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3/12 Insider Chat Transcript Part 2 of 2

<p>Part 2 of our chat from last Wednesday with Aaron Wilson and Earnest Byner. Don't miss out on this week's chat which will be at 8.30PM on 3/19. <p>You will need a <A HREF="">Total Access Pass</a> to join in on the fun.

aaronwilson Haven't heard anything for a month on Tom Knight. Apparently, it's progressing well.
Crowdog89 No kidding Greg!
adminsteve Rack him
adminsteve Can we rack chats?
Crowdog89 Absolutly!
aaronwilson Nothing new on free agent receivers at all. Ravens are basically incommunicado. No one is there.
chiefcrow Greg that not in their plan
EByner he is away healing up...i am sure he is doing well or Bill T would have him in
aaronwilson I'll try to ask him next time I see him.
darb72 I'm going to copy it and paste it. Then we can rack it.
adminsteve You do that then LOL
adminsteve EB, how are you this evening?
EByner we do work on the players early but most of the time it comes down to the agents trying to squeeze out a couple more dollars
EByner I am ok
EByner how is everyone
aaronwilson Agreed. Agents drive up the price and extend negotiations.
darb72 and bringing in Kyle Turley. Everyone here thinks it's a great idea.
EByner they just got through talking about Ray on Law and order
HDDream At this point, what moves do you see them doing between now and the draft? In terms of positions, not necessarly players, although if you have any names, feel free to provide them....
Baltimore_Greg Really, it seems like we never even HEAR about negotiations until mid July
aaronwilson What did they say about Ray Lewis?
EByner I don't see a lot happening...we are close to the vest at this point
aaronwilson Well, Kordell will be here Monday if he doesn't sign with Chicago.
Baltimore_Greg Aaron, Law and Order episode about a murdeering baseball player they compare to Ray
darb72 no kidding. Ever considered throwing the fans a nugget so we won't be mocked by the Bengel fans.
Baltimore_Greg Don't get me started
EByner They referenced his case in Atl and being a athlete
aaronwilson Oh, ok.
chiefcrow done nothing and are close to the vest that great
HDDream I like L&O, but too many times they are just a little too much like the headlines so to speak
EByner we have needs but Oz and his guys know what they are doing??
Baltimore_Greg How far away were we with Stokley and do the Irsays expect him to start a full 16?
darb72 I like Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
EByner I would think that we were waiting to see
chiefcrow i guess we'll just have to have faith again
aaronwilson Brandon was offered one year $530,000 here, two years $2.9 million in Indy.
darb72 I have needs to. They include getting a right tackle, and a WR so my friends don't kick my butt in Madden next year
adminsteve He'll certainly stand out over there with his ring :)
Baltimore_Greg Why the discrepancy, what does Indy see that we don't?
darb72 the British guy talking smack. I love it.
HDDream $1.5 million a year for Stokley? That's a lot for him
aaronwilson Jeff Blake three years roughly $4.5 million here, three years $7.5 million in Arizona.
darb72 the need to sign free agents Greg
Baltimore_Greg I have no problem with them low balling if they feel it is correct value
adminsteve I didnt do Friday cus it was a bust.
EByner hey got someone in mind
darb72 Maybe a right guard. Rosenthal wouldn't be a bad pick up. Pretty much any reciever will be an upgrade
EByner has anyone spoke on sam adams yet
HDDream Any other updates on guys with health issues, ie Hartwell, Lewis, Douglas, etc?
awalt thnx!
Baltimore_Greg No, what is up with Adams?
EByner douglas is doing fine...i spoke with him today...he is looking good...ray went to get checked out today
darb72 I actually love the signing of Morrow. I think that's his name
aaronwilson Sam Adams is likely going to Buffalo, according to his agent.
EByner spoke to hart today and he is progressing ...still some pain
darb72 we do need to help the special teams
awalt Do the Ravens want Sam Adams, or did his showing this year turn them off some unless he can be had for a bargain?
EByner i heard the deal was close to a bust
Dev21 EB, what do you mean?
aaronwilson They definitely noticed his weight gain, but that doesn't necessaril preclude a return to Baltimore. The deal isn't done yet.
EByner i spoke to one a scout who I respect and he said that sam played good during the year....
Baltimore_Greg Are there guys we are circling like the proverbial buzzard? We have scored a lot of talent by hanging back so I don't mind, McCrary, Adams last time.
EByner his weight is the main concern...due to it might cause injuries
HDDream Do you think the Ravens feel that Redman might get some zip back in his throws with his back as healthy has it's been since he's been at Lousivlle?
darb72 EB, you know more about pro-football than any of us. Do you think that Kyle Boller will be a good QB in this league?
EByner dev....about what
aaronwilson Sam had 22 tackles, two sacks last season. He admitted to Buffalo reporters that his production was down, still feels he has more good football left in him.
Dev21 Nevermind, I thought you were implying that Sam's deal with Buffalo might fall through.
EByner Haven't watched him...what school and i will take a look
HDDream Cal, EB
darb72 thanks HD. I couldn't remember
aaronwilson Redman said he has more flexibility than he has had in years. Quarterbacks and receivers coach David Shaw seconded that notion.
EByner from what I heard it wasn't what he thought it was going to be..unless they made some changes
Crowdog89 I heard that someone saw Redman in the parking lot and he bent down and touched his toes.
EByner OK HD
aaronwilson Henry Ford visited Buffalo yesterday. He's a fallback candidate if Sam Adams negotiation doesn't pan out.
HDDream The last two times he was on the market Sam signed late because he priced himself too high
EByner red is doing fine and his mind is strong at this time...he will be fine...i can allllmos guarantee it
Crowdog89 Did he play for Detroit?(Ford)
HDDream lol Crow
aaronwilson Tennessee.
darb72 Redman being able to strengthen his legs now will help his arm strength. I don't know about his 40 time
EByner HD...out of touch.....
Baltimore_Greg Sam needs to get Snyder's phone number the next time they have cap (2008) and Sam is unsigned. Age don't bother Shorty
EByner he actually runs good enough...he is strong and moblie enough to keep people honest
HDDream glad to hear that EB, not the out of touch, but the Redman being fine
aaronwilson Chris Redman was sacked less often than Jeff Blake last season.
Baltimore_Greg Blake was twice as likely (more) to be sacked per pass.
darb72 I just remember him running a 5.0 forty at the combines
EByner he will suprise ....
Baltimore_Greg He had a knack for running into Flynn's back
darb72 I know. I got to rag PurpleGuy about that a lot.
aaronwilson Redman has good footwork, though, and doesn't waste any motion.
Crowdog89 Blake lost over 200 yards in sacks last season...that's insane
awalt darb - good news, most QBs don't ever run 40 yards in a game at one time lol
ravensfan is there any chance the ravens will go hard after some offensive line help or will they wait and wait until everybody signs elsewhere?
darb72 neither do offensive linemen, but they still made me run the damn things
HDDream Redman was able to get rid of the ball fast and buy himself a little time, he's not very likely to scramble for a first down if it's there though, but he's not alone in that regard
EByner ok...maybe you should have ran the 20
aaronwilson They've already hosted Orlando Brown, but they might not be done yet. It's early still. Free agency is longer than one month.
darb72 still to far. I'm fat
Baltimore_Greg He ran the 20, took a break and then ran another 20
EByner sick you are man
Crowdog89 I'm just too old to run
EByner me too
Crowdog89 LOL
Dev21 EB, how active do you see the team being after the market settles in about wo more weeks or so?
Baltimore_Greg Yell free beer and Crow will cover the 40 in 3.2
Dev21 two
EByner hard to say...we always say right player right price
Crowdog89 Greg..yeah buddy
EByner sometimes we might miss on a couple guys but we generally get the right type of guys
HDDream EB, any names you'd like to see the Ravens go after?
darb72 did you say,""cover the 40"", Greg. I think you meant, ""down the 40"", in 3.2 seconds
adminsteve Rack that also!
HDDream yep!
adminsteve True though
EByner nobody hot right now....more cuts will come and that might light up our eyes
Crowdog89 James Trapp about killed me last training camp chasing him for his autograph
Dev21 No doubt, I'm actually more okay with the pace you guys are going with than last week. You can tell that the market is really starting to slow down.
darb72 an excellent point. We haven't had any free agent bust that I can remember
Baltimore_Greg Grbac and Searcy
Crowdog89 Speaking of Trapp, any plans to keep him?
Baltimore_Greg Our percentages are good, but nobody is perfect
HDDream not sure if you were here when he said it Dev, but Aaron pointed out a lot of GM's and coaches are spending most of their time at college pro days
darb72 a year of therapy down the drain. Thanks crowdog
aaronwilson Ravens still are interested in Trapp, so are a couple of other teams.
Dev21 Greg's on the money. Searcy's signing is the reason that they won't pour a ton of money into an aging player ever again IMO.
EByner yeah has slowed for us...we are dressed for the party but we might come in fashionably late
EByner snake bit sometimes but get the medicine than try again...
Baltimore_Greg That's cool, I think there is more value there than most fans realize and we will be able to get more with being patient
darb72 When's Ozzie coming back down here. He hasn't been in town for a while
HDDream we signed Sam Adams and Michael McCrary late, maybe we can add to the defensive linemen late signings bonaza with Vonnie Holliday
Dev21 Didn't see that remark HD. I'm sure it's true.
aaronwilson He will be back by this weekend, I believe.
EByner True...Sat
darb72 I'm in north Alabama Aaron
darb72 about 30 minutes from Ozzies home town
EByner well than...he will be down for stablers golf tourney
HDDream makes sense if you think about it Dev
aaronwilson Muscle Shoals, Ala., right.
darb72 Florence
Dev21 What do you think of Holliday EB? The Seahawks are looking at him, other than that, he isn't getting muc attention. The same is happening to Mo Collins.
darb72 I was wondering when that tournament would be held
HDDream Carolina might have Collins in for a visit, he's from that area
aaronwilson Yep, he's from Charlotte.
darb72 how old is Collins
EByner you know it only takes fall in love...he should be fine
HDDream Collins will turn 27 in September
Crowdog89 That's not old
darb72 I thought he was older. When the market has slowed down a bit :) can we bring him in for a visit?
Dev21 Carolina just signed Doug Brezinski, so that could affect things. I wouldn't be surprised if they still tried to sign Mo Collins. James Nesbit is still avalible, too.
EByner I spoke to Gash today
HDDream Are they trying to re-sign Nesbit, Dev? Nesbit would be a good pickup too
mkg02 thank you
EByner he is trying to find a home so he can get back to the pro bowl
darb72 any teams intrested in signing him EB
Crowdog89 Are we bringing him back? and Howz he doing?(Gash)
Dev21 No, they don't want him back. BTW, Keith Newman signed with the Falcons for a decent deal.
EByner he has spoken to Cincy
HDDream I've heard New England is interested in Sam, is that right?
EByner hadn't heard that and he didn't mention that to me
Crowdog89 I was real happy with Ricard last year
HDDream Yeah, I saw that Dev, Newman would have been a good pickup in case Brown signs elsewhere
EByner spoke to him as well...he is in New Orleans training and looking to do better next year
Dev21 Hmm. Billick stated that Morrow is a serious wedge buster. Have you seen film on him yet, EB?
darb72 Maybe I'm in the minority, but I love having a full back who is a good to great blocker. Helps a lot
Baltimore_Greg I remember asking about Ricard last year and Aaron telling us he was a guy the coaches were high on.
EByner Just what I have heard as well....not a FB but a hell of a special teams player
Dev21 I think the Ravens should at least look into some of the OLBs. Jamir Miller would be a nice fit.
Baltimore_Greg That is the FB's main job
Crowdog89 So Morrow will be the back-up?
darb72 Ricard can block, catch, and has a little shake and bake to him
HDDream Ricard played very well last year
aaronwilson Guys, I'm going to sign off. Thanks for all the questions. I'll leave it to Mr. Byner for the duration.
Baltimore_Greg See ya
Dev21 Thanks Aaron.
EByner He should be listed as a back-up and perhaps he will be a quality one...i will take a look at him...mainly a ST player
Crowdog89 Thanks Aaron, appreciate your time and answers...Keep up the good work.
EByner see you tommorrow
darb72 not a whole lot of teams use a true FB anymore Greg. Tampa Bay, the Rams, and others. The AFCN is about the only division with four fullbacks
HDDream Bye Aaron, thanks
adminsteve Thanks Aaron - great job as usual.
aaronwilson See you tomorrow.
aaronwilson You're welcome.
darb72 see ya Aaron
Dev21 EB, how dissapointed were you when Boston didn;t make the trip?
HDDream Hence, Alstott making the Pro Bowl all the time, Darb...
chiefcrow eb did the raven ever talk with Boston
chiefcrow boston
EByner yeah darb...lots of two TE three wides and spread offense...even short yardage is spread at times
awalt thanks, see ya!
EByner not at have to think that someone would lock him down
HDDream 3rd and 2 is a passing down with most teams
darb72 Alstot is not well known for his blocking HD.
EByner no///crow
Dev21 You guys were close to getting him EB. It should be interesting to see how well he plays in San Diego.
EByner yeah...spoke to Patrick Johnson and he said he was 245lbs out there
EByner huge for a receiver
Dev21 Damn. He's like a TE, with 4.3 speed.
Crowdog89 I don't blame the Ravens for not offering the type of $$ SD Did. Too many ? Marks IMO
EByner he said they want him to get down to 235 your are right....
HDDream I saw a stat the other day that said only 1 or 2 WR's in Schottenhemier (sp)'s career have ever caught more than 60 passes in a season
EByner conservative by nature
Dev21 I don't see that changing with Brees. Call me skeptical.
EByner defensive minded coaches are like that
darb72 Why? Dev is shorter and easier to type
chiefcrow I do not mean this as a bitch, but we hear about the ravens plan . what is the ravens plan
HDDream I don't either Dev
EByner their QB is on the up
Dev21 LOL.
Dev21 For the players you have talked to so far in the off-season, what's their mind set like heading into next season?
EByner plan to make some moves in he has good D-line players so we should be able to fill a need there
HDDream EB's what your take on the QB situation, are you surprised at the breakdown that happened in the Blake talks?
EByner our offense is good enough as it is...our players are in position but just need to make the basic plays
Crowdog89 Like cattch the ball TT and RJ
EByner we will be okay....we have the staff to make the things come together
Crowdog89 Catch
darb72 hate to disagree EB, but our offense sucks
EByner at the right time
darb72 we need some WR
chiefcrow ya they have their plan
EByner plays were there for the most part...just,make the basic and let the great ones come
darb72 WE's and a right tackle. Then things will start to come togather. As a running back, you know how important the line is
EByner got the runner and the TE...we can go from there
darb72 I have lost the ability to spell WR's. oh, there I go
EByner we won the superbowl without a right tackle...just have to help him
EByner like we did then
Crowdog89 What is the holdup with upgrading the Right side of the line?
Crowdog89 Lack of talent or guys asking too much?
darb72 that negates your good tight end, or fullback though. We need a tackle that can be left on an island. It's not like they're going to be facing great pass rushers on the right side
Crowdog89 Swayne was the last best RT we had and he was on the downside of his career.
darb72 oh good. Thought I had really fouled up there for a second
adminsteve Bad darb
HDDream Darb needs to sit in the
chiefcrow lol
Crowdog89 facing the wall
darb72 And why the heck am I arguing with someone who knows more about football than me?
EByner he was at the end and needed a rb i had to be aware of the lineman who needed help...that's part of the job
adminsteve I do it all the time LOL
adminsteve Shall we have one or two more from each - then we should wrap up
EByner let me know just how you feel....
darb72 trade for Turley. Please. That's pretty much it from me.
HDDream What would you do at QB?
chiefcrow the perception is that the ravens are doing nothing
Crowdog89 Frustrated at the percieved lack of progress in the FA dept, but happy Blake is gone...
Dev21 EB, do you think that Jermaine Lewis and Orlando Brown will ebe Ravens by the end of the week, or whenever they make up their minds?
Dev21 be
EByner redman is my man until someone takes the opinion
mkg02 good choice!
Dev21 I second that opinion.
Crowdog89 good opinion EB..I agree.
EByner holding pattern right would be a nice move
HDDream sounds good, what vet would you go after as his backup?
mkg02 do you think it would be wiser to address our lack of wr through free agency or through the draft?
darb72 my already high opinion of EB just went up another notch. You're now right below Stephen King
adminsteve Off the record of course LOL
EByner ok...don't give me to much credit...i need you guys to play Simeon
EByner you mean Voodo ed by Micheal Jackson King
Crowdog89 LOL
HDDream lol
darb72 I will hunt Jackson down if he vooded Stephen King. Or get Lady Raven to work her own voodoo
HDDream How much gruff did you guys give the Ravens Michael Jackson over sharing the name with the other Michael Jackson?
adminsteve They have good soccer teams - maybe we could get a kicker.
EByner Lots...he wanted to change his name at one point
Crowdog89 to what? Tito?
darb72 I can see the resembalance betweent the two. Both named Micheal Jackson, both are WR's
adminsteve Jermaine
HDDream Latoya
adminsteve Oh we had one of those too.
EByner killing me
adminsteve darb LOL
HDDream Hee Hee
chiefcrow EB if you could sign any HOfer to play for the ravens who would it be
EByner let's do his again next week........
darb72 sounds like a plan. I need my wife to punish me anyway
Crowdog89 sounds good to me
adminsteve EB thanks. That was great
Crowdog89 enjoyed muchly
mkg02 thank you!
adminsteve Major 2 hour transcript here.
Baltimore_Greg Good night and have a pleasent tomorrow
EByner crow...Hofer?
Baltimore_Greg That is why you get the big cash, steve
chiefcrow hall of famer
Baltimore_Greg Hall of Famer
adminsteve Yes LOL
EByner jackie slater
HDDream Thanks EB, good night guys
Baltimore_Greg Wasn't he Kramer
chiefcrow that was out of left feild
adminsteve See you HD.
Crowdog89 theres a man who knows how to start a team
Baltimore_Greg Kramer's lawyer on Seinfeld
darb72 no kidding
EByner hang in there guys
Crowdog89 oh lord

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