Spurrier on Jacobs

Redskins coach Steve Spurrier addressed the media after selecting receiver Taylor Jacobs with the 44th pick in the draft.

''Obviously we didn't plan on drafting Taylor Jacobs. We had no idea he would be available. But it worked out that way. I told him, 'It's just meant to be.' I remember watching him at the Senior Bowl and he was running good routes and looking good and I said, 'Taylor, you're trying to impress people. You're runing well.' And he said, 'Coach, I'm trying to impress you.' But I told him, 'You'll be gone by the time we pick.'

''After the trade I thought we had no chance at all of drafting him. People ask why was he there and I don't know. You look at the ratings of wide receivers and almost all of them had Charlie Rogers, Andre Johnson and Taylor Jacobs one, two and three.

''Our owner, when the choice was available, said, 'We were thinking about drafting him with the 13th pick. Now we have a chance to get him at 44. We've gotta do it.' We're excited; he can play the game. He has a wonderful attitude, he practices hard and he trains as well as any receiver we've had there.''

Q: Where did you guys have him ranked at receiver?
A: It's all opinion, but some had him close to the other two. We feel lucky we got him in this round.

Q: Was it an automatic choice when you saw he was available?
A: We kept thinking this team was gonna take him or we thought St. Louis would take him, but didn't. We looked at safety, linebacker, we looked at a bunch of different guys. But our owner made the ultimate call. I just said, 'Forget he's from Florida and rate him on his ability as a player.' Obviously we had some other guys from Florida who didn't work out, but that has nothing to do with Taylor Jacobs. It doesn't matter where he went to college, he can stand on his own ability.

Q: What stands out about him?
A: Taylor has excellent feet, quickness. He gets separation from the defender, he has good hands and he can go deep. He's an all-around receiver.

Q: Where does he rank with the receivers you've had at Florida?
A: Right there among the best.

Q: Was there hesitation to pick another player from Florida?
A: Certainly. That's why the owner made the final call. I wasn't going to make it, but everyone agreed this is the best player we can draft at this time.

Q: Were you close to trading the pick?
A: Not really. We had conversations like all teams. But Taylor was there and available and that's why we picked him. We let all players earn their way.

Q: Is his familiarity with your system a big advantage for him as a rookie?
A: It's always a help. Most players have been here for a bit now. So it will help a little bit, but we didn't coach him last year.

Q: Did you feel you needed another receiver?
A: We were thinking about it, we were thinking about speed. If he wasn't available, we would not have drafted a receiver with this pick.

Q: How close were you to taking a safety?
A: There was conversation about a safety, linebacker, defensive lineman, maybe an offensive lineman and a tight end.

Q: How was he when you talked to him?
A: He was down in the dumps that he was still there. When I said, 'You're playing for the Redskins, you're ours,' then his enthusiasm picked up. He was a little down, but he'll bounce back up. He'll want to prove to people that he can play like the first-round people.

Q: What's up next?
A: We'll most likely go after a defensive player.

Q: Are you actively trying to trade down?
A: Not as much as we were last year.

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