Ravens interested in former players

Although the Ravens cut their ties in the past with former players such as Jermaine Lewis, defensive lineman Sam Adams and offensive tackle Orlando "Zeus" Brown, that doesn't mean necessarily that the NFL club wouldn't consider bringing those players back to Baltimore. They will face competition, though.

Lewis has already been linked with the Washington Redskins and the Miami Dolphins after being released by the Houston Texans just one season after being allocated in the expansion draft. Lewis suffered injury problems in Houston and caught just two passes.

Adams is hitting the market again after one season with the Oakland Raiders. He was noticed for all of the wrong reasons in the Super Bowl, when he was pushed around and appeared grossly overweight. The Ravens believe they can motivate him and get him back into optimum condition, and he's been calling members of the coaching staff to push for a reunion.

Adams has a mercenary's reputation and held a $10 million cap figure that necessitated his parting of the ways with Oakland.

"I have already spoken with Jermaine's agent," Ravens general manager Ozzie Newsome said. "Jermaine went down to Miami yesterday, and there's the potential he could be visiting us one day next week.

"We know Jermaine, so it would be more just getting re-acquainted. Sam Adams I know talked to one of our coaches last night, so Sam has been in contact with us also. We'll just monitor those guys. I think we know them as well as anybody in the league, and when the right opportunity is presented, we'll strike."

As for Brown, he hasn't played since 1999, when his eye was damaged by an errantly thrown penalty flag by referee Jeff Triplette. Brown has reportedly reached a lucrative settlement in his lawsuit with the NFL. He told Ravens Insider prior to the 2001 season that he risks a detached retina if he takes a bad hit to the eye.

He would likely have to sign some form of indemnification in order to protect his new employer from any future lawsuit if he was to lose his eyesight completely in his damaged eye. Brown wears sunglasses indoors.

He's been linked recently with the San Diego Chargers, among other potential suitors. Brown is represented by league power broker Tom Condon, the top agent at IMG.

"I've been in contact with his agent," Newsome said . "Zeus is on a major tour right now. Hopefully we'll try to get him in before I go to Naples next Thursday. That's what I'm looking to do right now."

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