Free Agency Ranked: Defense

<b>Defensive Ends:</b><br><br> 1. <b>Hugh Douglas:</b> Douglas is sure to get a lot of attention from various suitors, but don't bet all your cards on Douglas registering big time sack totals for his new team. Age is starting to creep up on him.

2. Vonnie Holliday: Holliday's game is similar to that of former teammate Joe Johnson. While he doesn't have the greatest speed, Holliday uses an effective bull rush to plow through offensive tackles in order to sack the quarterback, and he uses his hands well to disengage blocks.


3. Chike Okeafor: Not the biggest end, but Okeafor has a Tasmanian devil type motor, and he has the speed to get past the edge.


4. Brad Scioli: He's not ever going to get you 10 sacks in one season. However, he'll remind you of his former teammate Chad Bratzke, because he plays with a lot of energy against the run or the pass.


5. Duane Clemons: This former Chief was poised to breakout last season; now he'll look for a chance to be used in a rotation with some other club.


Defensive Tackles:


1. Daryl Gardener: Gardner answered some of the question marks dealing with his chronic back problems and poor attitude, by playing at a dominant level during the second half of the season.


2. John Thornton: Thornton is a defensive tackle who's on the rise, and is hitting the market during the perfect time in his career.


3. Sam Adams: Would be ranked No.1 on this list, if he had played with any deal of consistency last year. Adams still has a couple of good years left in him.


4. Brandon Noble: You may have never heard of him, but Noble is solid run stuffer, who is willing to do a lot of the grunt work up front.


5. Chester McGlockton: McGlockton never plays with any great amount of motivation and desire, which is why he's not been able to stamp his name among the elite defensive tackles in football.




1. Roosevelt Colvin: A ferocious sack artist who will garner a great deal of attention from a number of teams around the league.


2. Anthony Simmons: Simmons is an underrated linebacker, who has the speed and coverage abilities to thrive on the weakside.


3. Mike Peterson: Like Simmons, Peterson is somewhat undersized, but he has tremendous speed to chase and rove in space.


4. Shelton Quarles: He's played on the inside and outside at a high level, but he's probably better suited to play in open-space.


5. Jamir Miller: Coming back from a torn Achilles is going to be tough for Miller. When healthy, he's one of the better pass rushers in football.



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