Q&A With: Chad Morton

The Redskins newest acquisition will improve the team speed if nothing else. He still runs a sub-4.4 in the 40-yard dash. What that means offensively remains to be seen. Coach Steve Spurrier said Trung Canidate is the No. 1 back entering camp, but Morton will be used--probably in the five-receiver sets.

Q: Why are you comfortable lining up at receiver when some other running backs aren't?
A: I can run routes and catch the ball well. I'll practice on it even more while I'm here. You always want to create a one on one matchup with the linebacker out there or the safety. That's something I look forward to.

Q: Do you lick your chops if you see a linebacker across from you?
A: Of course. That's a dream matchup. People perceive it to be a mismatch and you have to take advantage of that.

Q: Could you be happy being a Brian Mitchell type of guy?
A: Of course. That's how I see my role here anyway. I don't know if I'll play running back at all. They might say we don't want you there. But it's already a step ahead of New York because I'm returning punts. That's something I love to do. I like doing punt returns better than kick returns.

Q: Why?
A: I have to make good decisions. I'm not afraid to get hit in that last second where the defender is close to interferring with the catch. It's a lot of fun and it's a lot harder because you have to catch the punt and make good decisions. It pays off in the end.

Q: Do you like covering kicks?
A: Yeah, I've gotten used to that. When I started out in New Orleans, they wanted me to do that. I was like, 'Yeah, right,' because I'd never covered kicks in my life. I did it last year and ended up doing well. It's something I got used to and like doing. I take it like it's a fight out there and you go one on one and maybe get double teamed. They try to beat you up and you try to fight back. I've gotten in a lot of fights trying to do that.

Q: It sounds like you just like being on the field and that you could be happy with the kind of role Mitchell had.
A: That would be perfect for me. It comes down to, I just want to be on the field. If someone else is doing punt returns then I'll hold up the defenders for him. I just want to play. If they want me to hold on extra points, I'll do it.

Q: Is it good or bad that people will compare you to Brian?
A: I expect that. It's a great compliment to be in the same sentence as him because I have so much respect for him, just being a complete player. He should have made the Pro Bowl last year. He always puts up solid numbers and is consistent. He's a very smart player. I've gotta fill those shoes.

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