Changing Jobs

The recent hiring of Jack Del Rio and Marvin Lewis has brought to mind possible changes of our staff. Rex Ryan and Donnie Henderson have been mentioned as possible candidates for a number of defensive coordinator positions around the league, while Mike Smith has already been named the defensive coordinator in Jacksonville. With the possibility of these changes occurring, shifts in the team chemistry are likely.

Overall, with the addition or subtraction of personnel, there is usually a definite change in the spirit of a football team. The individual that leaves takes his energy, understanding and the relationship that he has developed with his former organization to his new team. While the individual that is brought in brings in his own personal knowledge, abilities and spirit to a new
situation, he also has to recognize that he must build new relationships. When this process takes place, there is an adjustment period that everyone in the organization goes through.

The player that has been coached a certain way now has to adjust to the way that the new coach will teach and convey information. There is also the relationship issue that has to be considered because over time, there is a certain amount of comfort gained from player to coach and vise versa. Personalities may clash when this type of coaching switch occurs. So even though, as a staff, the coaches are given the ability to move up and on to develop their careers, there must be a constant balance that has to be adhered to so that whatever chemistry there is between the coaches and players can continue to thrive under any circumstance.

In a situation where there are coaching changes involved, the head coach plays a key role in keeping the team steady. Brian Billick has a great deal of understanding and feel for his players, and he understands his responsibility to the team while keeping chemistry in mind. He thinks about the situations that are in front of him, and the possible ramifications to the overall structure of the team. There has to be this consideration made from all leaders/head coaches in a sport like football,  where chemistry is such a crucial part of keeping together the entire entity.

Ultimately, we wish the guys that are promoted much success if and when they receive their new positions. At the same time, we still must keep our eyes on the overall chemistry of the team. If the spirit of the team is altered too much, a deterioration of play may occur from the unit which has to adjust to a new coaching style. But if the team chemistry is kept positive, and the right people are substituted for those that move on, than the head coach, and even the people that are in supporting roles have to be thanked for making the change seem seamless.


One side note- I must give kudos to the player development directors around the league (i.e., ME).

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