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Better Late Than Never - Chat Transcript From 2/26

<p>Oops! My apologies for not getting this out Thursday. Anyhoo...Wednesday we had a great chat with Aaron Wilson - most of the evening was spent on the subject of Jeff Blake since 'TheFanatic' showed up with about 15 questions on the Ravens QB. Apparently Blake has a poodle?? It was crazy! <p>Don't miss out on the next chat. Get a <A HREF="">Total Access Pass

aaronwilson  Good evening everyone. Ready for your questions.
darb72  so we've got the Administrator, the reporter, and the smart alec.
adminsteve  Ahh yes - so you get first question :)
darb72  I'll make it a simple one then. Would the Ravens take Leftwich or Boller at the 10th spot
adminsteve  Will Leftwich be there?
aaronwilson  They would opt for Byron Leftwich, the Marshall passer, over Kyle Boller, the fast-rising Cal quarterback.
darb72  would they take him?
aaronwilson  The question is moot anyway because Leftwich won't last that long, and Boller doesn't carry that high a pro grade. Keep in mind that 40-yard dash times make people's stock rise this time of year, but film, size and arm strength mean a lot more.
adminsteve  Hey John
aaronwilson  Ready for your next question.
Crowdog89  Hey guys...where is everyone?
adminsteve  Have you talked to #64 - He seems happy with his deal
adminsteve  Hi HD
HDDream  Hey Steve, Darb, Crow, Aaron...
aaronwilson  Edwin Mulitalo is extremely pleased with his seven-year, $15 million contract which includes a $4 million signing bonus.
aaronwilson  So are the rest of the Mulitalos, who attended his press conference on Tuesday.
HDDream  that's a good deal for the Ravens
darb72  it does me proud to see a guard get some love. We never get any.
adminsteve  I heard him on 98 Rock - they were trying to convert 15 mill to Samoan dollars.
aaronwilson  Averages about $2 million and change per season, so it's cap-friendly and keeps together the blocking tandem of Jonathan Ogden and Mulitalo.
aaronwilson  Next question, please.
darb72  Hey HD
adminsteve  Edwin said it was worth 'a couple of coconuts'
Crowdog89  I love his attitude as far as wanting to stay here and giving the fans credit...Old school stuff we don't see much of in this day and age.
darb72  are the Ravens secure going into next season with Brooks at right tackle.
adminsteve  Plus he plays the ukelele LOL
HDDream  Did someone already ask about a certain WR who's spent his NFL career in the desert?
adminsteve  Not yet :)
HDDream  Well, then I guess you know where my first question is going :)
adminsteve  I'm hoping they may do something at that pos.
aaronwilson  I don't believe they are, and they will investigate heavily drafting a right tackle in the early rounds. Prospects like Utah's Jordan Gross, Stanford's Kwame Harris, Georgia's Jon Stinchcomb and FSU's Brett Williams would cut dashing, robust figures in a Ravens uniform.
darb72  you're going to ask about Blake aren't you
aaronwilson  Next question, please.
Crowdog89  I just saw where Quadry Ismail was released, any interest in bringing him back into the fold since he knows the system?
aaronwilson  I doubt they would bring Qadry back unless it was at a totally discounted price. I believe he would like to entertain the possibility since he may still own a home in Owings Mills.
aaronwilson  Next question, please.
TheFanatic  What did I miss?
adminsteve  A couple of questions - fire one off.
HDDream  Aaron, I know from listening to your show on Saturday, that you weren't that high on bringing in Boston, how much of a play do you think the Ravens will make for him?
TheFanatic  How many (if Any) questions regarding Blake have been asked?
Crowdog89  none yet that I know of
adminsteve  None
adminsteve  None about Kordell either :)
aaronwilson  Enough of a play for a potential visit, significant conversation with his agent, Mitch Frankel, and a market-value bid that protects the Ravens' interests. Keep in mind, though, that there's off-field baggage, a potential four-game suspension for violating the league's substance abuse policies, and a background of injuries. He's high risk, high reward all the way. Buyer beware is what I say.
aaronwilson  Next question, please.
TheFanatic  Is there a deadline for this possible suspension of Boston?
aaronwilson  No, there isn't. The National Football League operates at its own pace and schedule and can make a decision on him at any time. Usually, these things are handed down a month or two before the season. Trust that the Ravens will know the score on Boston before they commit to any type of relationship with him.
aaronwilson  Next question, please.
adminsteve  What was the alleged 'substance'
TheFanatic  Is Billick really in Texas or heading to Texas to meet with Blake?
aaronwilson  Positive tests, according to Arizona police, for marijuana and cocaine. There used to be a transcript of the 911 call on the Internet. Messy episode for which he has issued a public apology and said he wants to put the situation behind him. Quote from Hall of Famer Joe Greene, the Cardinals defensive line coach on Boston: ""He could have the world by its tail if he lives to see age 30.""
darb72  I can't understand someone with that much talent wasting it on drugs.
adminsteve  Ahh - not his wife's Metabolife then!
aaronwilson  That's what Billick said. Last night, he was in College Park at the Terps game as the guest of minority owner Steve Bisciotti. Both sides need to reach some peaceful accord so if Billick visiting Blake's home expedites matters, by all means it's a good idea.
darb72  you're thinking of Romo, Steve
aaronwilson  Next question, please.
darb72  Is Billick just blowing smoke about Kordillia
TheFanatic  Has there ever been any perception by anyone involved in the organization that Jeff Blake is a ""Cancer"" and not a team oriented type player?
darb72  and if you don't answer my question, I'm leaving too :)
aaronwilson  No, Kordell Stewart, according to several people in the organization is a possibility in case the negotiation with Jeff Blake blows up. Very real possibility: Blake has to accept virtual backup money to play for the Ravens when no other club wants to sign him as a starter. The Ravens have the leverage and the control. They shouldn't have to remind Blake and his representative, Ralph Cindrich, of that fact. They don't want to b [msg continues in 20 secs]
aaronwilson  e rude, but they hold the cards and the football. [msg complete]
TheFanatic  I got booted!!! What was the answer?
Crowdog89  Hows Redman coming along with his rehab? What are the chances of someone like the Bears picking up Blake?(PLEASE OH PLEASE!!)
aaronwilson  In terms of Blake's leadership, he's team-oriented and a strong personality. I've found him to be a person who takes being a good teammate seriously and commands respect in the locker room. Is he a perfect quarterback? No. Is he a serviceable type you can with? Definitely.
darb72  they hold the football. Sounds like a trick they should teach Blake.
adminsteve  Fan, I'll paste it hold on...
aaronwilson  Chris Redman is reportedly a month away from throwing and is expected to participate in all offseason camps. That said, the Ravens are hedging their bets and will not count on a speedy recovery after back surgery as their chief avenue to explore for a starting quarterback.
aaronwilson  Next question, please.
adminsteve  It's there Rick
HDDream  Any chance they decide to go for a RT in free agency, even if it's a cheaper guy like Mike Rosenthal?
TheFanatic  Not quite the answer I was looking for.
darb72  Is Ray's rehab coming along well. He is the most important person on the team
aaronwilson  They could try to talk to Mike Rosenthal, or Luke Petitgout, or even Big Cat Williams, who was released today. Blake Brockermeyer is worth a look, too.
aaronwilson  In terms of Ray Lewis' rehab from shoulder surgery, it was a fairly routine operation with a small tear in the labrum. Lewis is a workout fanatic. The only possible concern is his frustration level causing him to rush his schedule. He'll receive the best possible care and the Ravens have a strong track record of bringing their athletes back slowly. Re: Jamal Lewis.
aaronwilson  Next question, please.
Brandon74  Hey all
HDDream  Hey Brandon
TheFanatic  Why do the Ravens seem intent on making Blake the #1 priority of free agent QBs over others that are available?
darb72  which brings me to my next quetsion. Do the Ravens think Stokley will be back
aaronwilson  Because this is a decidedly slim market for quarterbacks. There are flaws with each prospect whether that's Kordell Stewart, Jake Plummer, Jake Delhomme, Charlie Batch, Brian Griese, Shaun King, Jeff Blake or Jim Miller.
* Brandon74  (Plays Sound: steelers.wav) steelers
darb72  what?
HDDream  Aaron, any word on the tenders to the RFA's, in particular Redman and Thomas. I'm wondering which of the 3 possible tenders they got?
aaronwilson  The Ravens are, pardon the pun, dancing with the one they brought to the prom, and Blake knows the system and has the mobility and arm strength that Brian Billick covets. If he was taller, younger and less prone to turnovers, he would be ideal.
TheFanatic  Do they see Blakes flaws as less dangerous or harmful to the team chemistry, and offensive production as the others you mentioned?
aaronwilson  The word on the restricted free agent tenders hasn't leaked out yet, but expect the Ravens to tender most of those players, but not at the maximum tender which gives compensation of a first and a third-round pick if the player is signed to an offer sheet elsewhere.
darb72  can I pick on Fanatic now. please
aaronwilson  The Ravens won't waste their hard-earned salary cap space buying extra insurance for players unlikely to draw expensive bids on the market.
* TheFanatic  MOTIONS/playful.gif I have my reasons for this Blake interigation Darb.
aaronwilson  Basically, yes, I see Blake as a safe alternative to some of those players who don't know the system. It's my belief that the Ravens are looking for continuity and postponing the ultimate quarterback decision for another season.
aaronwilson  Next question, please.
darb72  I know, but there's no one to argue Ravens football with down here
Brandon74  If the RAVENS can't get Boston, do they have other WRs they are interested in
darb72  still a good question
TheFanatic  So you see and agree that 'CONTINUITY"" as weighing heavily into the QB choice?
aaronwilson  I'm sorry. I skipped one of the questions about Brandon Stokley. He has informed the Ravens apparently that he wants to test free agency. He may find that there isn't much of a market for him and will have to return to Baltimore at their price.
aaronwilson  They haven't commented publicly on the wideouts they like because they're not supposed to until free agency actually begins on Friday. That said, expect the Ravens to at least look into players like Kevin Dyson and Ike Hilliard.
HDDream  Any idea what their offer is to Stokley? Is it just a one year/vet minimum type deal with perhaps some incentatives thrown in?
aaronwilson  Yes, continuity is a major reason why Blake's return could be imminent.
Brandon74  I read that Qadry was released, as well as his brother. Do you think that they may have an interest in bringing Qadry Ismail back
aaronwilson  In terms of Stokley's contract offer, I'm not privy to the details but forethought tells you that you don't break the bank for an injury-prone wideout who is undersized without the ability to create separation behind the secondary on a regular basis.
TheFanatic  Do you get any kind of a sense from the players as to who they would prefer to be the starter next year/ Blake or Redman?
aaronwilson  I think Qadry Ismail wouldn't solve the Ravens' long-term problem at the position. He would be another stopgap, not a solution.
HDDream  as 20 questions with Fanatic on Blake continues.....
Crowdog89  Blake freak, blake freak.....
darb72  it is rather amusing
aaronwilson  Jeff Blake is the player Billick is promoting most often. He's been outwardly skeptical and concerned about Redman's back condition. Logically, the Ravens will allow Billick to make the final call on this critical position. That's the way Art Modell has always operated going back to Ted Marchibroda at the quarterback spot.
aaronwilson  Next question, please.
HDDream  but I don't mind it at all, since I do expect him to be signed by this time next week
darb72  let's have another from TheFanatic. What size shoes does Blake wear?
TheFanatic  Sorry, but when I got many, many people basicallty telling me I'm out of my mind because I think ""Continuity"" is a major factor, I wanna go to the guy closest to the situation.
HDDream  What are the chances of them taking a QB on the first day of the draft? Especially with that first round pick on Leftwich or even Boller if he has a great Pro Day?
Crowdog89  The continuity of wonderful
darb72  Continuity is a great thing, as long as you're not continuing to suck.
aaronwilson  Extremely high that they will take a quarterback during the first day. They will not go to camp with just Jeff Blake and Chris Redman. They will look for someone with some potential to eventually become a starter. However, they are unlikely to expend their first selecton on that player.
aaronwilson  It's more likely Baltimore will look into a player in the second or third round rather than risk missing out on the lineman, offensive or defensive, they need in the first round with the 10th overall selection.
TheFanatic  does that mean the guy we got from Dallas (name slips my mind) is out of the picture?
aaronwilson  Next question, please.
HDDream  Well, Fanatic, if it's any consolation, unless a major upgrade can be found at QB (and I don't think there can be), I think continuity is one of, if not the biggest factor in deciding the QB(s) for next season
Crowdog89  what if Leftwich or Boller are available at you think the Ravens will take one there?
aaronwilson  I've seen Anthony Wright play in person. He was starting against the Titans for the Cowboys and he was awful, completely intimidated by Randall Godfrey and Jevon Kearse. He's not the answer.
HDDream  Aaron, if Leftwich somehow slides to 10, and assuming he checks out healthwise, don't you think it would be hard for them to pass on him?
HDDream  opps...Crow beat me to the punch
Brandon74  I doubt Leftwich will slip till 10 though
TheFanatic  Didn't think he was, but some think he could be. Anybody but Blake don't cha know.
aaronwilson  They might opt for Leftwich, but it's unlikely he'll get past the Chicago Bears unless they sign one of the free agent quarterbacks and install him as a starter. They're reportedly in the running for Kordell Stewart as well.
aaronwilson  Next question, please.
darb72  Let's go Bears.
darb72  heard anything new about us trading for Kyle Turley
Brandon74  i really think Bungles will take Leftwich
TheFanatic  Have you seen or gotten near the draft board at all? If so, any tyope of pecking order as far as player rankings on our board/
HDDream  What's the latest rumblings about the Ravens going after Sam Adams? Any other specific defensive lineman on their radar?
Crowdog89  Anthony Wrght is not the answer but IMO neither is Blake.
darb72  Hey, if Fanatic gets 20 questions about Blake, I get one a session about Turley
HDDream  free agent defensive linemen that is
HDDream  Brandon, I think he's the best QB in the draft, if they take a QB at 1, that's who I would take
aaronwilson  The Ravens don't disclose their draft board under any circumstances. Occasionally, they will answer direct questions after the fact, but no team tips their hands to the press before they pick. It's not a sound business decision. Their priorities are offensive tackle, defensive line, wide receiver and quarterback, possibly in that direct order.
TheFanatic  I think you'd be hard pressed to find anybody that thinks Blake is the answer for the long haul.
aaronwilson  They haven't talked much about Sam Adams in a while, but they tend to understand how to motivate this gifted, yet constantly overweight defensive lineman. Don't be surprised if Baltimore tries to bid on him.
Crowdog89  or the short haul either IMO
aaronwilson  Next question, please.
TheFanatic  Got a btter option Crowdog/
darb72  WestsideOzzie, RealPurpleGuy, that creepy fellow who coined the phrase ""It's shake and Blake time."" There's three Fanatci
HDDream  which is why they will draft a guy high in the draft Fanatic, to give them another longterm option besides Redman
Crowdog89  I'd take Delhomme over Blake
darb72  Have the Ravens considered trading McAlister for draft picks?
TheFanatic  No doubt in my mind that will draft a guy.
Brandon74  i predict a QB drafted in the 3rd round for us
TheFanatic  Yup, Ol Delhomme has that sorely needed veteran leadership and experiance.
aaronwilson  No, I don't believe they would trade Chris McAlister. That would be trading a relative position of strength for unproven, albeit talented youngsters. The Ravens have invested considerable time, effort and money into developing McAlister. Now, they want to enjoy a return on that investment.
aaronwilson  Next question, please.
darb72  I agree Aaron, I just saw it posted and wanted to get away from the Blake argument
HDDream  What's the latest on CMac's contract talks, what are the chances of a longterm deal being done by March 15th?
darb72  see how good I am
* Crowdog89  MOTIONS/happy.gif
Brandon74  Any word on what the RAVENS will do about Jermaine Lewis. Apparently a lot of teams are interested in him right now. Are the RAVENS going to contact him?
TheFanatic  Out of the current wideouts we have, which ones do you see being on the active roster next year in addition to whoever the new free agent might be?
aaronwilson  Their chances are strong since they control his rights and would like to maximize their cap dollars by spreading out that signing bonus on a long-term contract extension. That said, Mitch Frankel has to be reasonable and agree to terms.
darb72  Who's willing to bet me that the Steelers draft Senneca Wallace in the second or third round?
aaronwilson  They said they will look into it, but I believe some other teams will overpay for Jermaine and the Ravens will pass on the former Maryland star because they have cheaper, competent alternatives under contract in Lamont Brightful and Chester Taylor.
aaronwilson  Next question, please.
Crowdog89  Any Free Agent Cornerbacks the Ravens may be interested in or safetys?
aaronwilson  Denard Walker was released, but I think it's more likely they would look at a younger safety.
HDDream  What does type of reputation does Frankel have? He's also the agent for Boston, do you think that might help or hurt in those two negotiations?
aaronwilson  Walker is a cornerback with speed and tackling ability.
HDDream  What does type? Geez.....the great American education system at work again!
TheFanatic  there's a wide receiver type question above aaron
adminsteve  I think the Bucs are looking at JLew
aaronwilson  Frankel is know for representing troubled athletes (Lawrence Phillips), but the Ravens claim to have a good relationship with him, which will be a boon in negotiations.
Brandon74  a lot of teams are
Crowdog89  so are the Skins I heard
HDDream  I think Jermaine could end up playing in Raljohn
darb72  Anybody know where I can get a copy of SuperBowl 35?
HDDream  ebay
Brandon74  eBay
darb72  makes sense
HDDream  you should be able to win an auction there for about $15 or so
aaronwilson  I would see the Ravens possibly having to deal with the Travis Taylor situation by next season.
aaronwilson  Next question, please.
TheFanatic  Do you see Hymes getting more PT this coming year?
Brandon74  if he makes the team
TheFanatic  Hence the original question
Brandon74  what about Javin Hunter?
aaronwilson  Yes, I do envision Randy Hymes playing more provided that the Ravens don't significantly upgrade at the position. If it's close to the status quo, why wouldn't you give someone with his intriguing package of physical skills a long look.
HDDream  Aaron, you mentioned going after a younger safety, any names you can give us that might be on their radar screen since Darius & Jones got tagged?
aaronwilson  Javin Hunter has a lot to prove, but he can run so he'll get another chance to show he's worthy of playing time.
darb72  Are any of the front office people talking about Drew Henson?
HDDream  Ron Johnson's the one who has to worry about a spot on a roster next year, imo
Brandon74  definitely HD
aaronwilson  Kwamie Lassiter or Sammy Knight might be worth checking out, although both have some drawbacks as safety prospects.
Crowdog89  Yes, RJ needs to show he can catch every ball thrown his way in every camp up thru the season if he wants to hang on IMO
aaronwilson  No, Drew Henson has made it abundantly clear that he's going to play baseball for the New York Yankees. He'll be their third baseman in a season or two.
aaronwilson  Next question, please.
darb72  so should TT Crowdog
aaronwilson  How about one more question each and we'll wrap it up?
Crowdog89  agreed Darb...but TT did much better than RJ that's for sure.
Brandon74  Do you know if Ray Lewis started his one month training regimen
Brandon74  Did JR Jenkins go to NFL Europe?
* Crowdog89  MOTIONS/playful.gif How did you enjoy Hawaii Aaron?
aaronwilson  I haven't seen Ray when I've been at the training complex, but he could have been in the back lifting weights. I'm sure he's training because he was steadily working out as soon as he could after the surgery.
aaronwilson  J.R. Jenkins wasn't allocated by the Ravens. They sent Mike Collins, Nate Bolling, Lawrence Smith, Marc Lester and Jim Jones along with one more player.
darb72  You write for the Carrol County Times don't you Aaron. Do they have a website, because the Sun sucks.
aaronwilson  I didn't go to Hawaii. Never covered the Pro Bowl. Closest I've gotten to Hawaii is interviewing athletes like Todd Heap while they enjoy the islands and Pro Bowl experience.
adminsteve  Yes they do
HDDream  How likely do you think it is that Cornell Brown re-signs, and if not, where do they go from there? After a LB like Keith Newman or Jeff Posey, or go with Shannon Taylor and a draft choice?
Brandon74  what about Bernardo Harris?
aaronwilson  Yes, I'm with the Carroll County Times. Our web site is It requires registration, but it's free. You don't have to buy a subscription or anything. Check us out when you have time.
darb72  thanks
aaronwilson  I believe Cornell Brown is valuable and the Ravens recognize that fact.
HDDream  best Ravens coverage out there....well other than this site, of course :)
Crowdog89  The CC times is SO much better overall coverage of the Ravens than the Sun
Brandon74  do you see Bernardo Harris returning?
darb72  and we all know how much Ravens coverage I get in Alabama
HDDream  Aaron, tell Jaymes he did a great job of coverage at the combine, just terriffic
Crowdog89  The Birmingham Ravens?
aaronwilson  Yes, Bernardo Harris is a tough hitter with better range than I expected to see. He made a lot of plays when Ray Lewis went down, but his age is a negative factor. He could be a good insurance policy for this season.
darb72  May have been a World League Team
Crowdog89  I agree about the combine coverage...fantastic
aaronwilson  Next question, please.
Brandon74  are you still looking into that RAVENS show
Brandon74  or making one
Brandon74  on tv that is
aaronwilson  We'll see what happens. Stay tuned.
* Crowdog89  MOTIONS/playful.gif Whens the wedding date and are we invited?
aaronwilson  Next question, please.
HDDream  Do you think Blake will be re-signed by the weekend or early next week at the latest?
aaronwilson  Haven't set a formal date yet, thanks for asking. Will probably be a small family ceremony.
* TheFanatic  MOTIONS/happy.gif That wasn't me!!!
darb72  we're Ravens family
aaronwilson  I think the Blake situation will linger into next week.
Brandon74  i think it could be longer
darb72  that's what my wife said
aaronwilson  It will take time for Blake to accept the fact that he's going to have to play for less money if he wants to start here.
darb72  whoops
aaronwilson  Next question, please.
TheFanatic  Do you think it should be an open QB competition in camp?
* HDDream  MOTIONS/happy.gif I don't think you want this group anywhere near you wedding! least your bride won't.
darb72  Bachlor Party maybe????
aaronwilson  Yes, if it's a real competition. I believe neither quarterback is firmly established based on their respective track records. Let them fight it out and let the best man win. I don't believe it would be a divisive situation at all. It might bring out the best in both players.
TheFanatic  Do you think ultimately that that is what will happen?
darb72  heard anything about the Ravens and Redskins playing every pre-season
Crowdog89  I Got comcasted, what did I miss?
aaronwilson  No, I believe they will announce Blake as the starter if he ever re-signs.
adminsteve  Ok fellas - Aaron has to meet a deadline right buddy??
TheFanatic  Oh that's gonna piss ALOT of people off!!
aaronwilson  The game will be at FedEx Field and it will be the third preseason game of the season.
HDDream  What will the plan be to improve the pass rush? Brown isn't really a pass rusher, and Adams will only help so much, they need to improve the pass rush, so how do you figure they go about it?
HDDream  Billick was on WBAL tonight and indicated they wanted to re-sign Blake with the idea he would be the starter
aaronwilson  They will look into drafting a versatile lineman like Kentucky's Dewayne Robertson or Miami's William Joseph if they don't address the right tackle problem with their first pick. Take heart, there's depth on the defensive line. Players like Ohio State's Kenny Peterson, Texas A&M's Ty Warren and Alabama's Kenny King will all be there in the second round.
aaronwilson  Billick doesn't want to let Blake dictate the situation, but he doesn't want to publicly denounce his likely starter, either. He's stage-managing the situation as only Billick can.
aaronwilson  Last question, guys.
darb72  Just for the record, Fanatic asked 8 questions directly concerning Blake. He still has 12 to go.
TheFanatic  LOL!!!
Crowdog89  LOL...we don't have another 12 hours
aaronwilson  Anything else?
Brandon74  none from me
TheFanatic  What kind of dog does Jeff Blake own?
Brandon74  poodle
HDDream  Aaron....besides Sam Adams, give us one outside free agent they sign
TheFanatic  Poodle my ass!!
darb72  I'm not going near that one Fanatic
aaronwilson  I believe they will look into signing a receiver with Kevin Dyson being a prime fallback option if David Boston doesn't work out.
adminsteve  That's his 'job' and he failed miserably :)
Crowdog89  Was wondering what happened to EB...
darb72  I hope we get Kenny King from Bama. It would make my wife happy
aaronwilson  Thank you all for the questions. We'll do this again soon, I promise.
HDDream  Thanks Aaron, goodnight
adminsteve  See you AW Thanks
aaronwilson  You're welcome.
darb72  thanks Aaron
Brandon74  goodnight
Crowdog89  Thanks Aaron for putting up with us...
TheFanatic  Thanks aaron...Sorry I beat you up with the Blake questionms.
HDDream  a likely
aaronwilson  No problem. I see where the frustration comes from, so it's understandable. Keep the faith. I'm sure there's a method to the Ravens' madness.

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