Helton on Dockery

The Redskins made a surprising pick in the third round, choosing guard Derrick Dockery, a 6-foot-6, 347-pound guard/tackle from Texas. They had said they'd likely go with a defensive player in this spot, but had Dockery rated higher than anyone else remaining.

Redskins line coach Kim Helton worked him out and raved about Dockery, pegging him as first-round talent. It's a common line coaches and teams utter whenever they draft a player, but Helton says he's sold on Dockery.

Q: With all the guards you have, is he a backup tackle?
A: First of all give this youngster some credit. He can come in here as either guard or tackle. The sky's the limit for him. He may not have to be a starter for us to be a good offensive line, but I don't think for a minute that he couldn't start for us. He fell into our lap. We had him rated very highly, I had him as one of the top linemen in the draft. Sometimes you get lucky. One time in my career I coached the Houston Oilers and had what I thought was the best line in football. It took a while, but maybe I got lucky again. If he works hard as he does on videotape and comes in here and competes he'll be a fun guy to watch.

Q: Where do you see him playing?
A: Well I think the tackle position is my first thing, even though he played guard and tackle. He has no limitations. He's a big man who has decent foot speed to maybe play left tackle. Certainly he can play right tackle, left guard, right guard. We'll know more about the left tackle position when he gets in here. If you look at him he's a bigger man than we have on this team.

Q: Why did he fall to the third round?
A: Why did Dan Marino fall below other quarterbacks? There were a few that were left up there that I was shocked. You never know in the draft. If you watch the video and put a grade on the guy, everyone was consensus he's a first-round guy. He might have been one of the best players on the board for a while.

Q: Did you see on film that he was aggressive one play and tentative the next, which was the knock on him at Texas?
A: No I did not. Coach Spurrier pays me to make me make guys play hard. I don't intend to fail. I don't know how many options he had about his work ethic at Texas, but he won't have any options here. So I look for a great relationship and I'm sure he'll play hard.

Q: What stuck out?
A: Anytime you have a man his size, a 340-pound guy with great balance and quickness who finishes his blocks and plays hard, I saw no flaws in him on video. I saw no lack of balance, no lack of quickness, no lack of ability, no lack of temperament. I had him ranked very high.

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