Q&A With: Noah Brindise

The Redskins assistant quarterbacks coach has spent the past couple weeks working with Patrick Ramsey. Brindise has seen a growth in Ramsey since the season ended. Which is why he's excited for the season

Q: Is Patrick ready to be The Guy?
A: Definitely. He played well at times last year, but there are so many things he knows now that he could do so much better. It's just having an overall knowledge of our offense, understanding why we do certain things against certain defenses and why they try to attack us certain ways. It's knowledge that's hard to grasp as a rookie because so much is getting thrown at you. And also physically. he knows that his footwork needs to get better and he needs to get better in the pocket,  move around more, mabye make plays on the run like he did in the last game against Dallas. He's on pace to come into camp ready for a big year.

Q: When you watch film with him or talk about games, do you see things clicking for him?
A: Definitely. Now we can go back and watch a game tape from last year and he can tell me what he did wrong rather than me tell him. As a coach you get excited about that because you know he grasps what you're trying to tell him. It's all coming together for him. I've seen the light come on for him over the last few weeks. He's more prepared for what's about to happen.

Q: What showed you that he was ready?
A: I don't know if there was one moment. He's a smart kid. He knows the game but when you see him correcting himself on tape, that makes you feel like he's really starting to get a feel. It's one thing to sit there and call plays and know them. It's another thing to understand why we do what we do. That's what excites us as coaches.

Q: How much will Laveranues Coles help him?
A: Tremendously. There were a lot of times last year where we had plays open up exactly the way we drew them up. They might have gone for a first down last year, but this year they'll go for a big chunk of yards, maybe a touchdown, because guys like him when they get the ball in their hands they can do something with it. We were lacking that last year, having playmakers with the ball. As a quarterback you're ecstatic about having a player like that on your team.

Q: Will it be an adjustment throwing to someone so fast?
A: It will be differnet than throwing to anyone he's ever thrown to before. After a couple of minicamps we'll get a better feel for that. They get open faster. That means they get more separation and that means you have to throw the ball out front that much more and let them run through it. It's a learning process, but man it's exciting to have someone like that.

Q: How much will having those guards provide a comfort level?
A: Our line did a good job protecting him last year. Wev'e upgraded there and that will help us. But one thing I've loved about Patrick from Day One: it didn't mattter who was up there playing for him, he'll do what you ask him to do. If you tell him to take a five-step drop, hitch and throw downfield, he'll take a five-step drop, hitch and throw downfield. There might be someone in his face but he's tough enough mentally and physically to sit there and do that. Hopefully this year he won't have someone right in his face.

Q: Can he handle the demands being placed on him or will you soften that by telling him to let the others carry the load?
A: Now that we do have all these acquisitions that we picked up, everyone will come back and say, 'Now young man, it's time for you to play.' He loves that. We accept the responsibility of getting him ready to play every week. Do I think he can do it? Yes I definitely do. We're all excited. We've gotten better this offseason and now it comes down to can that young man perform the way he's capable of performing?

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