Brandon Noble Chat Transcript

A big thanks to one of the Redskins newest acquisitions Brandon Noble. Brandon took the time to discusss his views on the Redskins, and the upcoming 2003 season. Enclosed is the chat transcript for those that didn't make the chat and for those that just want to relive the experience.

RiggoRanger So Brandon, how do you feel about playing against Dullass?

BrandonNoble: I'm very excited to be a Redskin. It's quite a change coming from the Cowboys. Looking forward to helping the Redskins get back to the Super Bowl!

Terry: Brandon, Welcome to our board. We are looking forward to our chat with you today. So if I can start the ball rolling, how nice is Snyder's jet?

Rat Boy: Thanks for chatting with us Brandon. So, have you noticed any major differences at this early stage between the Redskins and, well, that OTHER team?

BrandonNoble It is hard to describe how nice it is. Makes you never want to fly commercial again!

RiggoRanger: Welcome to the Redskins Brandon! I'm glad you're here. Let me ask you-what is your impression of George Edwards as D.C.? Wasn't he in Dallas as LB coach when you were there?

BrandonNoble Their both hungry to win right now. For me it will be a fresh start and an opportunity to come home. Both are teams that are on the lower end of the NFC East and the organizations are trying hard to get back up top. Mr Snyder did everything first class the weekend I was there. They've been more than helpful from finding a home to a doctor for my wife, who is due with our second child.

BrandonNoble: I enjoyed being involved with Coach E during the time he was here in Dallas. The fact that he was the DC up here was a big reason for me to come up here. He'll do a good job. He's intense, he's a smart guy, he's a palyers coach who knows how to get the most out of his guys.

DTC 21: Brandon, first welcome to Washington, when you were in dallas, did you ever hear of the DTC, a Redskin fan club devoted to protecting Fed Ex Feild?

BrandonNoble: I might have, but not sure so I'll have to pick up on that one as I go...

newshog: Hi, Brandon, and welcome! I was curious what kind of contact you've had from our veteran players since your arrival?

BrandonNoble: I've been so busy, put an offer on a house which I'm closing on. I haven't had time to do anything. I haven't reached out yet to anybody. I'm looking forward to getting up there and get to know the guys.

Terry: Brandon, you've been described as a nose tackle. Could you please explain to us what that means, and what your responsibilities are.

BrandonNoble: My responsibilities are to get beat up. A nose tackle is someone who plays over the center or in the center-guard gap. My job is to put myself in a position to take double teams, allowing the middle linebacker or whoever is behind me to make plays and keep him free.

JoeGibbsFan: Brandon, our offense is definitely in transition -- what kind of attitude is necessary on a defense when they're called upon to win games?

BrandonNoble You have to have exactly that attitude. you have to be willing to sell out and realize that if the offense puts you in position to win games, you have to close. It's like being a closer in baseball.

romavictor: Brandon, what stadium have you played in that had the most energy?

BrandonNoble: I'll tell you what, my first year here in Dallas we went up and played in the Dome in Minnesota. Any time you get in those domes, they get the place rocking. There's something to be said for FedEx field and Texas Stadium during a Redskins-Cowboys game. That's a special one to be in too.

RiggoRanger Brandon, what's it like coming into Fed-Ex to play as an opponent? Can you hear the crowd, and does it affect play? Thx again!

BrandonNoble: I think it is a great crowd up there . The Fans in Washington love the game and love the Skins. That's one of the reasons I wanted to come here. In that last game the crowd was really an advantage for the Redskins. To beat us after that streak and do it the way they did, the crowd was really into it.

jacjr2002: did you get # 75...was it issued to you...or does it have significant meaning...also...did any of your Cowboy teammaters rib you for jumping the fence?

BrandonNoble: 75 was given to me in Dallas when I got here. They didn't expect me to make the team so they gave me an offensive lineman's number. But I kept it. As for the ribbing, yes I caught a lot of it. I went back to Valley Ranch to clean out my locker. It's tough to leave your friends and the people you've been working with. Yes there was a lot of kidding and giving me a hard time about it.

romavictor: Brandon, what's it like to be playing for the team you used to root for as a boy?

BrandonNoble: Any time you get an opportunity for your hometown team it's special. Not only for me, but my family and friends. This will allow me to go to Va beach and see some people again. Playing for the Cowboys didn't go over so well down there.

nybucks: yeah brandon being a tidewater resident its nice to see you representing our area, my question is how do you compare the syles of jerry jones and dan synder as hands on owners? Welcome to the skins!!!

BrandonNoble: I would say they're very similar. They both want to win and both very involved. That's a good thing. It's not a second business for the man in charge. When your owner wants to win and is into what's going on, that's a great thing for players. That's what you want. They care about what's going on.

JoeGibbsFan: Brandon, we talk a lot about the new contracts -- do players follow the signings and the cap implications down the road?

BrandonNoble: I do. I told my agent I don't want to be in a situation in four years where you'll get cut because of how much money you make. You don't want to be a cap casualty in two years. You don't want to be in a situatoin where you're let go because of a money issue. If you're let go let it be because you're not playing well.

Terry: ok, while we're waiting Brandon, you went up against the Dallas OL in practice, how strong is that OL, and do you think you can handle those interior guys.

BrandonNoble: I think that when they're healthy, they have Larry Allen who is probably the best who's ever played..I'm looking forward to playing those guys. I might be able to get in their heads a little bit at center and guard. But anytime you play Larry you're in for a long day. You have to play perfect.

JoeGibbsFan: Is it risky to sign with a team that doesn't have it's offense set up, or do players get the impression that Snyder and Spurrier will definitely get this team to the bowl?

BrandonNoble: I think that they're going in the right direction on offense. Any time you have a new coach and new scheme, the players have to adjust to it. And you have to get the right players in. That's what they're doing now. Dallas' offense struggled the last two years and I understand the importance of keeping the locker room together hwen one side is sturggling. I think Coach Spurrier is getting this thing going in the right direction on offense.

jacjr2002: brandon...considering the NFL depth chart and our opponent schedule for next there any particular guard/center/guard tandem your looking forward to facing and not facing?

BrandonNoble There's no one I don't want to face. I'm not scared to play against anybody. It will be a test against DAllas and I have to face Larry Allen and they're coming after me. The Bears line is good. I haven't played Olin Kreutz yet. And the Jets' center Kevin Mawae is a hell of a center. There are ones you circle, but I like to think I play the same way every week so it doesn't matter who I'm playing against.... Time for two more questions.

skinsfan4life: What did you think about your former coach Campos quote from last year during the last week of the season? ""If the Redskins dont beat us this week they may never beat us"". Did it feel like Campo gave up on the team last year??

BrandonNoble: No, not at all. He was saying that to motivate us at the time. We were struggling and he was trying to keep us from quitting in that last game. We were struggling at that point and going down fast. We continued that. I have a lot of respect for DAve. He was my DC and I enjoyed playing for him. He's a class act. I wish him nothing but the best.

cowboykilla: Brandon, I was wondering about opposing teams' views of FedEx Field and the passion of the Washington Redskins fans. We try to make our voice heard. What was the opinion of FedEx on the cowboys?

BrandonNoble: It's a fun place to play. You knew they would be loud, espeically when you play for the cowobys. It's a neat stadium to play in. I'm looking froward to playing on the grass and outside, where football was meant to be played. I'm looking forward to being part of that atmosphere every week.

BrandonNoble: Thanks for the questions. I'm looking forward to getting myself up there in Northern Virginia and being part of this Redskins family and hopefully getting back to the Super Bowl. Hopefully we'll chat again soon!

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