Interview: Oklahoma State CB Perrish Cox

One player who is quietly moving up draft boards right now is Oklahoma State cornerback Perrish Cox. With a great combination of size and speed, and the versatility to play defense and return kicks, Cox certainly has first round potential. Perrish took a few moments of his time to talk about his game, Dez Bryant, his plans for the Senior Bowl and his strong connection to his family.

Spencer: What's your current height and weight and most recent 40 time?

Cox: My height is 6'0? even. My weight is 195. My last 40 was 4.38.

Spencer: You're not only a solid defender but also a talented return man. Which do you look forward to most on game day?

Cox: Both actually. I just like to get out there on the field.

Spencer: Describe your play style as a cornerback.

Cox: It depends, but you could say aggressive.

Spencer: What kind of coverage do you prefer? Off-man, press-man or zone?

Cox: Press-man.

Spencer: What would you say is the strongest aspect of your game?

Cox: I'm aggressive. As a corner and on special teams, it's the same thing.

Spencer: What area of your game would you like to improve on?

Cox: I'd say my tackling.

Spencer: Throughout your college career, who is the toughest wide receiver you've faced?

Cox: The one I face every day, Dez Bryant.

Spencer: Do you think playing against him every day gives you an advantage come game day?

Cox: Oh yeah. He's an all around player. Strength, size, height, speed. He's got it all. Playing against him, I couldn't ask for nothing better.

Spencer: Last year, one of your teammates, Brandon Pettigrew, was drafted in the first round. Do you stay in touch with him and if so, has he given you any advice about the draft process?

Cox: He gave me advice every time I talked to him. He said to just keep doing what I'm doing and I'll be fine. He told me what everyone else has told me to improve on and that's my tackling. But besides that, just make sure I'm doing everything that needs to be done.

Spencer: Pettigrew decided to play in the Senior Bowl, even though most considered him the best tight end in the country and a lock for a first round pick. Do you think that the Senior Bowl is an important event for draft prospects to take part in and do you think you'll participate if invited?

Cox: Yeah, actually it is. That's where all the top seniors going into the draft are gonna be, so that's something I definitely want to do.

Spencer: Do you have any pre-game rituals?

Cox: I pray to my grandmother and my grandfather. They passed away two years back. I talk to my kids and I know they're watching me on TV so I've always got their wristband around my wrist during the game.

Spencer: How many kids do you have?

Cox: Three.

Spencer: How old are they?

Cox: Two, five and six.

Spencer: Once you get to the NFL, are there any particular wide receivers or quarterbacks you're looking forward to playing against?

Cox: Everybody. Whoever my next opponent is, I'm looking forward to it. I just wanna play for it all.

Spencer: Did you have a favorite player or favorite team growing up?

Cox: Not really a favorite player, but a favorite team; The Dallas Cowboys.

Spencer: Where'd you grow up?

Cox: Wacco, Texas.

Spencer: Are there any young guys on the team that scouts should be taking a look at for future draft classes?

Cox: There's quite a few. Right now, you've got a lot of juniors that will probably come so, so there's a lot.

Spencer: I know you're still focusing on the rest of your season, but looking forward to the draft, what are you most excited about or most nervous about as far as the whole draft process goes?

Cox: I'm really not nervous about too much, but I'm excited about a lot, though. The nervous part, no. I'm just confident and just trying to keep doing everything right every game and help my draft status out.

Spencer: Have you noticed any particular team scouts at your practices this season?

Cox: Not any in particular but there were quite a few. Not now, but the first half of the season there were a lot. I actually heard there were going to be a lot more for this game. As far as practice, they don't really come out anymore.

Spencer: Looking towards your big matchup this week against Texas, how do you plan to play against WR Jordan Shipley?

Cox: The same way. Just going and playing my game. He's (Shipley) talented, he's a good receiver, but I look at everybody the same way until they prove me different. So I'll just do my thing.

Spencer: Thanks a lot for your time Perrish and best of luck this week against Texas!

Cox: I appreciate it!

Will Spencer is the lead writer at Draft Breakdown and a frequent contributor at Ravens Insider.

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