Ravens have contingency plans if Blake leaves

Any negotiation can be a tricky process. The Ravens' talks with unrestricted free agent quarterback Jeff Blake likely hinges upon Blake and his representative, Ralph Cindrich, accepting less guaranteed money and an incentive-laden contract offer. Blake could become a backup elsewhere for more money, or retain his starting position in Baltimore. The ball is in his court, so to speak, but he hurt his own bargaining power last season when he showed an alarming tendency to commit costly turnovers.

If the deal should fall through, the Ravens could consider other alternatives such as Kordell Stewart, Jake Delhomme, Charlie Batch, Shaun King or a college quarterback like Rex Grossman, Kyle Boller or Dave Ragone.

"Well, we have a whole list of them," Ravens general manager Ozzie Newsome said. "But we wouldn't be moving too rapidly on that. There are going to be more quarterbacks that are going to come available in June.

"Right now the priority is to sign Jeff. If that falls through, then we'll take our time and try to find someone else to come in and play with Chris. That doesn't [rule out] the draft."

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