Scouting the safeties

The Skins want a safety, that is no secret but who? Here are a couple of safety's you may want to keep an eye on during the draft. <Strong>Updated 4/17</strong>

Name: Troy Polamalu

School: USC
Size: 5-foot-10, 206 pounds
Speed: 4.38 in the 40-yard dash
Redskins analysis: He had an outstanding workout at USC and he's very fast. He's a sure tackler. He can also cover man to man and come up hard in run support, giving great flexibility to the schemes. His size hurts him and he doesn't have great range. But he has a lot of what you look for in a safety.

Will the Redskins draft him? Probably not. Polamalu's workout at USC caused his stock to rise. He'll be gone by the time they pick in the second round. But they do like him.

Name: Terrence Kiel
School: Texas A&M
Size: 5-foot-11, 204 pounds
Speed: 4.5 in the 40-yard dash
Redskins analysis: He's a very good player. He also played strong safety and was solid in all aspects. He might not be as polished as you'd like, but there's definitely some interest.

Will the Redskins draft him? Not in the second round. He's not fast enough to go that high, but he is a sure tackler. They peg him as a third-round pick, maybe even a fourth. They like him better than the so-called draft experts do. The ''experts'' have him going later in the draft.


Name: Ken Hamlin

School: Arkansas

Size: 6-2, 209

Speed: 4.6 in the 40-yard dash

Redskins analysis (from coach/front office member who wishes to remain anonymous): He's an interesting guy. He had a good junior season (then was suspended from the team for his second drunken driving charge and soon reinstated). He had a good first game against Alabama, but he didn't play as well as the season progressed. He's a natural free safety because he has good range. And he's aggressive and fills well. He's a good safety prospect.

Likelihood of Redskins drafting him: Decent. The Redskins view him as a good pick  for the third round.

Name: Terrance Holt

School: North Carolina State

Size: 6-foot-1, 208

Speed: 4.67 in the 40-yard dash

Redskins analysis: He's a good athlete with good size. He has very good range, but he's not in a class with the others. He doesn't tackle as well.

Likelihood of Redskins drafting him: Not good.

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