Smoot Going Nowhere

The Redskins stressed once again that they have no plans to trade corner Fred Smoot--or anyone else for that matter--this weekend. During a 20-minute Q&A with reporters about the draft, Redskins owner Dan Snyder gave a one-word answer when asked if Washington would trade any player.

''No,'' he said.

''We've never tried to trade Fred Smoot,'' Redskins director of personnel Vinny Cerrato said.

And, he said, such trades rarely happen on draft day. Nor will the Redskins look to trade up from the 44th overall spot.

''We don't have any ammunition,'' Cerrato said.

Snyder said they won't mortgage future draft choices to move up, unless another team offers an incredible deal.

But there's a good chance Washington will try to move down, accumulating more picks. If that's the case, look for the Redskins to use their third-round pick as bait.

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