situation
aaronwilson Players tend to follow their own counsel on most contract-related issues. It's a highly individualized experience. Advice isn't always welcome.
bmodaddy No EB I mean in his condition if he were to rejoin the RAVENS. Does Ray have an effect on players prep on the team? Even Vets?
Crowdog89 How is Chris Redman doing in his recovery process from surgery?
aaronwilson I talked to Todd Heap today from Hawaii. He says hello to everyone back in Owings Mills. He said he was observing a surfing competition between practices at Aloha Stadium. Also, he said he saw Chris Redman last week in California and thought Chris was recuperating well.
EByner it's still up to the guy...sam would still do what he thinks is right...he has had support before but still went the other way with some decisions
aaronwilson Todd is excited about his first Pro Bowl and brought out his family and tight ends coach Wade Harman. Of course, Heap is joined in the Pro Bowl by offensive tackle Jonathan Ogden and outside linebacker Peter Boulware.
Crowdog89 I'm not sold on Blake. I'd like to see what a healthy Redman could do for 16 games. In looking at the UFA QB's I only noted about two I would even consider.
EByner he is doing fine....i will get more info from bill t concerning him
Dev21 That's good news. IMO EB, Red is the better fit for this team at the present moment, but I would still re-sign Blake, given his Redman's back issues.
Crowdog89 Thanks Aaron and EB.
Baltimore_Greg If the Ravens could only address one position in FA or the draft what would be the top priority?
EByner i see we have some informed and knowledgible members...i like it
aaronwilson Earnest, have you met Mike Singletary yet? What do you think about adding this Hall of Fame and former Monster of the Midway to the coaching staff? In Chicago, he was heavily involved in the community. Do you plan to talk to him about getting involved here in Baltimore?
bmodaddy EB have you ever had a former rb as a coach?
chieffcrow has Jamal ever fumbled on the one yard line
adminsteve Hold on fellas. Lets line them up here. Earnest i think Gregs was the first question.
EByner ii like to say the d-line...we need to stop the run better....the other is a receiver
Baltimore_Greg I would agree
bmodaddy Thank you GOD
EByner bmodaddy....never..career coaches
Crowdog89 Need to put more pressure on the opposing QB as well
EByner chieff...yes
EByner crow...true
Dev21 We also need an LB, RT and a SS too. Hello Donovin Darius.
Ravensfan RT PLEASE!
EByner aw...not yet....he hasn't coached....coaches and the community don't mix well with the demand on their time
aaronwilson In my humble opinion, in order of important, I would rank most obvious needs this way: 1. Right tackle. 2. Wide receiver. 3. Defensive line. 4. An intimidator at safety. 5. One more cornerback.
Baltimore_Greg We need most everyting but TE, ILB and LT. I was trying to get what the org felt was most needed.
chieffcrow Eb have you heard any thing about new uni's
aaronwilson That's what I figured. Mike will be very busy with getting up to speed with coaching responsibilities and terminology. I'm sure he will set an excellent example, though.
EByner rt ...we can help with protections....just good players dev
bmodaddy OK so my next question is well this could be many but... You have a hall of fame, successful linebacker NOW as a coach. Ray Lewis, in my opinion, need not go changing to much in his game. COULD this be a chemical in balance? I mean would the ever so intense Singletary try and tweak things too much and cause problems? Is it broke? Does it need fixing?
EByner no chief
Dev21 No question EB.
adminsteve bmodaddy, head of the singletary fan club LOL
bmodaddy I ain't against HIM
bmodaddy It's just well you know
chieffcrow why didnt ray play with his arm straped as peter did
adminsteve I would hope MS was/is one of 52's heroes
Crowdog89 From what I read, he is Steve.
EByner anytime you make a change you stand a chance of the chemistry changing for the better or worst...if mike is knowledgeble he will only make suggestions and ask what ray sees on the different plays...the language between them should be good...respect for each other should be there..like me and Jamal....i make suggestions and down right give advise when i feel its' the right time and when he has tried something and failed
adminsteve Any more questions, this seems to working good so just fire them off when you think the time is right.
EByner different injury with ray
chieffcrow EB will the ravens sign any of their free agents before narch
Dev21 EB, how do you like hosting your own radio show during the season?
Baltimore_Greg When will Ray start working the shoulder (weights) and we get a real good idea he is on the way back?
chieffcrow march
aaronwilson I concur. Mike Singletary and Ray Lewis are both creatures of preparation as a healthy habit and will thrive on each others' input. It will be a good relationship because both are intense football warriors who care about getting the job done. Mike Singletary was an excellent leader as a Chicago Bear who worked well for Rex Ryan's father, Buddy Ryan. They will get along fine is my prediction and work well together.
EByner we will try....i hope we can make someone feel that we want them back
chieffcrow lol
Dev21 I agree with Aaron.
aaronwilson I think they will get a lot of that business with unrestricted and restricted free agents and exclusive rights free agents done in the next month as the NFL's offseason heats up with the scouting combine and owners' meetings.
EByner he has been rehabing for some time now...i am sure he has been using some weights albeit light...i will see him tomorrow...check with me later
Baltimore_Greg Very good
chieffcrow you think we will have to franchise Chris M
Baltimore_Greg On Redman, some people believe Billick has no faith in him, is that the case or is it just his lack of experience that we won't give him the job?
EByner possible....strong possibility...he is worth a kings pot of gold so we might so we can work things out
bmodaddy So it can be a touchy situation? Did you EVER get the feeling Jamal just wanted to do things the way that got him there? That's my whole concern really. IF and when, cause you will struggle as a unit at some point during the season, could it get nasty with 2 GREAT and EMOTIONAL LEADERS?
EByner always possible but i think with both men beign spiritual....understanding will pervail and they will have great communication...ray is a student and mike has done it so I think ray will bleed him for additional info and continue with his growth
aaronwilson I believe Chris McAlister is resigned to being franchised, which isn't such a bad deal when you consider it guarantees his next year's salary at the average of the top five salaries at the cornerback position, amounting to roughly a one-year contract worth roughly $5.9 million. Not a bad chunk of change and certainly dollars that players like EB would have jumped on during their day before all of these collective bargaining agreements ensured player's financial well-being if they are smart with their spending.
adminsteve Mista T ask a Q when ready. We have abandoned the formalities :)
chieffcrow Aaron you think the ravens would trade up in the draft to get leftwitch
Mista_T Thanks, I don't want to repeat questions already asked, so bear with me.
EByner mista ask what's on your heart
aaronwilson I doubt that they would. They don't seem to feel their quarterback straits are so dire that it's necessary to mortgage any future picks and/or valuable starters in order to secure the services of a quarterback like Byron Leftwich of Marshall.
adminsteve Ask away. We can only yell at you.
EByner yell softly
Baltimore_Greg My Redman question, did it get lost or are they artfully dodging it?
EByner i will two others
Mista_T Earnest: you coming to the Ravens Council big bull roast at Timonium this weekend so we can meet you?
EByner what redman q
bmodaddy I know most fan want offense. Please tell me the team is going for middle run stop and qb pressure though? Please? I only have 5 beers in the fridge.
Baltimore_Greg Does Billick have faith in him to start?
aaronwilson I wouldn't rule out an incentive-laden deal for Jeff Blake, Chris Redman being retained and a promising developmental quarterback like a Kyle Boller or a Brad Banks, Kliff Kingsbury or such being drafted later on. The first round is for obvious need such as wide receiver Andre Johnson, tackle Kwame Harris or end Terrell Suggs. All would be immediate upgrades at positions of obvious need.
EByner hadn't planned on it...
Ravensfan why do other teams' cheerleaders have calendars but ours doesn't? we have some of the hottest cheerleader in football btw. :-)
EByner i thought that was a statement
EByner yea he has faith...his record said he could get it done with the right game plan
EByner ravenfan...don't know and don't know if i should get in on that
Dev21 EB, how did you like hosting your own radio show during the season?
Baltimore_Greg Is your wife reading this?
aaronwilson Correct, Chris Redman improved with every start, compiled a 3-3 mark as a starter and posted 100.0 quarterback ratings in successive victories over the Denver Broncos and Cleveland Browns. If his back allows him to, Chris Redman shouldn't be abandoned just yet. This young man has heart and leadership qualities as EB will attest to.
chieffcrow if the texens released J-lew would the ravens try to sign him
EByner I enjoyed it...we had almost all the guys come out and support and gave out some good info...i liked it
Baltimore_Greg Those are my feelings on the young man, I just hope the Coach doesn't sour because his arm isn't the strongest
aaronwilson Cheerleader calendar question is best directed toward Ravens marketing department. They could speak better to that, although the Dallas Cowboys annually profit extensively from their cheerleaders.
Dev21 Tight, your show had some good guests the whole season.
Crowdog89 Did anyone ever find out what happened to Ray on the superbowl matchup show on ESPN. Why he was a no show?
EByner it's about adjusting to your personnel
Ravensfan oh good question crow.
Ravensfan question
EByner don't know...i will see him tomorrow
EByner you guys have a great evening...kissing the girls goodnight
Dev21 Thanks EB, that was fun.
aaronwilson I answered this question in Ask the Insiders. A player missing a media appearance isn't unprecedented and is no cause for alarm. As Earnest will tell you, the players miss things sometimes because they have other commitments like family stuff. Earnest, great job. Thanks for all the answers.
adminsteve Thanks a million EB. Let's do this again.
Crowdog89 The wife is the only girl I kiss goodnight EB...she might not like it otherwise...LOL
chieffcrow EB you have a good night thanks for your time
EByner thanks for the grilling...kidding...i enjoyed it thanks to everyone and we will talk again
Crowdog89 Thanks for your time and answers
adminsteve Aaron is hanging fellas...
Baltimore_Greg Tell the Coach to play Redman!
chieffcrow here here!!!!
Dev21 MOTIONS/playful.gif Cool, now we can grill Aaron.
adminsteve Bring back the 'You Suck' song on the PA.
Crowdog89 Yes!
adminsteve That was neat.
bmodaddy Who is Aaron?
Dev21 No, not a good idea Steve.
aaronwilson I'm ready for some more questions, guys. Wasn't that fun having EB here? Great addition to the site.
chieffcrow aaron would the ravens bring J lew back if released
Sephy the you suck song needs to come back
Mista_T Aaron: you still there? If so: have our chances for a Brunell trade increased with Harris' defection to Jags?
Crowdog89 Probably decreased more like it
aaronwilson I'm not sure if that would be a good link because Brian Billick isn't of the opinion that Jermaine Lewis is an ideal option as a wide receiver. Remember, he decreased his playing time each season and systematically cut his pay. Lewis' role decreased each year after the Ted Marchibroda era.
bmodaddy A dog thanks for the link I'll holla at ya!!! U DA MAN!!!
aaronwilson I would say the chances have decreased. They probably like the stability although David Garrard, an East Carolina alum like myself and EB, is promising.
Baltimore_Greg I think they are thinking in terms of replacing Brightful who is strictly a return man, J Lew may want more
Crowdog89 Especially after the '99 season. J Lew was in BB's dog house pretty bad that season.
aaronwilson I think Lamont Brightful will be back on the team.
chieffcrow what are the chances of the ravens getting David Boston
Crowdog89 Taylor did pretty good as a return guy in the chances he had. Chester I mean.
Baltimore_Greg Hoepfully the Cards franchise Plummer, I hear they are not so inclined to let him walk, and Boston gets loose.
aaronwilson I don't think David Boston is a great fit for the Ravens' locker room. Besides his eyebrow piercing, which raises eyebrows, he has some off-the-field and injury issues that must be investigated thoroughly. I know he's talented and gigantic, but Peerless Price is a much better, reliable receiver.
Dev21 Aaron, there is word that Darius wants $3-4 million a year. I see this as a fair market price. Do you think that Darius coming to the Ravens is a good possiblity, especially given his decent price tag?
aaronwilson Yes, in talking with Ravens personnel department leaders, they like Donovin Darius. Look for him to be entertained as a serious possibility when the market opens in March.
Dev21 That's great news.
chieffcrow what of Price
aaronwilson By the way, I covered Darius' rookie season in Jacksonville and this was one of Tom Coughlin's favorite draft picks. Tough guy, good coverage ability, intense hitter and decent speed. He's a threat on the blitz, too. He said in a recent interview that he likes the idea of playing in Baltimore, too.
aaronwilson Next question, please.
aaronwilson What do you guys think about EB's involvement with the site?
chieffcrow what are the chances of bringing Price
chieffcrow i think it great involving himself with the fans
aaronwilson They aren't great, but the Ravens will probably contend. Price's agent seems more enamored of Atlanta and Washington, among others, for his client's services.
Crowdog89 Fantastic having EB involved. Someone who is directly involved with the FO and personal decisions...GREAT!
aaronwilson Yes, it's nice of Earnest to do this. For those of you who don't know him first-hand, he's the genuine article as a person and has great credibility as an ex-player.
Dev21 EB is a good guy, and he brings a different perspective to the table as a former player.
chieffcrow who are the ravens looking at in free agenty
Ravensfan any lower priced wide receivers that might be a better bang for the buck? I bet washington or somebody overpays for price.
aaronwilson Brian Finneran might be a possibility if the Ravens want a possession type wideout with some quickness.
chieffcrow it seems washington does that alot
aaronwilson I know he doesn't excite you all, but he could be good insurance if Brandon Stokley's foot doesn't respond to treatment.
chieffcrow specialy if your a head coach
aaronwilson Next question, please.
Crowdog89 I hate this time of year...nothing much gets moving until March/April time frame. Is there much behind the scenes happening?
chieffcrow whats the outlook on a good ravens show next season
aaronwilson Hate to be the bearer of slow news, but, yes, it's slow in Owings Mills for the moment, a time of planning, contemplation and squeezing agents when they have most of the leverage.
aaronwilson Not sure what will develop, but I'm always available if called upon. I'm enjoying doing occasional guest spots on Bruce Cunningham's Fox-45 sportscasts and will continue to help out whenever I'm called upon.
chieffcrow will the ravens wait till after june to sign a lot of cast offs
aaronwilson What would you guys like to see from a show like that? Would you be more inclined toward an NFL Edge type of Ravens program, or a more fan-oriented, hyped-up pep rally type of program. Just curious.
chieffcrow i cant get 45 were i live
Ravensfan nfl edge type show
aaronwilson I think they will follow the New England Patriots' model of free agent signings to an extent. They don't want to get too many has-beens or never-will-be's either. It's a fine line to walk.
Dev21 Aaron, the Edge NFL show works a lot better.
chieffcrow nfl edge
Crowdog89 Yeah, I'd like to see a show geared toward hard core fans like us instead of the casual fan pablum we get fed by Comcast Sports.
aaronwilson Would you want, say, a player, a scout, and a couple of media guys like myself?
Dev21 That sounds good. You have a TON of knowledge to bring to the table, and a scout would be great at breaking down film.
Ravensfan i do like when they mic up the players though. that's the ONLY thing they do well.
aaronwilson It would require footage, some film study and probably a portion done with a live audience and some taped segments.
chieffcrow anyone with football smarts, you would be great you seem to know what you talking about.
chieffcrow as long as the goose dose'nt apear with some food
Crowdog89 Yes, something like that. Roster breakdowns, play charts, coaches explaining why they called a certain play. Showing some game film....
aaronwilson I'm trying, thanks. Obviously, the team's insights help the most. However, it's just a matter of getting them to say what's on their mind. Nobody wants to give up their competitive advantage.
aaronwilson Perhaps a guest of the week, some Xs and Os, and a scouting report on the next opponent.
aaronwilson It could include a feature, some taped interviews or highlights of the player guest and perhaps a segment with questions from the audience and/or e-mail or snail mail.
chieffcrow thats one thing the redskin good a good job on is teir TV shows
Ravensfan get rid of the ra ra crap too.
aaronwilson I agree. The shows that feature a mix of players and columnists like Michael Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser are extremely successful. Perhaps we could do something like that here.
chieffcrow and keep Marty Bass away
aaronwilson Mike Preston would be awesome on something like that.
Crowdog89 Yes, I could care less what type of food a player likes or who they used as a decorator on there house
aaronwilson I know, less fluff, more substance.
chieffcrow thats it AAron
Dev21 That would be a good idea too. Hemisley, Preston and you, along with some host like Garceau would work well.
Sephy BTW, those miked up segments are AWESOME
aaronwilson I agree. I enjoy NFL Films' Edge show immensely. I've heard that players and coaches actually consider it a must-see as a preparation tool.
Sephy Any of that is always entertaining
aaronwilson Sounds good to me. All of those above listed guys are knowledgeable and good people.
aaronwilson Also, my man, Bruce Cunningham, is very good on camera and at analyzing and asking questions of guests.
Ravensfan we need to get brian billick miked up. he's one funny SOB.
chieffcrow I love to listen to Scot G doing a football game
chieffcrow I can still remember him doing the colts
Sephy bruce cunningham...good at analyzing?
aaronwilson I agree. Brian Billick has a dry sense of humor. You could tell, though, that he wanted more time during the Super Bowl. He was prepared for more air time. lol.
chieffcrow he also did the stallions
Crowdog89 Matte is cool, unfortunatly I never saw any of his shows on CSN this season. So, I have no idea if they were good or not.
aaronwilson Yes, Bruce has a keen intellect and is good at sizing up situations with a common-sense approach. He's been covering sports for a long time, too.
aaronwilson Tom Matte is really good on radio, but he's even better when he's just sitting in the press box before a game shooting the breeze. He's a true character.
Dev21 MOTIONS/playful.gif Crow, that's because they've got Doc Walker breaking down every game imaginable. He's such a damn good football expert you know.
Ravensfan he's bad at predicted the ravens getting players. i know that much. :-)
chieffcrow Aaron if you were a produser who and how would you build a ravens show
aaronwilson Sometimes, he misses. We all do. It's the danger of having an opinion or making a prediction. I was dead-wrong about the Super Bowl.
Crowdog89 Hehehe...shoulda listened to me...I told ya so :)
Dev21 I know all about that Aaron. I wrote three breakdowns of the last three games, got them all dead wrong.
aaronwilson As far as a program, I would definitely want to have an experienced host type like Bruce, a player guest, a journalist or two, definitely someone from the Sun like Jamison Hensley, Brent Jones or Mike Preston, and guest appearances from scouts or assistant coaches even if some of that would have to be taped at the facility before air time.
aaronwilson Or my colleague at the Times, Jaymes Powell. He also very knowledgeable about the Ravens and has a good intuition about the team's upcoming moves.
Crowdog89 I'd like to see more coaches besides just the OC and DC...DB coaches, O and D line coaches etc...
aaronwilson We'll see how things go. Definitely, we will be looking for more big things in the year to come with this web site, at the Times and with WNST 1570 radio.
chieffcrow whats you take on the debate over the defenses of the ravens of 2000 and this bucs
aaronwilson Any more questions, guys. I was curious what you all thought about the Barrett Robbins' situation with the Oakland Raiders.
Ravensfan it can't get any worse than George Michael and Tony Kornheiser.
chieffcrow it sounds to me that the raiders put football before a mans health
Dev21 I thought the players were out of line for calling him out. He's clearly got some emotional issues, and they should have picked up on that by now.
Crowdog89 geez!
aaronwilson Oh, I think they're extremely different units and schemes. The Bucs had the advantage of creating most of their pass rush with the front four. The Ravens had to blitz a bit more often, plus the Bucs' secondary was a tad faster. At linebacker, the Ravens were clearly superior even though Derrick Brooks is a threat to score at any time. I feel like Baltimore's defense is more similar to the Chicago Bears of 1985, a destructive f [msg continues in 20 secs]
Crowdog89 @#$%%Comcast
Ravensfan i wouldn't have expected tim brown to say what he said about him.
aaronwilson ront seven and a solid secondary. [msg complete]
Dev21 Right on Aaron. Enough with these ridiculous notions that Tampa's defense is among the top three and as good as the Ravens' Defense.
aaronwilson Yes, they should have known that he had bi-polar problems and been more understanding. Strong point by Sam Adams yesterday in sticking up for Robbins. If he could help himself, he would. Human weakness isn't funny. It deserves our understanding and assistance.
Crowdog89 I am very understanding of the Barret Robbins situation as someone who suffers from a lesser form of Bi-polar myself
Dev21 Their insensitivity was surprising to me. Granted, he stopped taking his medication, which is his fault. But given his condition, it's clear that he doesn't make rational decisions when he's not taking his medication.
aaronwilson Robbins needs medication, love and a psychiatrist's help, not comments like he should crawl back under a rock as some members of the line said. It's understandable that they feel that way, but it only makes him feel worse about himself and get more depressed. What if he kille himself as a result of their scorn? Then, how awful would they feel. They should visit him and try to relate to him as a person in trouble.
Ravensfan i agree completely.
Dev21 Also, the Raiders really treated his case like it was no big deal.
chieffcrow it makes know sense for a player to work the season make the superbowl and whig for know reason
aaronwilson Depressions afflicts 10 to 20 million Americans. That's a lot of good people. Many don't seek help until it's too late. It afflicts a lot of people and it doesn't mean you're crazy. It's a disease of the brain chemistry.
aaronwilson Next question, please.
Crowdog89 Sometimes you have to develop an insite into your illness as well as the medication aspect. It seems as if he hasn't developed to that point yet. Or his illness is more debillitating.
RopeRaven I liked the running play with Jamal, Gash and Ricard in an inverted wishbone. Do you think we'll see that this year, with some variations?
aaronwilson Perhaps so. I know from research that depression can affect anyone at any time. It's a serious issue.
Dev21 In any case, I hope everything works out well for Robbins. He is a hell of a center, among the top five in the league, and other teams will go after him in the off-season.
aaronwilson Perhaps you might see that. I don't expect Sam Gash to return, but I could be wrong. The team needs to find another young fullback to develop behind Alan Ricard in any case.
chieffcrow i have a condition that i am medicated for and if i don't watch myself 24-7 i will whig out myself
Dev21 Aaron, I want James Lynch from Maryland. He might be taken in the sixth round or lower, but the guy is a bull dozer, weighing around 280.
aaronwilson It's nothing to be ashamed of. It's a shame that people are so judgmental.
chieffcrow thats true
Ravensfan was last year a fluke finding the number of quality undrafted free agents? Maybe we were lucky to get the best of what was rest because they knew this was a place to get playing time?
aaronwilson James Lynch from Dunbar High School in Washington, D.C. is a load with blocking ability and soft hands. He would be an excellent addition to the Ravens' roster and could probably be acquired as an undrafted free agent. Nobody drafts fullbacks anymore.
chieffcrow its that same with ray a few years ago
chieffcrow everyone seemed to think he was gulty
aaronwilson I think it's a case of good scouting research and knowing what needs need filling. The Ravens also beat the bushes for small-school talent, too.
chieffcrow before he was tried
Dev21 No doubt, he would be a great find. He would be a tremendous short yardage player, either as a blocker or a runner.
aaronwilson Guys, how about this: One more question from each of you and then we'll bag it for the night, OK?
Ravensfan oh come on this is fun. :-)
aaronwilson Hit me with them in succession and I'll answer them all.
Crowdog89 I like that they gave Will Demps a chance as well, and he turned out to be a suprise addition. Hope he stays next season as well.
Crowdog89 LOL
chieffcrow i heard that chuck noll was once a coach for the colts
aaronwilson Will Demps will definitely be back. His combination of play-making and solid tackling for a player without ideal size is always welcome.
Ravensfan and the credit cards.
aaronwilson Seriously, I'm not in Hawaii. I'm in Reisterstown freezing. Todd Heap was talking to me on the phone, not in person. I wish I was in Hawaii. Maybe for my honeymoon if I'm lucky.
Crowdog89 I spent 8 years in Hawaii in the Navy...loved it.
aaronwilson By the way, look for a Todd Heap feature on the site in the days to come. Still working on singing his praises properly.
RopeRaven Are we looking for a place kicker to handle kickoffs next season?
adminsteve Aaron, guys, that was an awesome chat. Thanks a bunch. I have some honey-dos to take care of. i will have the transcript up tomorrow AM.
aaronwilson Probably not. It appears that Matt Stover will be back and possibly J.R. Jenkins will join him after an apprenticeship in NFL Europe. I can tell you that Matt Stover will prepare for kickoffs this time around. Last season, he was told by the Ravens not to worry about him.
adminsteve Keep chatting by all means. I'm out.
aaronwilson Goodnight, Steve.
Ravensfan wouldn't it be great if the lakers missed the playoffs?
aaronwilson Yeah, it might quiet down Shaq.
Crowdog89 Night matey
aaronwilson Next question, please.
Ravensfan I heard Jenkins was worn down last year. Is he going to cut back on the kicking before the season this time?
Sephy apparently not since hes going to NFLE
aaronwilson I think he'll prepare better this time.
Crowdog89 Honeymoon? Don't think that passed me by without notice. Whens the date?
aaronwilson He'll pace himself.
Ravensfan at times he was great but it didn't last long enough.
aaronwilson Haven't set the date yet, still making plans and saving money. Thanks for asking, though.
aaronwilson Couple more questions, guys.
Sephy hey Aaron, back on the Robbins situation, regardless of the deal, does it strike you as odd that the particular OL went after him? Isn't that a traditionally tight knit group?
Ravensfan i hate those radio shaq commercials. i never laughed not even once.
Sephy man i could go for some shaqcessories
aaronwilson Yes, they apparently were just frustrated with his frailities and lack of judgment and bad timing. I think they will let down their guard eventually, but it's possible Robbins may need a new environment in light of their reaction and the seriousness of the situation. It might be the best thing for all involved.
aaronwilson Next question, please.
Crowdog89 MOAN!
RopeRaven The titans punter took over as place kicker for the rest of the game when Nedney went down. Could we count on Zastudil for that in an emergency?
aaronwilson Probably, not. I don't think Dave Zastudil has those capabilities.
chieffcrow what you thinkof the bus repesting
Sephy i wondered about that myself...could Z kick deep?
aaronwilson Craig Hentrich is a versatile punter?
chieffcrow repeating
TheFanatic aaron, Came in very late so I don't know if this has been asked. What's the latest poop on Randy Hymes? Should we expect him back next year? Is he going to NFL Europe?
Crowdog89 No one asked that Fanatic.
aaronwilson Oh, Tampa Bay could do it. I know that Jon Gruden is an extremely driven individual and their salary cap situation isn't too unwieldy.
Sephy as an aside, I noticed Brooks Barnard punting and placekicking in the Senior Bowl. he is going to make a good kicker for some team
aaronwilson Randy Hymes will return. I don't think he'll be required to go to NFL Europe. He's surpassed that level. NFL Europe usually is for scrubs. Randy Hymes is better than that. The last prominent Raven to play in NFL Europe to my knowledge is Kelly Gregg.
aaronwilson Brooks Barnard is a heckuva prospect who excelled in College Park. He'll make some prospective NFL suitor very happy.
aaronwilson Next and last question, please.
TheFanatic Cool!!!
aaronwilson Who's going to be first?
Crowdog89 Didn't Marquis Douglas play in NFL Europe? Or am I thinking of someone else?
chieffcrow he did
chieffcrow whats the latest on him
aaronwilson No, not that I'm aware of. I think he might have been allocated by another franchise, but not by Baltimore. He used to be with the New Orleans Saints.
Ravensfan I'm already looking forward to our defense going against teams like the Rams and 49ers next year. Any chance Ray Lewis signs Terrell Owens forehead after he plants him into the ground?
aaronwilson Marques is off crutches and rehabbing maniacally.
chieffcrow he was
TheFanatic Did anybody ask about Ray Lewis being a no-show on Edge NFL matchup?
chieffcrow as far as i remember
aaronwilson Not sure. I don't think Terrell Owens will risk too much impropriety with Ray Lewis lurking on the field.
Crowdog89 I did Fan, EB said he was gonna see Ray tomorrow and find out.
Ravensfan that will be fun when he comes to Baltimore next year. :-D
aaronwilson Yes, they did. EB didn't know why he didn't show. I'm sure it's no emergency. As I said before, players miss radio appearances in Baltimore and television shows all the time.
chieffcrow in fact i think the raven released him that year
aaronwilson Anything else?
TheFanatic Very curious to know about that one.
Ravensfan did they name a replacement for Harris?
aaronwilson No, but anticipate a new front office structure of Phil Savage as director of football operations, George Kokinis as director of pro personnel and Eric DeCosta as director of college scouting in the next week or so. Guys, I gotta run. Thanks for all the questions. Goodnight.

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