Whisper Room

The rift between Joe Mendes and Vinny Cerrato continues. While they've worked together well enough in the offseason to make this a good one for the Redskins, it's no secret that their relationship remains strained.

Every so often, one Redskins source says, they'll play nice, almost going out of their way to show they can get along.

But it's not always working--Cerrato wondered why Mendes had to be included in a pre-draft round table discussion with reporters. And, from what we hear, Mendes hasn't enjoyed watching Cerrato be the organization's voice when it comes to the free agency succcess. Mendes hasn't attended most of the press conferences.

And it was widely portrayed that Cerrato was doing all of the organizing, something that we hear chafed Mendes, who was doing his share of the work.

Which makes us wonder how long this tandem can operate together. At first we heard one or the other would be gone after the season. Mendes was said to be gone any day--and that was weeks ago. Now something might happen after the draft.

Or will it?

Cerrato is clearly owner Dan Snyder's choice, but he and Mendes have different strengths.

Cerrato likes traveling around the country scouting talent. And he likes living most of the year in Chicago with his wife, a doctor, and child. Plus, Mendes does the cap work, something Cerrato can't do. And it's doubtful Mendes would walk away from a job that pays him so much

In the end, this relationship will probably continue as it has, with a few ups and lots of downs, for a while longer. After all, it didn't prevent the Redskins from doing everything they wanted to do this offseason.

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