Ed Reed clarifies his 'support' comment

OWINGS MILLS. -- Baltimore Ravens injured star free safety Ed Reed disclosed what he meant when he said the team isn't giving him enough support, claiming the team declined to meet his request for game film a few weeks ago. Reed had said his concerns were minor. Well, it sounds very minor.

"I had to give an excuse, that's what was told to me," Reed said in a WBAL interview. "This is the organization that you want me to play for. I got the text message to prove it, so this ain't nothing I'm not lying about."

Reed said he watched some older game film. For him, it's the principle of the matter. Reed is rehabbing from offseason hip surgery and is a candidate to begin the season on the physically unable to perform list.

"But don't treat me like that after I gave my blood, sweat and tears for this guy, for this organization," Reed said. "I train my tail off. I'm putting my life on line. But I have to give you an excuse to study tape? When I do give you an excuse, and my excuse is I'm studying tape, that's not a good enough excuse. But Ed is wrong for asking for a new contract.

"Come on, man. I don't have to be playing for them. I could retire. I don't need the money. They could come and get the money if they want. Money don't me. Money didn't put me here."

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