News, Notes, Progress and Team Notes.

Top prospects look to go different directions in enhancing their draft position.

"> News, Notes, Progress and Team Notes.

Top prospects look to go different directions in enhancing their draft position.


Player Notes & Interviews

<p style="margin-left: 3; margin-right: 3">News, Notes, Progress and Team Notes.</p> <p style="margin-left: 3; margin-right: 3"> Top prospects look to go different directions in enhancing their draft position.</p>


Kyle Boller / California

- Confirmed that he will run here this weekend but won't throw. He'll do so at his Pro Day on 3/13.
- Measured in at 6'3, 234.

Byron Leftwich / Marshall -

- He confirmed that back in November he actually suffered a broken left tibia not a high ankle sprain. The reason why the actual nature of the injury wasn't revealed until now was because the team and Leftwich didn't want their opponents to know the true nature of the injury. He added he's now finally 100 percent. This is the second injury of a serious nature that he's suffered to his left leg. He suffered a stress fracture back in his Junior season according to Leftwich. We expect his draft stock to drop after this news today.

- Measured in at 6'5 3/4/240.

- Won't work out here because he just is finally healthy. He'll take about six more weeks to workout on his own until his pro day on 4/7.

Rex Grossman / Florida -

- Confirmed he measured in at 6'1/217.

- Grossman said he will throw but not run here.

- When asked about playing in his rookie season, he said the best thing is probably to sit but would love to play.

- Working with former NFL QB Steve Deberg as his tutor for the draft. He's working on getting rid of the ball sooner and his footwork.

Dave Ragone / Louisville

Measured in at 6'3 1/2, 249. He said he can play at 252.

- Ragone confirmed he'll workout here and also at his pro day on 3/19.

Wide Receiver

Terrence Edwards / Georgia -

- Told us he put on a lot of weight since the combine by drinking protein shakes and by lifting weights. He weighed in here at 176. That's up from 163 at the Senior Bowl. He also told us he would like to get up to as much as 178-180.

- Edwards won't be working out here, he will at this Pro Day on 3/11.

Andre Johnson / Miami -

- Johnson confirmed he measured in at 6'2/230. He told us he is "very comfortable at that weight".

- Johnson won't be working out here instead he will at this Pro Day on 3/6.

- When we asked him about what teams he talked to, he said he talked to Redskin owner Dan Snyder at length and met with all the coaches last night. He does not have an agent yet and his uncle is helping him out with that area.

- His decision to turn pro wasn't made until after their bowl game loss to Ohio St. He added he didn't think about leaving school until then because he wanted to concentrate on playing in the game.

Charles Rogers / Michigan St. -

- Rogers said he's working at Cris Carter's speed camp.

- Rogers confirmed he measured in at 6'3, 202 1/2.

- Rogers also confirmed he won't workout here but he will run at his pro day on 3/18.

Bryant Johnson / Penn St. -

- Johnson confirmed he measured in at 6'2/214.

- Johnson said he will not workout here but will at this pro day on 3/20.

Kareem Kelly / USC -

- Kelly confirmed he measured in at 5'11/186.

Taylor Jacobs / Florida -

- Jacobs confirmed for us that he's fine and is 100 percent recovered from his Senior Bowl week injury. He got hit on the side of his leg there.

- When asked about what positions he played at during his collegiate career, most of the time at the "X" but has played both sides and the slot.

- Interestingly, he was a good baseball player in high school and would have been drafted by the Atlanta Braves had he not chosen to play football. Amazingly, he said he threw as high as 94 mph at one point.

Brandon Lloyd / Illinois -

- Lloyd said he played quarterback in high school and said it's an added extra he can give a team.

- Confirmed he measured in at 6'0/184.

- Lloyd said he'll run on Sunday.

- Some NFL people we talked to said if he times well, he could be drafted in the first round.

- Speaks very well and not surprisingly he said he would like to be an NFL color analyst later in life. Has already had an internship with Fox Sports TV locally.

Kevin Curtis / Utah St. -

- Curtis confirmed he measured in at 5'11, 187.

- Curtis confirmed for us that he talked for us that he talked to the Falcons so far which makes sense because the Falcons need help at receiver.

- Curtis said he will run on Sunday and work out at his pro day on 3/6 and 3/27. Said he played in the slot and outside in college. Slot is a good position for him because he works well in space as we saw during Senior Bowl week.

LaTarence Dunbar / TCU -

- Dunbar confirmed for us that he has talked to the Packers, Buccaneers, Dolphins, Texans, Cowboys, Jaguars, and Rams.

- Dunbar measured in at 5'10/196. No health problems and a clean x-ray.

- Dunbar said he will workout on Sunday here.

Tight End

Dallas Clark / Iowa -

- Clark said several teams told him he's projected to be drafted as high as the second round.

- Clark confirmed that he measured in at 6'3/256.

- Though he has really come on as a pass catcher, he confirmed he has only played tight end two seasons and started his career as a linebacker.

Bennie Joppru / Michigan -

- Confirmed he measured in at 6'4/272.

- Joppru said he won't run here because of problems with his big toes. One is infected but should run within the next two weeks.

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