Redman's rehabilitation is on schedule

In terms of prognosticating the eventual outcome of a back surgery, Ravens general manager Ozzie Newsome is no chiropractor. However, the Ravens executive is a firm believer in the franchise's medical staff, especially head trainer Bill Tessendorf.

Redman is scheduled to begin throwing as soon as May and it's anticipated that he'll participate in all off-season camps after going 3-3 as a starter last season before giving way to veteran Jeff Blake when his a back injury from his Louisville days flared up in midseason.

"Nobody is a bigger fan of Bill Tessendorf than I am," Newsome said. "I rely on Bill's assessment, and Bill says he'll be ready to start to throw probably in May and be ready for the minicamps. I think this surgery is going to go a long way to make Chris a better, stronger football player.

"He had this injury coming out, so maybe this surgery has resolved it and he can move forward and get back on the field and prove to us he can be the quarterback on this football team."

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