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3/12 Insider Chat Transcript Part 1 of 2

<p>Last Wednesday's chat with Earnest Byner and Aaron Wilson was action packed, informative and occasionally out of control as we all learned how to spell Z-E-U-S, chatted about free agency , the draft and how quick Crowdog could do the 40 (ounce beer that is). <p>Don't miss out this week. You will need a <A HREF="">Total Access Pass</a> to join in.

aaronwilson Good evening everyone. Ready for your questions.
chiefcrow Aaron what the latest rumors
darb72 have you heard anything about Kelly Washington, the receiver out of Tenn.
aaronwilson Yes, Kelly Washington reportedly passed his physical and now looks like a certain first-day selection. He was viewed as supremely arrogant in Knoxville and doesn't always back up everything he said he could accomplish. However, he's 6-4, 225 pounds with speed and star potential. An intriguing prospect.
adminsteve Aaron, what's the scoop on Morrow - he seemed to slip in under the radar.
ravensfan was his contract cap friendly. i haven't heard anything.
HDDream Washington and Donte Stallworth will not be exchanging Christmas cards this year
aaronwilson Harold Morrow is a hard-working fullback, but he's mostly a special teams player. He's a head-knocking wedge buster who will add some intensity to the Ravens' kick coverage units. Brian Billick and special teams coach Gary Zauner are thrilled about this acquisition. He is the Vikings' leading special teams tackler of all time. A legitimate tough guy even if he is an Auburn graduate. You know Ozzie Newsome is partial to Alabama players. His background with the Minnesota Vikings apparently makes that alright.
darb72 probably not. lol
chiefcrow what the latest on sam adams
aaronwilson It's a three-year pact for Morrow. Probably a small signing bonus. Nothing that would impact the cap hardly at all.
darb72 Hey, watch the Auburn insults. They were my team before I lost intrest in college football
aaronwilson Sam Adams' agent said Sam is leaning toward the Buffalo Bills at present time, but emphasizes that Baltimore could emerge again as a player.
aaronwilson Next question, please.
Crowdog89 Is he slated to be a starter or a back-up? What's your take on him? ..What's the story on Joe Salave'a
aaronwilson Harold Morrow would be a backup fullback behind Alan Ricard. This is a solid player, nothing spectacular. At least they are interested in upgrading the kick coverage.
darb72 maybe kicking the ball to the end-zone is their next project on special teams.
chiefcrow where you the ravens going in the draft
aaronwilson As for Joe Salave'a, I used to cover Joe when he played for the Titans. He's a destructive interior pass rusher who might have enough quickness to play outside in a 3-4. He's a big, strong guy and a buddy of Edwin Mulitalo's from the University of Arizona. Salave'a might play a lot of football for Baltimore now that he's healthy. I saw him late last week and he's thrilled to be a Raven. Rex Ryan is enthused about Salave'a's potential, too. 
HDDream glad to see I'm not the only one who forgets a word or two when they ask questions. :)
aaronwilson Next question, please.
adminsteve It was his ankle right Aaron?
aaronwilson Yes, he injured his ankle.
adminsteve Joe Salave'a
aaronwilson He said he feels fine now.
HDDream There's a question up there about the draft from ChiefCrow
darb72 still haven't heard anything from the front office about trading for Kyle Turley have you?
aaronwilson They will look to upgrade at quarterback, right tackle, receiver and defensive line.
aaronwilson No, it's not going to happen in all likelihood. Turley isn't going to be a Raven. He's more likely to play for San Diego or the Dolphins.
HDDream Aaron, any more details on the Brooks contract?
aaronwilson It's a two-year pact, small signing bonus, other than that veteran minimum salary. It's a vanilla deal.
HDDream What's the latest on Cornell Brown? Another LB that would have looked good in a Ravens uniform in Keith Newman went off the market today, I hope we don't throw all our eggs in one basket at OLB with Brown
chiefcrow what the latest on zoiz (spelling)
darb72 is Redmans back progressing nicely
darb72 what the hell is a zoiz?
adminsteve Zeus?
aaronwilson Cornell Brown's agent said talks are going well with the Ravens. I'm sure Baltimore has a falback option if Brown signs elsewhere. I anticipate him re-signing.
aaronwilson Chris Redman said he's throwing well standing still and wants to start running in a few weeks. He'll extend his workouts on Monday with head trainer Bill Tessendorf. The Ravens will be careful with his rehabilitation. Redman said he will participate in all off-season camps.
aaronwilson Orlando Brown is a target of the Rams, Vikings, Patriots, Ravens and a few others. He has a lot of options, but New England and Baltimore reportedly lead for his services.
Crowdog89 Who do you think the Ravens will go after for a vet WR now that Stokley has moved on?
aaronwilson Possibly, Curtis Conway or Oronde Gadsen.
HDDream Curtis Conway is the best WR out there right now imo
darb72 kind of a follow up on the Redman and draft questions. If the Ravens get Ragone in the second, will he be the third or fourth senior QB selected by the Ravens out of Louisville.
Crowdog89 Gadsen is a possession receiver
aaronwilson Dave Ragone would be their second Louisville quarterback.
darb72 a reciever who can catch. It's so crazy it just might work.
aaronwilson They previoulsy had a linebacker from Louisville named Tyrus McCloud.
ravensfan where do you see griese ending up?
chiefcrow do you think Leftwich will there at the tenth pick
aaronwilson Miami Dolphins.
darb72 I thought that we signed one before Redman
ravensfan as a backup?
aaronwilson No, I think Leftwich will be off the draft board by then.
HDDream The Ravens also draft a DT out of Louisvlle in '97 or '96, I think his name was Taylor
aaronwilson He could beat Jay Fiedler out within one season.
aaronwilson Leland Taylor, I think.
HDDream Aaron, if you had to guess, which veteran QB will the Ravens end up with?
HDDream sounds right
chiefcrow will the ravens look at Deese from the niners id they release him
aaronwilson Kordell Stewart, Shaun King, Brian Griese or Charlie Batch.
aaronwilson They haven't said if they will. I think he might be too small for the Ravens.
ravensfan do you know if Fuller had his 1.5 million bonus hit us all this year as a roster bonus?
aaronwilson I believe it's an immediate bonus, not a split level. That's not exactly big money. A bargain for a tackler and cover guy like Fuller.
HDDream Do you think they would look at Todd Bouman, assuming he's released...and (I know it's a big if), his off the field issues clear up?
Crowdog89 Hey T, rattle your chains time...
MistaT Crow: Gimme 5 on dumping Blake!
darb72 as much a dink as he is, you have to feel a little sorry for Griese if he signs with the Dolphins. In Denver, he replaced John Elway. In Miami he'll have to live up to his father, who QB'ed the only undeafted team in NFL history.
Crowdog89 ya got it
aaronwilson Yes, I think they would. Remember Todd Bouman hasn't been indicted or arrested. He was merely interviewed in connection with a sex assault complaint filed at a Vikings fan function.
ravensfan do you see kordell going to the bears?
MistaT Do you think Boumann will come cheap beacuse of the dirty laundry factor?
MistaT Greg: gimme 5 on dumping Blake!
aaronwilson Most likely, yes. He could visit Baltimore next week depending upon how the negotiations go with Chicago. I could see him here by Monday actually. Stay tuned.
Baltimore_Greg Make it 10
aaronwilson That's, according to Stewart's agent, Leigh Steinberg.
MistaT 10 it is!
HDDream Assuming Leftwich is gone, any names starting to surface from your sources for the Ravens 1st draft pick?
aaronwilson Bouman would be inexpensive. He's far from a blue-chipper, too.
aaronwilson Stanford's Kwame Harris, Kentucky's Dewayne Robertson or Miami's William Joseph.
ravensfan anything new on cmac?
darb72 I don't think we'll take Joseph. Sounds like he has some issues we don't want on the Ravens
aaronwilson Deadline is Friday afternoon. Discussions are ongoing. Nothing leaked out today other than it's going slow.
Baltimore_Greg Do they like Harris more than Gross or just don't expect Gross to still be there?
MistaT Thnx Aaron. gotta run: Just wanted to celebrate the Blake news. 'night all!
aaronwilson They haven't indicated a preference yet, but Gross will likely be off the board well before that spot.
chiefcrow in what order do you the draft
darb72 from what I read about Miami's pro day, Joseph's teammates said he wasn't much of a team player, and that he was just putting on a face to help his draft status.
HDDream Aaron, in your article you mention that Jermaine seems to be done to Cincinnati, Baltimore and Jacksonville. Do you think he'll end up back here?
aaronwilson We'll see. I'm sure they will have plenty of information on him.
HDDream hadn't heard that Darb, only negative stuff I heard about him is that he didn't play hard all the time
darb72 all linemen have to be selfless. It's the most important part of being a lineman
aaronwilson Jermaine was driving today when we talked so we didn't have a long conversation. I think he's legitimately undecided.
aaronwilson Next question, please.
ravensfan it seems like dewayne robertsons' stock is really rising. do you see him as the guy for the ravens?
aaronwilson I think so depending on two quarterbacks, two receivers and at least a few defensive linemen and cornerbacks being off the board first.
aaronwilson Next question, please.
Baltimore_Greg What if any are the free agent priorities, are we looking at OLB for a pass rusher, Jamir Miller maybe?
darb72 you don't really think the Ravens will draft a defensive back on the first day do you
aaronwilson Quarterback first, receiver second, defensive line third.
aaronwilson Outside linebacker would rank behind those needs.
aaronwilson No, they probably won't draft a defensive back during the first day. Another safety wouldn't be a bad idea.
Baltimore_Greg If we go DL we had better see pass rushers, I just don't see any DL for the 3-4 that can rush the QB/
HDDream Have you heard of any defensive linemen besides Sam Adams on their radar?
aaronwilson Vonnie Holliday could get after the quarterback.
ravensfan are we seriously interested in him?
aaronwilson No, I haven't heard much about the Ravens' free agent search along the defensive line. They have kept it extremely quiet.
darb72 defensive linemen in the 3-4 aren't supposed to get after the QB a whole lot. That's the linebackers job
aaronwilson I don't think Baltimore wants to get into his price range. He's expensive.
Baltimore_Greg Vonnie Holiday sounds great, so when do we have him in or are we going to wait until he signs elsewhere to bring his name up
Baltimore_Greg If we don't get a pass rushing OLB then we will need some guys on the line who can do it
Baltimore_Greg Boulware can't do it himself
darb72 heck, Washington will probably sign him
HDDream You're right Darb, but Cornell Brown doesn't provide much pass rush, hence Greg's question. I agree we need a good pass rushing OLB opposite Boulware
aaronwilson I understand your feeling about the Ravens' slow pace, but remember Ozzie Newsome and Brian Billick are out of town. Most of the coaches and scouts are at college Pro Days.
aaronwilson Next question, please.
Crowdog89 Why is the FO going at a snails pace? I don't want them to be like the Redskins...but thisis crazy
Baltimore_Greg Actually I don't mind the FA slow pace, signing our picks and own players are where it ticks me off
ravensfan we missed out on colvin. i wish they didn't wait so long to at least look at players.
aaronwilson Well, they've re-signed Edwin Mulitalo, Ethan Brooks and Riddick Parker.
chiefcrow slow is one thing the ravens on the other hand we hear nothing
Crowdog89 so it's only because they are out of town that it's so slow?
Baltimore_Greg Aaron, Edwin and Mac should have been done last August.
darb72 that, and they have a PLAN
darb72 I need a Mule jersey.
aaronwilson That's a major reason why. Brian Billick and Ozzie Newsome are out of town. It's quiet as a morgue up there except for the writers watching college basketball games in the press room.
chiefcrow a plan
chiefcrow what is there plan
chiefcrow when will they work this plan into action
aaronwilson They want to find a quarterback and some receivers to catch the football.
Baltimore_Greg Aaron, at what positions do you seem a lot of draft depth? Obviously we need WRs badly
darb72 Ok. The silence must be broken. I am going to be the starting out-side linebacker and QB for the Ravens. I'm only going to play for the league minimum. Only problem is that I don't have any talent.
chiefcrow they have to look first bring some players and so on
aaronwilson Defensive line is particularly deep, as are quarterback and cornerback.
aaronwilson Next question, please.
Crowdog89 Whats the plan with Ron Johnson. He was a huge disapointment last season.
aaronwilson Ron Johnson will likely get another chance. He had better progress from last season's constant lapses of confidence and concentration or he won't be in the NFL for long.
aaronwilson Next question, please.
HDDream Is Orlando Brown the offensive linemen on their radar screen? Seems like again, they are throwing all their eggs in one basket in that regard
HDDream the only offensive lineman
chiefcrow darb---lol
darb72 in the one eyed basket that is
Crowdog89 Ugh!
Crowdog89 Cyclops!
HDDream one that's a little slow to move too
aaronwilson Yes, he's a primary target. He's 360 pounds, mobile for his size and had a good workout for the Ravens, an extensive one that included every type of blocking pattern.
aaronwilson Next question, please.
Crowdog89 The human turnstile at pass blocking
darb72 yet no eye exam. Bloody brilliant.
chiefcrow what is orlandos plan
darb72 bilk a team for all he can
Crowdog89 3 years out of the league and they were impressed by a 30 minute workout?
aaronwilson Of course, he took an eye exam and a physical. Went well, too.
chiefcrow that was part of their plan?
aaronwilson Brown will consider the teams and eventually make a decision. He'll be in training camp with someone this season.
darb72 Aaron, I have a tendency to be sarcastic. Pay me no attention.
HDDream Which of the top 6 QB's in the draft do you think they are most likely to end up with?
Baltimore_Greg Tell the front office Zeus better apologize for the shots he took at the fans here or he won't be welcomed back
ravensfan are they going to get an old qb like neil o'donnell?
aaronwilson I'll pass that on. I don't think that's a major concern of their's, though.
Crowdog89 it is of ours
darb72 lol
Baltimore_Greg It might be when he is booed unmercifully when he is introduced
aaronwilson No, that was false. There is no Neil O'Donnell contact or impending visit.
darb72 good point Crowdog
awalt Hi, any news on CMac negotiations?
HDDream I'd like to see him apoglize, but frankly if he plays like he did in 1996 or 1997, I won't really care too much
aaronwilson Chris McAlister and the Ravens are still in discussions, but nothing significant happened today.
awalt Thanks - and I'm keeping an eye out for the Cyclops g
Baltimore_Greg Where are Ozzie and Billick, vacation or work?
aaronwilson Ozzie Newsome is at competition committee meetings, important league stuff. Brian Billick is attending college workouts apparently.
HDDream Aaron, assuming they end up with one of the top 6 QB's in the draft, which one is it most likely to be?
aaronwilson Cal's Kyle Boller or Texas' Chris Simms.
adminsteve I hope i sent him the password.
Crowdog89 Simms..just say no
Baltimore_Greg Think Boller could fall to round two or do you see us taking him in round 1?
aaronwilson Round 2, yes.
chiefcrow do they have a plan for Wright
awalt What is the plan for Zues? Are they waiting for him to see what his value is around the league? I assume they'll sign him to compete at RT, or will they wait and see if they draft a OT at #10?
HDDream Could you see the Ravens trading up for him if he's around in the early part of the 2nd round? Boller that is
aaronwilson Wright is a backup. That's all he should be. I saw him play for the Cowboys. He was terrible.
Baltimore_Greg Then we should launch him and sign Batch/Bouman/anybody and draft a guy
Crowdog89 I agree with that Aaron! Absolutly horrible.
aaronwilson The Ravens want to see how much others are willing to play then decide if they want to put in a competitive bid on Orlando Brown.
chiefcrow figure the ravens pick him up Cheap
ravensfan any chance redman gets some competition at qb next year or will it be his alone?
HDDream That game he started on Christmas night against the Titans was maybe the worst display of QB play I've seen this side of Stoney Case's KC game, he's the reason the Titans finished with the leagues highest rated defense in 2000
aaronwilson I was there. I covered that game. He was totally intimidated by Randall Godfrey and Jevon Kearse.
Baltimore_Greg It all worked out in the end, HDDream!
Dev21 What is the exact timetable for Kordell excepting the Bears' offer?
awalt Will Sam Gash be back, or is that a July decision?
aaronwilson Next few days, his agent said.
Dev21 Do you suspect that when Ozzie returns, he will start to have more visits?
chiefcrow would they have a plan incase they did
awalt Who is working out at Owings Mills these days?
Baltimore_Greg Have you seen Redman? How does he feel about his progress?
aaronwilson Yes, he will.
aaronwilson A few of the guys are there.
darb72 any plans on taking a running back int the draft.
aaronwilson I saw Redman last week. He said he feels great, making lots of progress.
darb72 on the second day I mean
HDDream Do you see the Ravens trying Adalius Thomas at OLB again in the mini-camps and training camp?
Baltimore_Greg How confident is the team in Redman's back? Is this something they expect to be fine?
aaronwilson I haven't heard yet, but Moe Williams, who visited Buffalo, isn't a target. Ravens aren't than enthused with bringing him in. He would be third-string behind Jamal Lewis and Chester Taylor.
Baltimore_Greg I would have expected more ""panic"" at signing Kordell or Blake if they were REALLY worried.
Dev21 I agree with Greg. I think they would rather go with Redman and a backup.
aaronwilson No, it didn't go that well with Adalius Thomas outside last time. I don't think he's an OLB. He's an end.
Crowdog89 same here
awalt How is Marques Douglas recovering - will he be a factor this year?
Crowdog89 I agree with Greg I mean
aaronwilson The Ravens' Brian Billick considers Chris' back to be a question mark, of course, until he takes a hit.
Dev21 Let's say that Leftwich does get selected by the Ravens. How does that chance their draft strategy for the latter rounds, assuming that they still need a RT and a NT?
Dev21 change
aaronwilson The Ravens will not panic.
chiefcrow they will not
Crowdog89 Doe Not Panic!!
HDDream Doe not panic.......
darb72 I just figured out the Ravens plan!!!
HDDream beat me to the punch Crow!
aaronwilson Marques Douglas is apparently coming along nicely. He should make it back. He's supposed to be in great shape.
Baltimore_Greg They tendered him at $1.3 million and are not being forced to sign another QB so I have taken it to mean they still think something of him
aaronwilson It would push back offensive tackle and defensive line needs until the second and third rounds.
aaronwilson They still like Redman. They just need to know if he's going to be healthy or not.
darb72 We're going to sign all the second teir and lower players. Then the opposing teams won't have enough players. We win the super-bowl by forfeit.
Baltimore_Greg Marques and Adalius can give us the missing pass rush, but how do we mix them in the 3-4?
Crowdog89 Speaking of RT, since Brooks was re-signed..will he be given the starters job?
chiefcrow darb lol
HDDream If they sign Orlando Brown, does that likely take away from drafing an offensive linemen early? Any chance of them looking for an upgrade at right guard, either in the draft or free agency?
aaronwilson They will rotate in. Line coach Rex Ryan is a great believer in keeping his players fresh.
aaronwilson Yes, on all three counts in regards to the offensive line.
darb72 I hope not. Brooks is a very good back-up, but I feel bad for Chis if Brooks had to protect him for 16 games
Baltimore_Greg I love Adalius play, I just don't like his size in the 3-4.
Dev21 Would they make more of a play for a free-agent guard or a draft pick?
darb72 we've discussed it and moved on
awalt SOrry if someone asked, does Kordell take the Chicago offer?
aaronwilson A draft pick.
Baltimore_Greg Kordell will be a Bear, Idon't see us matching their offer.
Dev21 Let the Bears take him.
aaronwilson We'll find out soon. If he doesn't take Bears job. He will be here early next week.
darb72 did I offend him?
aaronwilson Next question, please.
Dev21 Oh, so if he doesn't sign with the Bears, he would come in for a visit?
aaronwilson Yes, he would.
awalt Where do the Ravens see Fuller-Baxter at the momment? I know it can change in July..
chiefcrow when will the ravens
aaronwilson Fuller inside, Baxter outside is first option.
HDDream What's the latest you've heard on Tom Knight and his health?
awalt Fuller inside meaning safety, Baxter CB?
darb72 that sounds good. Baxter has proven to be a solid CB in this league
Dev21 What's the latest on their interst in free-agent receivers?
aaronwilson Yes on Knight-Baxter question.
Baltimore_Greg Aaron, can you ask Ozzie if he cares at all about my health, and if so can he help keep my blood pressure down by starting negotiations with our draft picks shortly after the draft and not 10 minutes before camp starts?
Please see part 2 for continuation of this story.

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