EB Answers Forum Questions - Chat Tonight 8.45PM

<p>Earnest Byner answers questions from the 'Ask The Insiders' forum. Subjects include McCrary as a coach, Billick's contract and how much EB gets involved with the draft. In addition, both he and Aaron Wilson will be in the chat room tonight. <p>Enjoy

1.) From Rope Raven: Will our RB's become a more important part of our passing game this year?

EB: Any good offense should include the awareness of the drop-off passes to the underneath receivers. We started out the year with Jamal being the number one receiver and I would think that that can be something that can grow in the future especially if Blake comes back with his familiarity of the offense.

2.) From Mista T: I missed reading anything about Brian's contract extension.  Any info on length & value? What I'm getting at is: how well padded is his  deal to keep the networks from luring him away from Baltimore?

EB: From what I remember, Brian is tied up for the next 4-5 years with the extension. My feeling is that he will keep his day job for a while and look to the booth a little later. We know that's something that he desires, the booth, but he is into winning championships at this time.

3.) From B-more Ravor: Is there any talk of Mac (McCrary) becoming a coach with the team?

EB: Mac will be with us at mini camp and during training camp to assist with Rex Ryan. This will give him time to find out whether he wants to make the move on a permanent base.

4.) From Dev, I was wondering how much input you have on who the Ravens sign/draft, if you recommend a certain player to the FO? 

EB: When the guys come in to visit with the team I have a sit down with them to get a feel of what type of individual they are along with finding out what their interests are off the field. After the visit I generally will speak to Oz with my thoughts and suggestions. They take all the info that they get and make a decision. So yes there is input that I enjoy giving and contributing.

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