Byner/Wilson Chat Transcript From 2/5/2003

Lots of draft and free agency banter last evening with Earnest Byner and Aaron Wilson answering questions from the unwashed masses. If you missed it, here is the entire chat relatively unmangled and unedited.

aaronwilson  Good evening, everyone. Ready for your questions.
HDDream  hi Aaron
HDDream  Aaron, EB answered this on the insiders forum, but I'd like to get your thoughts as well. If Cornell Brown leaves via free agency, how do you think they will try to replace him?
bynere  hello everyone...anything interesting going on
Dev21  EB
adminsteve  We just started so welcome.
adminsteve  Jump in.
Chiefcrow  Aaron what are the latest rumors?
LaneAdkins  Hey Aaron, EB, everybody, how you all doing tonight?
aaronwilson  I think they will look to replace Cornell Brown, if he departs via free agency, by either promoting Shannon Taylor or drafting a linebacker on the first day to address his position. It's also possible, depending on the Ravens' alignment, that Bart Scott could be a candidate, too.
bynere  Growth is happening all around me in the organization
aaronwilson  Hi, Lane.
aaronwilson  Hi, Earnest.
adminsteve  Hi Lane - didnt see you there.
adminsteve  FYI Lane is our Browns Insider - or one of them
bynere  hello lane
LaneAdkins  Am I safe in here? :-)
LaneAdkins  Hey EB
Chiefcrow  maybe,lol
adminsteve  No ""woofs"" please.
bynere  bart scott is a possible replacement for cornell as well
LaneAdkins  Bern says 'HI', EB
HDDream  we can only do so much damage behind a computer
bynere  Hello to my man as well
Crowdog89  How is the FO Transition going after one day?
Dev21  If Taylor is the starting OLB, I'll be dissapointed.
HDDream  I agree Dev
bynere  guys are walking with a new strut...things are well....just getting ready for the draft and free agency
Dev21  That's sounds great EB. The Ravens are probably going to have a lot of free-agents in for visits.
HDDream  I couldn't belive just how young the threesome that got promoted are, 31, 35 and 37....
Chiefcrow  i thought he showed himself well with waht little time he had to play
aaronwilson  Bar the door, because once March gets here, the Ravens will be among the most active teams.
bynere  Shannon has had the potential but that can be a dangerous thing...we will see who can drop a pair
bynere  yea...and we have a great recruit in Ray Lew
aaronwilson  By the way, an energetic, intense Mike Singletary introduced himself as linebackers coach today.
aaronwilson  Not a bad recruiter to go with Ray, either.
bynere  he still has those intense eyes
aaronwilson  In my opinion, any free agent is going to want to take Baltimore seriously not only because of their generous salary cap situation, but because of the quality of the people involved in the organization.
bynere  were you afraid AW
HDDream  Being able to play in Camp Billick probably helps things too
Chiefcrow  Earnest what is your work week like, what are your duties with the front office
aaronwilson  A little bit, Earnest. As Rex Ryan told me, ""Mike looks like he can still bring the wood.""
bynere  true about this camp and organization
Dev21  I have a question after ChiefCrow's is answered.
bynere  Right now I am scouting some free agents while encouraging the guys to get back in school andto partake in internships
bynere  I am in about 7 and leave about 7 right now
aaronwilson  Earnest was steadily watching film this afternoon, as were several other assistants. It's a year-round job.
adminsteve  They give you a lunch hour I hope :)
Dev21  There were some rumblings that the Ravens would look to replace Bennie Anderson at guard, either by drafting someone out of the second round, or signing Mo Collins. Is there a chance that the whole right side does indeed get revamped? I would be a happy person if that happened.
aaronwilson  He was eating at his desk, too.
bynere  have to take that
bynere  we have a liberal situation...kind of up to each individual to stay in shape and grab a bite
aaronwilson  Bennie Anderson is a competent, young player who works hard and has forged a place in the NFL despite going undrafted and playing in the XFL for the Chicago Enforcers. While Jim Colletto would like to address this position in the draft, that doesn't necessarily mean that Bennie is out of a job. He could very well return as a starter. It's a cloudy picture at present.
bynere  anybody har about rex ryan perhaps going to san fran if ted c gets the head job
Dev21  I didn't hear about that one. I hope Rex stays, I think he's one of the best D-line coaches in the NFL.
Chiefcrow  i hav'nt
bynere  you dam right he is....but you have to hope he can grow one day
HDDream  EB, that's the first I've heard of that. Like Dev, I hope he stays, although I always understand the need to move up if given the right oppurnity
bynere  rex is a heck of a coach and a dam good man....
Chiefcrow  EB can you tell us what free agent you are looking at
bynere  yea
bynere  tyrone wheatley, mack strong are a couple guys along with the fb ritchie from the raiders
adminsteve  OK, feel free everyone to ask away - just wait until the previous one is answered.
Chiefcrow  i alway thought he would a DC before some of the other on the ravens
Dev21  If the Ravens aren't able to land Price, and Boston is out of the question, where do they go from there. Kelly Washington will be avalible in the second round, but the Ravens would still need to sign some wideout like Dyson I would think.
Crowdog89  The team must be happy with the job Dennis Thurman did last season. As a former Cowboys fan(Please don't throw objects at the screen) I was happy to see him retained as a secondary coach.
Dev21  Wheatley would be a nice pickup.
aaronwilson  Rex Ryan would be a good defensive coordinator, but it's probable he'll return to Baltimore at least for another season.
Crowdog89  I wonder if his opinion of the Ravens defense would change if Wheatley were to come here?
bynere  what is his opinion
aaronwilson  Taylor Jacobs, Teyo Johnson and several others would be attractive second-round possibilities along with Kelly Washington, if his neck has healed sufficiently.
bynere  what's up ravfan
HDDream  lol Crow, another RB is not a bad idea. EB, he called the Ravens defense overrated two years ago even after they stuffed him the AFC Championshp game
Dev21  He gained around seven yards in that game, BTW.
bynere  sounds like he was in denial
aaronwilson  Dennis Thurman was rewarded along with Mike Pettine with promotions. Thurman is now the assistant secondary coach and Pettine is the new quality control coach.
Crowdog89  EB, I have an elephants memory...after the AFC Championship game against us he only gained 7 yds and he said something to the effect that he still wasn't impressed.
bynere  yea DT did a great job last year...he communicates with the players real nicely
Dev21  To expound on my question, the Ravens wouldn't enter the season with just one rookie out of the second round added to the mix, right? I think Dyson would be a nice pickup because his price should be in that $3 million range. Other thoughts on who they could sign?
bynere  got that a_ _ kicked although
Chiefcrow  EB what would you say makes Brain Billick such a good coach
HDDream  I think Ike Hillard is a possibility
bynere  his fell for the players and what they are dealing with...he has a uncanny way to feel what they feel and then us it to motivate them
bynere  he uses almost every situation to teach life and football lessons
aaronwilson  I doubt they would only add one wide receiver. The Ravens aren't prone to overloading a spot, but they know they must upgrade at this position and likely will. Don't expect them to make a splashy new hire when they feel they can get the job accomplished in a less expensive fashion.
bynere  hey mista..what's up
aaronwilson  Dyson is a complementary wideout along the vein of Travis Taylor. He's not much of a game-breaker, but when healthy, he's a solid professional with some ability to stretch the defense.
Dev21  Also, I heard Bob Haynie talking about how the Ravens may stick with Brooks at RT. I doubt that this happens, but in any case, which way would they upgrade this spot, through the draft with Harris or through free-agency?
aaronwilson  He would also fit in well in the locker room, too.
Mista_T  Hey. On Perqcaset, so I'll just watch mostly, thanks!
Dev21  Yup. He's the best out there next to Price and Boston. I think he could be a find, if he can just get over the injury bug.
bynere  we have some people ready to drop a pair so we have to look at that potential as well as looking at what we can bring in to motivate what we have in house
aaronwilson  I think it's more likely they will pursue the draft avenue rather than free agent market for a right tackle.
adminsteve  Hey T. Mix with alcohol - it's great.
bynere  hey greg
Baltimore_Greg  Hello, bynere?
ravensfan  would they go for a RT in the first round?
HDDream  The Ravens might be in a spot where they have to hope they can find their own version of Joe Horn, i.e. an lower tier free agent who blossoms into a major player here
bynere  how high you think they will reach AW
Baltimore_Greg  By the way, it is NotBaltimoreGreg
Dev21  I like Harris as most know. He could become a dominant RT in the Pros.
aaronwilson  Flozell Adams is staying put in Dallas, Bill Parcells says, and Orlando Pace wants to stay in St. Louis. This market isn't much beyond Luke Petigout, Solomon Page and Wayne Gandy. I would look for a draft pick rather than take those chances.
Mista_T  Hey steve: wifey got rid of all the Ouzo so I wouldn't try!
Dev21  Two other names to think about: Lincoln Kennedy and Matt Lepsis.
Crowdog89  Isn't Kennedy getting up there age wise?
aaronwilson  I think the Ravens won't be inclined to reach for a wide receiver if a higher-rated offensive lineman or defensive lineman is still available on their draft board. If, say, Andre Johnson is gone by the time the Ravens pick, they'll wait to draft a receiver until the second or third round.
Baltimore_Greg  So are you, Crow
Dev21  Yup.
aaronwilson  Kennedy is getting old, had a poor Super Bowl and wants to stay in Oakland.
Crowdog89  Thanks...
HDDream  32, but could probably play at a high level for a few more years
Crowdog89  I think
Crowdog89  Greg
bynere  lineman have a way of hanging around in the later years
aaronwilson  Kwame Harris has vast potential, as does Jordan Gross. Brett Williams would be a find in the second round, if the Ravens go defensive line or receiver with their first pick.
Baltimore_Greg  I am getting up there as well, big 4-0 is 4 weeks
HDDream  Ray Brown---still effective at age 40
Dev21  I think he's a lock to get released, though. The Oakland fire sale should be interesting to watch.
HDDream  Tony Pashos could be someone to watch in the 2nd or 3rd round for the Ravens too
bynere  yea kind of like ours or will it reach that temperture
Crowdog89  Any intrest in bringing big Sam Adams back?
Chiefcrow  i hope
Baltimore_Greg  They are $45 million over, but they have obvious cut
Baltimore_Greg  Russell at $10 mil, Hoying at $5 mil
bynere  always interest but I wouldn't bring him back unless there are stipulations in the contract
Mista_T  Aaron: On Sunday Billick mentioned Griese, Brunell, and Kordell as free agent QB potential. Was he just blowing smoke for all the anti-Blake crowd at the big Bull Roast, or do you think they will make a move to upgrade QB?
bynere  Numbers, numbers , numbers mista
Crowdog89  Stipulations on his weight, or other issues?
Baltimore_Greg  I saw a site that had Blake ranked 5th for FA QBs, behind Rob Johnson and Plummer, is his value that low around the league?
bynere  names are always good to send out but there are probable a couple real deals...we just have to fikgure that out
Crowdog89  Just say no to Rob Johnson please.
Dev21  I gotta agree with EB regarding Sam coming back. Barnes and Parker drive his price up every time.
Chiefcrow  would the ravens go for a gb in the draft
HDDream  If the Ravens aren't able to sign Donovin Darius, will they look at another S, perhaps Tebucky Jones?
bynere  by th way Ray has been in the weight room for the last week...lots of AB work along with legs
Baltimore_Greg  See ya all later, I just dropped by for a hit and run, have fun!
Dev21  That sounds good EB. It sounds like Ray wants to play better than ever, following his off year.
bynere  we have had a few guys come in....AD, Casey Rabach, Edwin, Marques Douglas to name a few along with the NFL europe guys
bynere  motivation comes in differnt ways
Chiefcrow  who are the the ravens sending to NFL E
Crowdog89  Ever find out why he missed NFL Matchup on espn..just curious.(Ray) How is Douglas coming along with his rehab? He was looking good prior to his injury last season.
bynere  Mike Collins...OL....Nate Boling....DL,....
aaronwilson  Yes, there is interest in Sam Adams despite his poor showing in the Super Bowl. If anyone can motivate him, it's Rex Ryan.
ravensfan  what is the story with russell (i think it's him anyway) and his suspension? Apparently they don't have to account for him as long as he's suspended and that will help the Raiders if they don't reinstate him soon.
bynere  Douglas is doing great...ahead of his time.....ray had a family emergency in Fla....
Crowdog89  Thanks EB.
Dev21  He'll be reinstated, I'm sure. He was suspended over a year ago.
aaronwilson  Apparently the Raiders' cap situation ranges anywhere from $36 to $50 million over the projected salary cap. It's an unwieldy number, but Russell and Adams' subtraction will help matters. Don't count Al Davis out. He's a shrewd man who has a long shelf life in the National Football League.
HDDream  That Gruden trade will help them
HDDream  at least in rebuliding
aaronwilson  Brian Billick might have been playing devil's advocate, but he tends to have fun at these affairs and says a lot of things that don't always come to fruition.
ravensfan  this may have already been discussed but i was wondering why ray wasn't on before the SB?
bynere  yea...they still will ne cap room to sign their draft picks
Dev21  They'll still have some nice young players like Barton, Harris, Buchannon, Coleman and Grant on the roster.
aaronwilson  Esteem for Blake's work hasn't been really been high for the past two years due to injuries and inactivity. He needs a strong full season to prove himself to the respective clubs' front offices.
bynere  family situation in Fla....
ravensfan  thanks
aaronwilson  Donovin Darius is their top target at that position. Tebucky Jones is from the same alma mater, Syracuse, but not of the same quality.
Chiefcrow  hope things are ok with his family
aaronwilson  I believe J.R. Jenkins will be allocated, too.
bynere  they are getting through
Dev21  Good point about the Raiders needing money to sign their picks EB. They would probably still need to trim and extra $10 million to signn picks, free-agents to fill the roster.
aaronwilson  The Raiders get cap relief on Russell who has finally gotten past his legal problems. His lawyer was the true All-Pro.
bynere  we should try and save his leg...he may be but hopefully we can get him through and see what we hope he has
aaronwilson  Bruce Allen said they will have to address the top 20 salaries on the Raiders' roster to comply with league regulations.
HDDream  If you guys had to guess, which, if any of McAlister, Mulitalo or Blake will be re-signed before free agnecy starts?
aaronwilson  Jenkins said he thought he would be allocated and would welcome that move.
Chiefcrow  what is the ravens biggest target in free ageny
bynere  history says none will be but there is hope
aaronwilson  McAlister will be franchised. Mulitalo won't hit the open market. And Jeff Blake will be a last-minute leverage deal full of incentives, or they'll let him test the market, which might not be kind to Blake and representative Ralph Cindrich are my humble predictions.
bynere  i think you have to look at DL and wideout
HDDream  I hope they can get at least Mulitalo done before he hits market
Chiefcrow  EB I know this is an old subject but what was your thoughts when the browns moved to baltimore
bynere  i believe he wants to be hear and will accept something that will make him confortable...i like that young man
bynere  it was a strange feeling...hard to explain because I had played in Clev and Washington and understood some parts of the business...but when it was announced that we were moving everyone was knocked off balance for a while
bynere  anybody got odds on marvin and Mucci with wins this year
HDDream  Last year, when the Ravens were talking about bringing back Adams, Nolan mentioned that he would be a DE in the 3-4, would that still be the plans this year if he's brought back?
bynere  I say marvin 7 and mucci 5
HDDream  I'm thinking about 5 each
adminsteve  Seven Wow.
Chiefcrow  I see the bengals winning more because they have the talent
Crowdog89  Lions 6-10 Bengals 5-11
adminsteve  Hope two of em ain't against us.
bynere  base defense is a 4-3 with an occasional 3-4 set......i like his bodddd at nose in the 3-4 personally
bynere  that is why i thought they would win 7...pool of talent is there...have to do some work on the mind
Crowdog89  The Bengals actually added someone to there scouting dept..SoP is listening to Marvin!!
Dev21  BEngals 7-9, Lions 4-12. If I was Mooch, I would have Millen completely scrap the roster, they've got some bad contracts on that team.
Chiefcrow  why did'nt sam want to play the nose in the 3-4
aaronwilson  I predict the Lions go 8-8 and the Bengals will be 4-12.
bynere  dam aw...still hard on the bengals.....gona hold ya to that
HDDream  If I was Mooch, I'd buy Millen a one way ticket back to the FOX broadcasting booth
aaronwilson  Sam Adams' knees make the meat grinder that typifies the nose guard position a poor fit for him despite his bulk.
Chiefcrow  Aaron i think it will be somewhere around the as you but opposite
ravensfan  Bengals 5, Lions 4
aaronwilson  Eventually, Steve Mariucci will control the Lions. Matt Millen just hired the general manager who will ultimately succeed him.
bynere  knees...he is the explosive type that can reck havoc in the middle....
aaronwilson  Hate to see it happen to Marvin Lewis, but he still has Jon Kitna at quarterback. From week to week that can be a good thing or a detriment.
aaronwilson  Next question, please.
bynere  he did show that he wasn't as strong in the SB...Sam that is
phatboy  Sam would have to fight of double teams at nose. He looked horrible in the Superbowl fighting off doubles.
Chiefcrow  i just have to sat the sam was carring a big load in the superbowl
HDDream  Kitna seems to have a great 5 game stretch, but doesn't do much of anything the rest of the year
aaronwilson  Definitely, Sam wasn't a factor, especially on third downs. He didn't have the initial quickness or the stamina to redirect his pass rush once the initial charge was stymied.
bynere  BIIIIg Load be interesting to see that scale
aaronwilson  His weight, possibly as much as 360 pounds, exacerbated matters.
Crowdog89  Sam got stuufed on one of the runs I saw in the SB. Never recall that happening here.
bynere  no question
ravensfan  who weighs more, him or Tony? ;-)
HDDream  If the Ravens go back to a 4-3, do they think Hartwell can play OLB in a 4-3?
aaronwilson  That lack of conditioning couldn't have pleased defensive coordinator Chuck Bresnahan and it wouldn't enthuse Mike Nolan, either.
HDDream  4-3
aaronwilson  Interesting question, I'm of the opinion that he could survive outside because he has speed and athleticism. His height could hurt him against taller tight ends, though. I like him best right where he is, but he's a good blitzer and it might work out alright. Ideally, he's an inside guy next to Ray Lewis.
bynere  it will not please the player if he is out of the game to be right
Chiefcrow  EB what D do you prefre the 4-3 or the 3-4
phatboy  Watching Comcast sportnight. They mentionad a Raven coach was promoted to Quality Control Coach. What is that???
HDDream  I think he and Weaver both fit best in a 3-4
bynere  I would like to see him play the weak side lber because of his speed and the possibility of covering a RB out of the backfield
Crowdog89  The qb situation on the Ravens will alwys be the hot topic( Just look at the 15 page thread on our board for example).Will there be an open competition in training camp for the starter spot?
aaronwilson  I would say Tony Siragusa, especially at his current girth, is heavier than Sam Adams. I think Goose might tip the scales at 385 compared to Adams' 350 to 360 pounds.
Dev21  I son;t see Hartwell as a good fit as the weakside OLB postion and Weaver may wear down in the 4-3 set.
Crowdog89  Regardless who is brought in be it Redman and Blake or someone else? I realize if Redman comes in it will depend on his recovery from his surgery.
ravensfan  i like Goose on the best damn sports show. he always speaks up for the Ravens.
aaronwilson  Mike Pettine is the new quality control coach. Mike is a former high school coach in Pennsylvania who graduated from Virginia and spent a year on the University of Pittsburgh staff. Brian Billick calls him a dedicated professional.
phatboy  What is the function of that position
bynere  they both are developing and can adjust to whatever tehy are asked to do.....they showed that this year with the way they played...maturation will only help these guys after a year where they had to play
ravensfan  if we ever get a nfl show for the ravens to analyze the game it would also be nice to see Goose. That guy is one funny SOB.
aaronwilson  A quality control coach is someone who helps several members of the staff with drills and video cut-ups to ensure that no opportunities are being missed or that the scheme fits the player's ability. If a negative trend develops, even a subtle one, a quality control coach can point out what's going on with another set of eyes for the coaching staff.
Chiefcrow  why has'nt Billick done a show of his own like Joe Gibbs use to do
bynere  Running to kiss the girls again.....thanks everyone...enjoyed the talk
HDDream  Good night EB
aaronwilson  I believe Jeff Blake will at least enter training camp as the starter with Chris Redman possibly supplanting him depending on his back condition.
Chiefcrow  have a good night
aaronwilson  Later, Earnest.
phatboy  Night EB
Crowdog89  Goodnight EB..Thanks..
Dev21  Darius is asking for $5 million a year, the same price that Roosevelt Colvin wants, while Colvin is a better and more valuable player. Why aren't the Ravens mentioning Colvin as a possible fit in this defense, considering they need a pass rushing OLB and considering that they would be able to fit his contract under the cap if they didn't sign a blue chip UFA like Peerless Price.
Dev21  Thanks EB.
ravensfan  Colvin is hight on my wish list. :-)
ravensfan  high
HDDream  I'd love to see Colvin here
Dev21  Plus, he WILL be avalibe.
aaronwilson  I know you're a fan of Colvin, and he's a good pass rusher, but they never seem to take him seriously. Not sure why, but he's not usually on their radar. Sometimes, the moves that make sense to you aren't considered critical by the team.
Crowdog89  Dev's been pimping Colvin for a year now LOL...
Chiefcrow  well I'm outta here guys talk with you later
adminsteve  Aaron I assume Singletary didn't live here. Is he moving the ranch to MD ?
HDDream  bye CC
adminsteve  Seeya CC
aaronwilson  They could also save the money and see what shakes loose after June 1.
Crowdog89  See ya CC
Dev21  I see Aaron. To me, they need that pass rusher to compliment Boulware. Colvin has racked up back to back double digit sack seasons.
aaronwilson  Mike Singletary, his wife, Kim, and children, Brooke, Kristen, Matt, Jill, Jackie, Becky and John, have moved to Lutherville.
HDDream  Aaron, besides Adams, what other free agent DT's might be on their radar?
adminsteve  Aaron, you amaze me. And their birthdates LOL
HDDream  or possible free agents
aaronwilson  They do need another pass rusher clearly. I think they would like to generate that rush through a down lineman not just through blitzing.
aaronwilson  Don't be amazed. It's on a press release actually.
Dev21  So they would be seeking both a DE and a NT?
aaronwilson  They would be more interested in acquiring a college defensive lineman, but are aware that the best ones like Penn State's Jimmy Kennedy won't last long enough.
aaronwilson  Keep in mind names like Kentucky's Jonathan Robertson, Arizona State's Terrell Suggs, Texas A&M's Ty Warren and Georgia's Sullivan.
aaronwilson  Yes.
aaronwilson  Trust me, they will address defensive line. They tend to not make a unit go through more than one season in a row with smoke and mirrors.
Dev21  Robertson would be a great fit at NT, Warren at DE. Aaron knows that I like Warren, although I don't think he'll sneak past the first round.
HDDream  What about Vonne Holliday? He's got both the size, at 6'5 290, and is a pretty good pass rusher, at least better than most 3-4 DE's are
aaronwilson  I think he might. Texas A&M players tend to last a while.
ravensfan  Dewayne Robertson?
Dev21  Of course, Adams would occupy the DE spot if he were re-sgined.
aaronwilson  Vonnie Holliday, on paper, would work well in the Ravens' scheme. He has had tax problems in recent years and would require a lucrative signing bonus.
Crowdog89  Do you think the Ravens are set as far as defensive backs or do we need to upgrade there as well?
aaronwilson  Yes, Adams would be coming back as a defensive end and would be in the weight battle of his life to get down to a manageable 325 pounds or so.
HDDream  Adams, Robertson and Weaver on the does that sound?
Dev21  Sounds like hell for offensive lineman.
Crowdog89  Backed up by?
aaronwilson  I know they would love to acquire one of the top cornerbacks in the draft, but it's not their major priority. Obviously, Marcus Trufant and Terrence Newman are impact players. They just aren't what the Ravens need the most.
Dev21  Sala'vea, Gregg, Kemoeatu and Douglas
HDDream  Thomas too
Dev21  Salave'a
Dev21  yes, forgot Thomas
aaronwilson  Next question, please.
Dev21  So Baxter is staying put at CB, I suppse.
aaronwilson  For now, I think he will unless Tom Knight becomes a medical miracle and shows much better than he did in the Valley of the Rising Sun.
RopeRaven  We had both Brightful and C. Taylor on kick returns last season. I couldn't figure a pattern to which one would be used. How does KR and PR look for the coming season?
HDDream  Aaron, if they draft a RT, will they bring back Brooks to at least act as vet insurance?
ravensfan  I got the impression Tom Knight could be ready for the season?
aaronwilson  Probably, a similar scenario: Lamont Brightful as the primary punt returner and Chester Taylor handling most of the kickoffs. Don't forget about Javin Hunter. His speed is worth entertaining again on returns now that he's served his four-game suspension for violating the league's ban against ephedrine.
aaronwilson  They could bring Ethan Brooks back as a backup, or as veteran insurance. He wouldn't cost them much money, so it's probable that he'll return in some form or another.
phatboy  Javin scares me. He needs to hold onto the ball
aaronwilson  Tom Knight has a history of hamstring problems. What I meant is the jury is still out. He's also a first-round pick who failed in Arizona. Keep in mind, though, that Simeon Rice and Michael Pittman both thrived in new environments. Perhaps he'll enjoy a similar career boost.
aaronwilson  Next question, please.
ravensfan  keep mccalister away from returning the ball. it's far too risky and he is too aggressive (stupid) sometimes.
phatboy  Crow having cable modem problems?
Dev21  Did Savage give any new hints as to which areas the Ravens will attack in free-agency in the press conference, besides the ones we've discussed?
HDDream  Aaron, how high do they look for a QB in the draft? Would they consider someone like Leftwich if he falls to 10/11? Or is someone like Boller (if he's available) or Simms in the 2nd round?
aaronwilson  It was very much par for the course. No direction of the team has changed other than the inner circle growing around Ozzie Newsome. Savage will continue to hit the college campuss, but will have a lot of time in the office, too.
aaronwilson  At this point, I don't foresee them drafting a quarterback in the first round unless Brian Billick makes a supreme push for one and I don't see him pulling any sort of power play, not after the Elvis Grbac debacle. The personnel department will pick the next quarterback. Their decision mode right now is to upgrade the receiving corps and the linemen.
adminsteve  Fellas, I got website stuff to finish. Catch you later - transcript tomorrow. Thanks Aaron.
aaronwilson  They wouldn't be opposed to one, the right type of quarterback, at some point on the first day.
adminsteve  Dev, you da man!
HDDream  good night Steve
Dev21  See yah Steve.
phatboy  night all
aaronwilson  How about one more question each and then we'll wrap up?
RopeRaven  Will other kickers besides Jenkins be invited to compete for the kickoff job? Will they be competing only for the kickoff job or compete with Stover for FGs/PATs as well?
aaronwilson  The Ravens always bring in at least two to three kickers to camp to create competition and save the leg of Matt Stover. At this point, he's pretty safe based on his accuracy and decent leg strength last season.
aaronwilson  Next question, please.
ravensfan  how does someone like Michael Haynes fit on the Ravens?
HDDream If you had to guess, will they sign a starting lineman (either a guard or tackle) in free agency?
aaronwilson  He would be considered an undersized end with tremendous potential as a speed rusher. Unlike former Penn State player Courtney Brown, Haynes demonstrates a true mean streak. I think they would find a spot for him somewhere. Like Terrell Suggs, he might be versatile enough to stand up and play outside linebacker in a 3-4 situation.
aaronwilson  No.
HDDream  damn
HDDream  lol
aaronwilson  Next question please.
Dev21  We talked about James Lynch as a possible fit at FB through the draft. IYO, will the Ravens draft a young FB or sign one? I like Shawn Ryson as well, out of Buffalo. He can double as a RB and a FB/
HDDream  The 3 guys who got promoted are all very young (31, 35, and 37), is that unusual in the NFL to have guys so young in such high areas of autority in the front office?
Dev21  Bryson.
HDDream  authority
Crowdog89  Sorry, I got ""Comcasted""
aaronwilson  I think they will look to develop a young fullback behind Alan Ricard, perhaps someone who is interchangeable between tailback and fullback.
HDDream  UNC 43 Duke 38 at the case anyone cares
cosmos2  hello everyone
HDDream  hi Cosmos, I think we're getting ready to wrap it up
aaronwilson  It's slightly unusual, but several teams, including the Philadelphia Eagles with Tom Heckert Jr., employ young, smart people in their personnel departments. The Tampa Bay Bucs have another one in Mark Dominick, who's a rising star in personnel ranks.
aaronwilson  Anything else, guys.
Crowdog89  Do you think the Ravens will go the Free agent route or use the draft to answer the receiver secure a #1 WR?
HDDream  I've got nothing else, just wanted to mention that McCrary would be great on that TV show of yours if it ever happens
cosmos2  vonnie holiday any way are the ravens interested?
aaronwilson  I believe they will pursue free agency heavily to address the receiver position.
aaronwilson  It's a nice link, but they would probably be conservative with approaching him.
ravensfan  my guess is after the first round of the draft if they do it there. there's not much after the top 2 receivers to warrant a 10/11 pick.
Crowdog89  Thanks for your time Aaron.
HDDream  Thanks Aaron
ravensfan  thanks Aaron
aaronwilson  Thanks for all your questions. Looking forward to the next chat. Goodnight.
RopeRaven  Thanks, Aaron

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