Whisper Room

Will the Redskins really trade cornerback Fred Smoot? We think we know the answer. And will the Redskins sign defensive tackle Michael Myers? We think we know that, too.

From what we hear at Redskins Park, there's no rush to trade Smoot. One in the know says all the rumors about trading Smoot have started elsewhere and not in Washington. Another team employee backs up that sentiment, saying they've heard nothing about any possible trades.

Besides, what value would the Redskins get in trading Smoot for a second-round pick? What's better: Smoot or another second-round pick? Think you can find an instant starter there? The Redskins have done so in a few drafts, including when they landed Smoot two years ago. Jon Jansen also was a second-round pick.

The problem comes in where the stories have been written: on the ESPN.com website and certain individuals at Redskins Park are tight with certain ESPN writers. It makes you wonder. But someone in the loop says it would surprise them if Smoot were traded.

Smoot did not have a good year this past season after a promising rookie year. But it's no reason to unload him. Also, he's not at Champ Bailey's level so teams would naturally pick on him. Smoot has been working out daily at Redskins Park and does not need a kick in the pants, something we wondered about when the rumors started.

Another problem: the Redskins would only be transferring problems if they traded Smoot. If they trade him, they'd need to draft another corner--Rashad Bauman is viewed as a career nickelback by many in the organization. So what's the point?

Also, if you're another team, wouldn't you wonder why the Redskins are shopping a second-year corner with promise? There's no way they could maximize his value. Of course, anything with this group is possible and if a team offers the moon, you take it. But if they merely offer a couple picks in the second or third round, forget it. So says someone in the know.

. . . As for Myers, the backup tackle could be harder to sign than expected. He was at Redskins Park today and will be around tomorrow. He likes defensive coordinator George Edwards and would gladly play here. But, as of Monday night, his asking price was too high. If it comes down, then the Redskins would love to have him.

If he does sign, the Redskins would not draft a tackle. Even if they do draft one or sign Myers, remember this name: Bernard Jackson. One Redskins staffer is convinced he could help the team at tackle.

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