Recap Of Sundays Combine Events

A few notes for premium subscribers and additional information on what happened today in the RCA Dome. A lot on the quarterbacks and even more on the wide outs.

Dave Ragone aside, the quarterbacks were not impressive. Jason Gesser has no arm and it was evident, Brooks Bollinger proved he is not a pro-caliber quarterback while both Juston Wood and Josh Blankenship showed they had no reason to be here. Watching the later two throw, (both Blankenship and Wood were used as practice quarterbacks for both the running backs and tight ends so we saw them extensively) it was strange as to why these throwers were in Indianapolis and an invitation was not extended to Jason Thomas.

On a positive note, Seneca Wallace again looked good as he did in the Senior Bowl. In fact they never used him at receiver as was originally planned.

The wide outs were not much better; the stopwatch may have said 4.37 for Tyrone Calico but once it was time to catch the ball Calico slowed down to a 4.65. One thing we've learned about the MTSU wide out, he never plays as fast as he runs for the clock!

Brandon Lloyd had a fine pass catching performance after his poor forty times, which may knock him out of the first round.

Speaking of the first round, unless he somehow hits a grand slam real soon, Anquan Boldin can forget about the first day, never mind the first round.

Sam Aiken, Nate Burleson and Shaun McDonald had good sessions at receiver while Tony Romo and Brian St. Pierre were better than average at quarterback. Walter Young also had a very good all day.

Taylor Jacobs really struggled today and had a poor session. We were being kind to the SDSU kids, Osgood and Tolver. At one point Osgood dropped more passes than he actually caught and Tolver also struggled.

BTW: We personally asked Boss Bailey about the 50-inch vertical jump…he said it's been exaggerated and not that high.

Note: This is only a small recap of the day's events. Starting next week we will have full reports on all the drills at every position.

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